The best Mee Hoon Kueh (Hand-pulled noodles) in town

I have been staying in this town since I was born. I have heard many people talking about this stall, which sells the best Mee Hoon Kueh in town, but I never tried it until a few weeks ago. Actually, I was recommended to try the Mee Hoon Kueh soup at this stall by a gym buddy of mine.

This stall is located at Jalan Tupai, on the way Pokok Assam. So sorry that I do not have the address of its location. The owner of this stall is 2007 Astro Classic Golden Melody singing competition champion.
The champion singer and his wife are the chefs of this stall.
After trying the food there for a few times, I know that the chefs would take quite a long time to get the order ready. So, I would always order the Chee Cheong Fun from their next stall to fill up our time and also tummies while waiting for our food to be served.
Next stall Chee Cheong Fun. Very yummy!
Here are the noodles that we can get from the champion singer's stall.
Fried prawn noodles. Super good!

Mee Sua soup. Not bad.

Fish Head rice vermicelli soup. Tasty!

Fried prawn Koey Teow. Delicious!

The very popular Mee Hoon Kueh soup.  Super delicious.
I rate all the food from this champion singer's stall as very good. Only if he can speed up the  preparation time, then it will be even better. My husband and children have started to feel fed up at waiting for the noodles. If you are in the rush, please ban this stall. If you have time, then you can try their different types of noodles there.


  1. For me the best mee hoon kueh is in taman sri sentosa old klang road

  2. It sounds yummy but I don't hv the patience to wait..

  3. Yummmmmmm!!!! Everything looks so good! My kind of food, hawker stalls - cheap and nice, simply the best!

  4. Yummy.
    I especially like Mee Hoon Kueh soup. My grandmother and my mom used to cook this for us when I was young. And in fact, I tried to cook this Mee Hoon Kueh soup last week and I mix with Mee Suah (面线) and it turns out not bad too. My daughter ate it for the first time and she gave it a thumb up.

  5. huh?? you've been in Taiping for so many years and yet this was the very first time you had their mee hoon kueh?? tsk tsk tsk, how could you do this to such delicious food??!!

    cannot tell much from the photo itself lah, but i think it's a bit different since the soup is more murky and they put fish cake and fish ball.. i would prefer clear soup and pork slices with mushroom and anchovies.. but then the noodle itself is what i always prefer - the hand-torn ones!! nice, must try if got chance to go Taiping and when not in a rush~~ :p

  6. Is it at 'Le Yuan' (乐园)? Next to Petronas?

  7. I love to eat mee horn kueh...
    I use to go klang to eat....... N waiting time is 1 hour

  8. Everything here is so delicious!! Makes me miss Malaysian hawker food so much *drool*

  9. Hi Yan,

    I'm a big fan of Mee Hoon Kueh and nice to know where to go if I traveling to your town :D


  10. slurp..... all my favourite. The fried prawn koey teow & fish head vermicelli look so tempting.

  11. All looks good. Feels like making a trip there one of these days..

  12. Mee Hoon Kueh is like pan mee in KL? i must eat here if i go to taiping since i love this type of noodles :D

  13. Hmmm... This is making me very curious!

  14. Everything looks so delish lah.