I give you 3 options

Friday evening, Home Tutor was coming over to give the girls tuition. So, we would have 2 hours free from babysitting our two daughters.

I called up him from office,
Wife: "Dear, this evening when the girls are having tuition. What is your plan?"
Husband: "I give you three options."

Woot woot! In my mind, I actually imagined these 3 options.

1. How happy if my Friday evening was spent on shopping together with him!

2. How overwhelm if my Friday evening was to have a fine dining in a posh restaurant with him!

3. How relax if I could lean on him comfortably while watching TV on couch together!
I  back to reality immediately when he said, " My plan is 1st swimming, 2nd gym, and 3red cycling. What is your choice? "  Period.

That is my fitness freak husband.

But, this doesn't make me love him less.


  1. Great plans... keeping each other healthy and fit while having a bonding time together! :)

  2. Haha, that's the difference between men and women!

    But his planning is good la! I wish my hubby would join in exercising also!

  3. I would love to exercise with my husband too but he's never available!

  4. Replies
    1. Ahem.....candle light dinner not bad too leh...:) ...maybe for your bday?

  5. Lol! This is way too funny, muahahahaha! But at least he is suggesting something healthy and not just lazing around the house ;)

  6. Hahahahahaha!!!! Any time spent with one's loved one is time well spent...even if doing nothing at all. Right?

  7. Hahaha so which one did you choose? I'm no fitness freak and dont like exercising so I would be very upset and disappointed to be given those options!

  8. You have your love to exercise with you together good la. Next time you give him 3 options pulak..kekeke..

  9. Haha.. then each week go for different activities! :) All sounds good.

  10. hehehehe, were that all that our hot mama was thinking of when she was given three options?? just purely shopping, romantic candlelight dinner and cuddling on the couch?? there must be "that something else" in her mind lah, right?? ahem ahem~~ :D

  11. ouch!! gym, swimming or cycling, hahahaha!! how "potong stim" when hot mama heard that right?? well, at least still spending quality time with your hubby mah, right?? :p

  12. Wakakakakaka! That was funny and cute of Jin Jin! He sounds like Letchumy!!!

    I would always suggest shopping, dining and holidays but wife is always opposite!

  13. OMG! Look at hubby's muscles! So big like Arnold!