Keeping fit while away from home

Maintain Your Fitness Routine While Away from Home

While it can be challenging to keep up with your workouts on a routine day, it can be even more difficult when you are traveling away from home. However, slacking off on your workout during your vacation can have some seriously negative consequences on your health such as increased stress and fatigue. Alternatively, maintaining your fitness will help you to stave off the negative effects of traveling while helping you to get back into your routine once you arrive home. Here, are three ways that you can maintain your fitness no matter how long you are away from home.

Research Hotels and Locations

When planning your travel itinerary, you will undoubtedly be researching the local hotels and other amenities that are necessary for your stay. During this time, be sure to do some due diligence by also looking for which hotels offer travel incentives such as a complimentary gym or yoga studio. On a recent trip to Las Vegas I scoured the Internet for reviews sites on the top hotels in Las Vegas in order to find the right hotel for my personality that is still in my price range. Many hotels now place just as much importance on fitness as they do comfort. For this reason, they may offer swimming pools, open gyms and even personal training sessions to help their guests stay in shape. By searching for this as an option, you will be setting yourself up for successful workouts anywhere you stay.

Plan for Healthy Eating

Traveling can’t only interfere with a person’s workout routine, but it is also more likely for a person to stray from their diet when they are out on the road. Business dinners, roadside dinners and convenience meals can all add up to extra pounds and an unhealthy physique. According to CNN Travel, one way to combat this problem is to eat small, healthy meals throughout the day. This strategy will not only help to keep your energy up, but it will also help to keep you from overeating at luncheons and buffets. If possible, try to select restaurants that offer healthy menu options for company meetings and business lunches. It is also important to make good selections at complimentary breakfasts. Fruit or yogurt can help fuel your body better than a calorie-laden breakfast of waffles and syrup.

Visit Nearby Trails and Gyms

One advantage that travel can have for your fitness is a new and exciting location to workout. Try scouting out some scenic hiking trails before you head out of town so that you will know where to go upon your arrival. Local nature trails, parks and other community amenities can offer a low-cost way to see the sights while still maintaining your fitness. If you prefer working out with others, then explore the local gyms and classes that offer one-time options for those who are traveling.

By making fitness a priority during your travels, you will be able to stay on top of your goals while also easing the stress that accompanies being on the road. To do so, be sure to research hotels and select one that offers gym services as well as local hiking trails and amenities. Then, pack a few healthy snacks and enjoy relieving your stress through natural and enjoyable activities.




  1. Aiyor...while on holiday, I would just eat and sleep...and have lots and lots of fun. If have to bother about all these things, I might as well save all the money and stay home...and live happily ever after.

  2. This is a good one, I love this post!!! =]

  3. I really admire your discipline.. I wish I do that too so I can be as sexy as you.

  4. This is good for frequent traveler. But for me (who seldom got chance to travel) will save the energy to go and explore more places.

  5. Hi Yan,
    When I travel (which is not often!), I would only think of food, food, food! And sightseeing and shopping! Keeping fit never exist in my mind when I travel! Hahaha!
    You are so discipline, I really admire you!

  6. I'll be like Joyce from kitvhen flavours... food, shopping and sightseeing... exercise? Probably a swim if I can make it.

  7. I know you are into keeping fit

  8. i think i will just forget about those calories while on holiday :D eat and enjoy!