Winners of Giveaway on Create-A-Monster Starter Set

My apology for the delay of announcing the winners of Giveaway On Create-A-Monster Starter Set.
It was due to the Christmas and New Year long holidays, the person who in charged in selecting the winners was out of office.

I would like to thank all my readers (including those silence one) for your continuous support in all my Monster High Giveaway Contests. I would also take this opportunity to thank the sponsor and the company who chose my humble blog as one of  the channels to introduce Mattel's Newest Fashion Doll Brand, Monster High to Malaysia.

I really enjoy learning about Monster High, taking videos and pictures of my girls when their played with Monster High dolls, and also reading many very creative Monster High slogans. I am certainly looking forwards to another opportunity like this in future.

Now, drum roll................winners are,
My name is Jeannie, a genie descent,
My favourite fashion item is the harem pants,
I have long luscious black hair tied neatly in a ponytail,
Being almost-perfect in everything is a trait that never fail,
I am lucky I have magic to help me get by,
But years have taught me to never be shy,
Other than being understanding, I make wishes come true,
I am friendly and loyal and often never feel blue,
Although I seem to be energetic and full of life,
My mood swings sometimes do go for a dive,
That’s why I carry an exotic purse,
When I’m low on magic powers, in it I disperse!

A young man approached the school carrying two bags, one in each hand. He wore nice clothes that consisted of black slacks, a white button up shirt with a few top buttons unbutton revealing some of his chest, and a black trench coat that stayed unbuttoned. This was Walden Willow, the youngest born of the Whipping Willow's spirit. Though he planned on having the school think he was just another monster, without seeing what he really looks like. This way, nobody will treat him like some freak. He flipped back his long golden green hair and reminded himself to be careful not to affect other monsters' moods. For he is capable of instilling emotions in other beings around him even if he didn't intend to. He came from the valley of the forest. It would be a difficult task. "Hmm", he said aloud. "Welcome to Monster High."

Know me ? No ?

If I were to create a monster, I would name her Orenji-chan, the distant cousin of the nine-tailed fox. She comes with a fluffy tail, and foxy ears which stood out, hers of the color reddish-orange. She wears mostly white, complementary to her golden almond-shaped eyes and very long black hair floating about her. Her rosy cheeks would grow even redder against her porcelain-white skin when she feels embarrassed. This foxy lady does not talk much and would mostly respond to her friends with giggles when being teased. But lo and behold! For this creature would accidentally puff fire when startled. She wanders about in the human world a lot. Equipped with keen ears and sharp eyes, she walks ever so swiftly that she could pass anywhere, or anyone unnoticed. She could make a good spy, but that's soon to be discovered.
Congratulations to Myra F, Wilder and Know me? No?
I hope you have lots of fun playing with Create-A-Monster starter set.
Please email your name, blog link, contact number and address to asha@gocomm.com.my for prizes collection purposes.

Before you close this page, please take a look at a flash mob for Monster High at Pavilion recently. You can see how talented our Malaysian kids are :)

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  1. Congrats to all winners...
    a great gift for the new year....

  2. Congratulations to all winners!

    1. true December was a very hectic monh for everyone

    2. well...kira as better late than never

    3. why so hectic le?
      kids are in holiday? have a rest time for the parents on school.
      must be busy go jalan jalan le...

  3. Congrats to the winners!

    What a nice new year gifts, right? :)

  4. Congrats to all the winners!

  5. Congratz to the chosen ones! Great steps by the flash mob, cool.

  6. The winners truly deserve it! Congrats!

  7. wow, congratulations to all the winners.... now I want to be a monster too. lol

    1. why you want to be a monster?
      so that the kids can play with you? lol

  8. Congrats to all the winners!

  9. congratulations to Myra F, Wilder and Know me no.. i am sure this will be a great new year gifts for them and their girls..

  10. Congratulations to the winners. It was well written in a new creative way!

    Anay would have lost to them! I am sorry that I didn't submit mine.