Our year end holiday

This year, I work very hard and I save up many annual leaves. Now, school holiday is here. It is time for me to clear my leaves and do something to break my routine. I take 3 weeks off in a row. Yes!

We are going to a place inside Malaysia.
We are going to Kota Bharu, Kelantan for a few days. April is having a ping pang tournament there.
After visiting Siti Khatijah Market in Kelantan, we are going to a place outside Malaysia. Hooray!

I bought a few long sleeves and jackets for the girls.

I also bought many tights and leggings for them.

I have stolen some time to do some homework just now on what we can do there.

Woot! Taipei 101, Shilin Night Market, Sun Moon Lake,.......

Woot! Shopping, shopping, shopping for cosmetics, facial masks, bags, shoes and cloths,......

Woot! Food, food and food.

Taiwan, here we come.


  1. Have a safe and fun trip in Taiwan!!! =]

  2. Taiwan? Sibu better!!! Food's nicer. And cheaper too!

  3. wow!! 3 weeks off in a row, that's fun instead!! and you deserve the break after so many hard work.. guess your workmate is going to suffer while you are on a 3 week leaves.. haha!!

    enjoy your holidays in Kelatan and Terengganu, and especially Taiwan!! eat, shop, play and eat, shop, play and eat, shop, play!!! haha.. wow, how nice!! i have not been to all these places yet~~ :)

  4. Taiwan is a food and shopping heaven. You are going to have a great holiday, I'm sure. Enjoy! :)

  5. Wow..happy holiday and happy shopping too!

  6. Enjoy your holidays Yan! You sure deserve it!

  7. Taiwan is a great place to visit..enjoy your holidays!

  8. Yahoo! Happy holiday!

  9. Have loads of fun in Taiwan! My sister is having her holiday there right now and she said it became cold suddenly...about 10 deg C.

  10. Have a good trip in Taiwan.. eat n shop till drop..

  11. Enjoy your trip, taiwan is a nice place to visit.

  12. Saw your Taiwan trip pictures on FB. Looks gooooood and so enjoy!