I posted these pictures in my FB on Friday evening, because I need friends' comments to ease my feeling.

We went fetching April and May back from school as usual. While waiting for the bell to ring, I had
some casual chat with a parent, Bell rang, one of May's classmate ran out. I smiled at her, she didn't smile at me.
Then, softly, she spoke to me, "Auntie, I pushed May just now, she fell down. "
Since she admitted to me, so I just asked nicely, "Did her hurt?"
She said, "Hand, a bit ...." Then, she ran to her mum and left.

When I saw May, I was shocked to see her having cotton wool covered up both her knees and also palms. A few of her other classmates were being very busy body to tell me how the girl pushed May from behind when both of them were running to the field.

Back at home, I checked at her. Her watch was broken. My husband reminded me that May needed to skip the Swimming Gala events which included the swimming competition on that Sunday. We had signed her and April up a month ago.

I actually had lost some of my cool and gone into angry mode. I was angry at May for running so wildly. I was even angrier at her classmate. She was so smart to tell me up front. That was why I forgot to give her a stern warning when she told me. May told me that the teacher too didn't punish her, because she was the first one admitting to the teacher her own sin.

The more I think, the more I mad.  The more I see her wound, the more my heart aching.

When anger flare-ups, I lost my calmness. I lectured May whole night, I made her promise not to run again. I got so emotion until I forgot to attend to her wound.

Thank Goodness, my husband was around. He helped May to bath and wash hair, he gave May first-aid on her knees and palms.

While I tried to scare May that her wound may leave scar permanently, he tried to comfort her by saying that his wound was even worse than her when he was young. 

Now, should I go to school to warn her classmate for not  doing "pushing"  again, because this is a very dangerous act? or should I tell the form teacher how I feel about the whole thing? Lastly,  should I confront the parents?

At the mean time, I want to bring them to the Buddhist temple. I hope we can clear all our bad Karma by chanting and donating to charity more . Amitoufo!


  1. oh dear..maybe you should talk to the teacher so that she could take action.

    As parents, we will be shocked and angry at the same time. My girl fell and she broke her front tooth. I was angry but she learned a lesson. She is always careful nowadays.

    Don't worry. She will heal very soon.

  2. Yea I saw your photo, the wound seems very bad! Poor girl... :( Speedy recovery to May!!

    Hmm to me injuries is unavoidable at school, especially among kids la, you know la how kids play and push and all, some is unintentional and some is not. And sometimes we are being careful but what if others are not?

    I understand how you feel, I'd feel the same too if it happens to my kid. I hope you're feeling calmer now, I think the best way is to talk to the teacher, and if possible talk to that classmate of May.

  3. The looks bad. Never mind, old people will say puak chat air tua - fall, will grow big!

    Little kids these days can be quite unruly, very hard to control... In the old days, the cane ruled - these days, the parents!!! Touch their brats and they will come with a million-dollar suit! It happened here in Sibu, don't play-play...so teachers will let the monsters be monsters lah!!! Why bother when the parents are like that?

  4. Oh this is bad. I feel sorry for her. School is indeed a rough place. A place where kids experience good and bad socialization. Sometimes, my boy got bruises after school too.

    But maybe you can always chit chat with the school to see, whether they can do something about it.

  5. I m sorry to hear that and looking at May's wound..heart aching. Speedy recovery to her.

  6. Oh, poor May! It must be very painful for her. It would be good to talk to the teacher and the girl.
    A similar thing happened to my son two years ago, a girl scratched his hand using a sharp pencil and there are lines and droplets of blood. The teacher attended to the wound and called me let me know about the incident. The next day, both my hubby and I went to school to talk to the teacher and confront the little girl, telling her it was a bad thing to do, hurting others. She seem ashamed of what she had done and has not disturb my son since then.
    I hope May's wound recover soon. The swimming competition can wait, she can always join other competition in future, most importantly, take care of that wound.

  7. Oouuchhhh! Know how you feel the pain. If its an accident 'look open' no need to do anything and accept it. To err is human, to forgive divine. On the Ah Q spirit May is so blessed without breaking her arm or leg.

  8. Bet after this May will be more careful. She us one tough girl. Am glad she won today.

    As for the girl maybe the teacher should have done something. I feel it's better for the teacher to speak to the parents instead of you . The parents may end up defensive blavk face later if you were to talk to them

    . After all May will be in the school for 6 yrs. Kids will easily become friends again but once adult open mouth then susah jor.

  9. hmmm, i think that must be just purely accident.. and accidents do happen especially among kids in the school.. i guess everyone of us must have fallen down before in school right?? hahaha..

  10. but that one on May is really a bad one, both elbows and both knees, she must have fallen down flat on the ground!! ouch, i can imagine how painful it is.. anyway, 小孩子就是要跌倒才會長大喇, you don't have to get mad at this really.. just to make sure her wounds are cleaned and are healing well.. :)

  11. I think better just o speak to her teacher and her classmate. If you know her classmate's parents, you can just express your feeling on what happen to May but not scolding/telling off her classmate. Then, I believe her classmate's parents will know what to do next.

  12. Hokkien says,, "fall can grow up fast" ,,,no worries dear,it happens,just tell the girls to be more careful next time ya

  13. It is indeed very heart-breaking to see our precious child injured like this but then come to think of it, I also fell down many times with even more serious injuries when I was a kid...I guess this is all part of growing up. Maybe the girl pushed May accidentally? Kids are like that...pushing, running and jumping around are just normal things that they do. The girl is very brave to admit her wrongdoing to you so just cool down, give her a break and forgive her :)

  14. Pity May, it look so pain. Hope no scare after the wound recover. Well I guess the teacher has been lecturing that girl. That day my girl also being pushed by her friend at staircase. Big bruise on her leg and luckily not very serious. I asked her did she report to teacher? She said nope, she told the monitor only and told that girl she give her another chance. if next time she do it again she will definitely tell teacher. Hmmm hopefully no more such cases happen again.

  15. Poor May..my heart aches too looking at her wound. I think you should talk to her form teacher about it. I bet May learned from her mistake and won't run wildly. Actually, you make me worry a bit coz Gwen also like that..kids you know lah like to run and play in the field with their friends.

  16. When my son was five years old, he was poked with pencil in his eye accidentaly by his classmate when he was in kindie , and had to go for eye surgery to remove the the pencil leads from his eyes and thanks goodness it doesn't affect his eyesight. I can imagine your frustrations sometimes when this happens to your kid.

  17. Why didn't the school give you a call after such a bad fall? I would go and see the teacher, at least let the other parent knows the act of her kid has caused such a pain and could cause harm to other kids..I am equally furious by looking at the wounds on May..

  18. My heart aches too but don't go so hard on May. I don't think it is her fault but more of that friend who pushed her. Kids run all the time, it's hard to tell them not to ever run again.

  19. I was shocked at this post when I read it and forgot to comment the other day. Anay kena distracted by a phone call and errands.
    I had many such insidents during my school days until I always said I hated school days, remember??. So your post made me think and recall back one by one.

  20. **incidents

    When I was 7 years old, we all students were lining outside the school hall waiting to watch a movie. It was typical that we boys liked to tap or push each other like a train. When the guy behind had given me a light push with his hands, it was my turn to push the friend in front. My friend fell down instead but without injury. Instead he cried loudly like a cry baby!!! He was noted in school as a cry baby with a nickname "Hau Pau" (Crying Dumpling Pau) My teacher told him to stop crying as the movie was going to start and he did. During the break time later, his father came to the canteen to feed him everyday. When he saw his father, he burst out crying again and told his father that I pushed him to the ground. I was shocked at his behaviour and his father told me off with a warning!!! @$#&%!!! I hated that friend for many years and he tried so hard to win back my friendship till today. I became his best man at his wedding and even shared a condo in KL many years ago. This incident left a terrible scar in my head and I never failed to perli my friend on this incident as I felt that I was being wrong blamed for a small petty matter. The problem was that his father was so scary at that time and so many busy body friends also fanned fire that I pushed his son!! He had not even a single scratch on his body like your poor daughter. I think you are able to decide by now which course to take.

  21. Other incidents at school were during the playtime before school lessons started and during the break time. We guys were so rough and loved to play "Police Catch Thief" where we all pushed and grabbed each other like playing rowdy rugby games! My shirts often tore and my legs were often bruised bloody when I fell. We would use our handkerchiefs to tie our knees to stop the blood and went home to get lecture by our mothers. It was fun and we blamed no friends for pushing.
    Another terrible incident was a senior student threw broken tiles on the floor to get thrills seeing the broken impact. I was standing some distance but a chip struck my leg and stuck onto my flesh. I just pull it out and went to class. At night my mother had to bring me to hospital to stitch my leg as the flesh had torn apart!!! She did not lecture the school friend but advised me to be more careful and mindful. I can see that you love your kids very much and even a sctach on them pains your heart! What a good mama!