YES mood on

Time flies, and it is going to November soon. Many of us, women start hunting for clothes for the year-end holiday trip, Christmas party, New Year party and all sorts of parties. Checking at the calendar, Chinese New Year is on the month of January 2014.  There will be plenty of events and functions along these last few months of the years.

Those are employed, have started to plan how to utilize the bonus.  Many shopping malls, boutiques and outlets are having great sales to attract customers.   Shopping at year-end sale always thrills me. I can think of so many reasons for me to buy clothes.

People who are always busy like me would opt to shop online, because shopping online saves time, cost and effort. That’s solely my own opinion. I love those online boutiques that provide free shipping, good quality of material, reasonable price and trendy fashions.

If you want to be traffic stopper and make people turn head at your stylist outfits, I would like to suggest Ezra to you.
Now you can also find their chic designs and stylish fashions at the online shopping site, Zalora Malaysia.


  1. hahaha, so fast you are having that YES mood already?? errr, actually maybe when the Mega Sales or YES started for the first few years that i got excited, but i guess not now already.. i really think there are always sales whole year round, and every time they are selling the same thing.. hmmm, i would prefer to go out of the country to shop if possible.. hehe!! online shopping for accessories and services, yes.. but for clothes, errr, i am still not for it yet, probably i still think i should always try the clothes on and enjoy the physical shopping more - at least for the moment~~ :D

  2. I don't shop online. I still prefer to do the actual shopping.

  3. Now what happened to my comment? Tsk! Tsk!

  4. I was saying I like your style. All I hear/read would be complain...complain...complain which is not going to help one bit. If you are not happy, then you need to do something to work things out...somehow. I know many government servants in KL drive taxis at night...as the standard of living is too high for them to live on their monthly salaries.

    But you're good, not grumbling away like them! Shopping is good for the image...and also good for the soul, perfect therapy!

  5. I still prefer to browse and buy from outlets than online. The feeling of touching and having to try the new clothings... :p

    Time really flies. Soon it would be xmas and then CNY is just around the corner.

  6. Yes I'm waiting for YES too. Good time to shop for CNY clothing for my kiddos.

  7. I do shop online sometimes. :)