Taiwan shopping loots

I am back from Taiwan trip. I am not too sure whether I will have time to blog about my trip. I would love to do it if time permits, because Taiwan is such a great place to shop and the food at the night market is all my liking . The moment I flew back to KLIA, I felt like booking a flight ticket to make another trip back to Taiwan again. I had never got enough of shopping at the night markets. Shoes, bags, and clothes are cheap. I could have bought even more loots, if it isn't a winter time.
Top: Pineapple cookies 凤梨酥. Bottom:  Sun Biscuits太阳饼, and  the "very tasty but don't know name" square biscuits. 
Top: two pairs of shoes for myself, the white&red one is only TWD100 (RM11.30) and the brown one is only TWD190 (RM21.50). Bottom: two tops TWD350 (RM40), one  bottom TWD190 (RM21.50) and one pajamas TWD500 (RM56.50). These are all mine. 
Top: April's loots are two dresses TWD600 (RM 68)and one pajamas TWD400 (RM45). Bottom: May's loots are two tops TWD200 (RM22.60) and two bottomsTWD200 (RM22.60). 

Top: Photo frame, key chain and mug with our photos printed at the souvenir shop in the hotel TWD390 (RM44). Bottom:  10 pairs of cute and lovely socks for the April and May TWD200 (RM22.60)
Every time we travel, my husband won't get anything for himself from the place we go, but from the duty free shop in the airport. This time, it is just the same.
During the trip,  he got himself Taiwan beer in cans from convenience store. He said Taiwan beer is cheap and nice. 

My two girls love their instant noodles in mugs. It tastes good indeed. 
I don't really satisfy with my loots, because they are not as many as I would love to grab. May be it was due to the time allocated for shopping in the tour package always short. I couldn't make my choice right when I was in a rush. I told myself so many times, I must go back to Taiwan again. Next time, I want go with a bunch of lady friends. I love to go there for shopping and also enjoying the night market food only. lol!
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