Happy Mid Autumn colouring work

Happy Mid Autumn to you and your family.

Here is a colouring work done by April. Just guess, what was colouring material that she using here?
She used only colour pencils here.

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August holiday

Why I only blog about my August holiday now? Please read.....

August school break + Hari Raya = two weeks holiday. We didn't go anywhere out of town. We watched two movies, Despicable Me 2 and Smurfs 2.

I didn't manage to get them any McD Minion, but I got McD Papa Smurf and Smurfette. My brother got them each a Minion soft toys, now they hug them to sleep every night. By the way, my brother is a Taiping food blogger. If you can read Chinese and you are interested to Taiping food, you can visit his very well-written blog.

On the Sunday before school reopened, we took the girls to paddle boat at Lake Garden. You know what? I have forgotten when was my last time there. Probably more than 20  years that I didn't paddle boat at Lake Garden.

There are a few types of boats. We chose the yellow one, because the white boat didn't seem to have good air ventilation. Paddling in the yellow boat was definitely more cooling.

April and me were in one boat, May and papa were in another boat. I was using my Samsung S3 as camera. When I passed my phone over to my husband, I was so scared that it would drop into the lake. We were so careful when passing around the phone.

However, pictures of this outing were probably the last batch that were taken by my phone before it dropped into the squat toilet bowl in my office two days after the outing. I was the one giving SK the idea of his post on 26.08.2013. How my phone was dropped into the Jamban? You can find the reason in his post. SK and Twilight Man thought that I might not read that post at all, hmpf...

Today, you can see all these pictures. It was because I brought my phone to the shop. It was repaired. I was able to set it ON again, and I could copy all the data that I wanted, before I said "Sayonara". The circuit board is spoilt and it will make a fully-charged battery flat with just one call.

So now you know why I was hiatus, because I was still mourning of my drowning phone.
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