Our routine Sunday

How you spend your Sunday?
When I check my FB on Sunday, I always see my friends having good time on Sunday. Many go for outing, parks and malls.
How I spend my Sunday?
Morning, I go for a swim for at least an hour while my two daughters are having their swimming lesson in the other side of the pool. That explains how we get our tan complexion recently.
After swimming, we go back home to have my husband home cook lunch. He cooks 1 soup and 3 dishes as he always does.
When done with lunch, we watch an hour TV, we will go for our precious beauty nap for at least 2 hours.
Waking up from our beauty nap, we will go to the club. The girls are attending their table tennis training, and I will do work out in the gym above their court.
We have dinner in the club.
Back at home, I iron clothes and the girls watch a bit TV.  We call off our Sunday with a book before bedtime.
We are used to this type of Sunday routine.  I have no complain, children have no complain, and husband too has no complain to cook us lunch on Sunday.

Let me digress a bit, my two girls make me so proud again.  They are doing quite fine in swimming, table tennis and art, at the same time they are also doing well in their studies. April is still retaining her position 1 in Primary 3, she scores in all subjects. May is getting position 2 in Primary 1, she actually got position 3 in the mid-year exam.  To be honest, I was actually angry with May when she got back her exam papers. I found some careless mistakes in her English and Mathematics papers, which I couldn’t tolerate. I caned her hands. I thought she would drop from her position 3 to out of top ten. Little do I know, she is stepping up a position higher.  

Here is a picture of them after making over by professional makeup artist and hair stylist.  They had almost everything ready except the lips color. They later let the makeup artist apply the lips color when I sent them to the school year end concert after having their dinner. 


  1. Have a nice and enjoyable Sunday.

  2. congrats to both your girls. They are indeed smart!

  3. The girls always do so well in school. Congrats to both of them! We usually spend our Sundays relaxing at home and don't step out of the house at all.

  4. Congrats to your girls. But this mommy so garang, a bit of careless mistakes, poor May kena caned.

  5. :) Great Sunday! Love the tanned skin color. Your girls are doing great already. :)

  6. oh you have a very healthy Sunday indeed!! swim and work out in the gym, and your Jin Jin also very nice.. he cooks at home while giving his three girls own sweet time to enjoy themselves out there.. so sweet!!

    wow, both April and May sure are good!! #1 and #2 respectively in the class, bravo girls!! :)

  7. Both of your girls are doing so well in so many areas. Your Sunday is spent with your loved ones sure is awesome.

    After caning, May will do better? Gwen made a lot of careless mistakes in her exams, I dare not cane her lah..don't want her to feel too much pressure. I bit my own chest only lah.

  8. So proud of them, both so good in their academic and also in sports and arts.

  9. Swimming is also a cool stuff to do on Sunday.

  10. Congrats to both girls...they are doing very good in their studies.

  11. You have two very fine young girls. Kudos!

  12. What an activities packed sunday! I usually go karaoke or just surf net and blog during my off days...

    Your two girls are so intelligent, top positions in class...

  13. *Laughs* at Mummy Gwen's comment: "...I bit my own chest only..." LOL