We spent 2 continous evenings on cards

My girls' school have handmade card competition in conjunction of Mother's Day, Teacher's Day and Father's Day every year. We always make use of this first semester school break to create those cards. This started since my elder was in Primary 1.

We need to do 6 cards, 2 cards for each day, as May is in Primary 1 this year. We spent some time browsing at the website to collect some craft ideas before we started to work on the card. We usually looked up for quick and easy handmade cards idea online. I didn't help them in the card creation, but I helped in giving lots of brilliant ideas. lol!

These are the Mother's Day cards, pink card is created by May and the yellow card is created by April.

Teacher's Day card by May. It is a document bag card.
Teacher's Day card by April. She was using finger prints on those flowers.
Father's Day card by April. "A bear hug to Dad" and DAD was written in dollar sign $. It means her dad worth every penny.

Father's Day card by May. This card is cute, and it can put a smile on every person who looks at it.
Things that we used are card stocks, scissors, double sided tape, glue, colourful and pattern tapes, water colour, ribbons, buttons and magic pens.

That's the only activity I did with them in this school break.

If you want to have a look on our previous years handmade cards for these 3 special days, here are the links.

1. Teacher's Day card in year 2011
2. Mother's Day card in year 2011
3. Father's Day card in year 2011
4. Mother's Day, Teacher's Day and Father's Day card in year 2012

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Pictures of sisters love

I was checking at my picture folder and trying to find something to blog for this week, before I go MIA for a few days to concentrate on my overdue dateline project.

Thank Goodness I found a few pictures that I didn't publish before and I think it is worthwhile to share with my readers.
With Hayley, a young and pretty mummy that I believe no one would disagree with my statement.

With my two princesses, April and May whom always feel jealous at mummy, when mummy curled eye lashes and dusted blushes on face. Silly girls.

I hope when they grow up, they still want to take many pictures with their mummy

With Yvonne, everyone knows that she is my BFF aka my sista. This is the tenth years of our friendship. Our mutual understanding has grown from good to better.

She will definitely scream at me if she sees me posting this picture up. Nevermind la, ah hua.
I don't want to share this last picture earlier, because I worry that people will say  "These two aunties are so vain, camwhoring in the bath room as if they are Sweet Young Things,  beh paiseh!"
I know I am whoever I want to be and I just have to decide to do it. Who cares?  But, Yvonne will "piak" me, because she still looked short after wearing the highest heels that she has. Muahahahah!

p/s: I know my joke is lame too.
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Longan jelly apple dessert

I received a few cans of longan in syrup as gifts in CNY. My husband also bought 2 big boxes of  longan in syrup. We gave some to relatives and we kept some for ourselves. My two daughters love longan in syrup very much. Last weekend I used a can to mix with jelly powder to make Longan Agar Agar.
This was too good to snack on hot day. It was a very refreshing dessert for kids. My two daughters like it to bits.

On the next day, I cut those left over Longan Agar Agar into cubes, I also sliced apples into small pieces. I opened another can and I mixed everything together with some ice cubes.

Tadaa...Longan Jelly Apple dessert.
Again, my two daughters cherish this bowl of cold dessert.
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So much love to her

April was lucky enough to be grown up in a their family in her first 3 years after born, or I should say that I was lucky to have her taking care of my precious first born.

I had to admit that I worried, puzzled and concerned initially whether she could help me babysitting my new born when I was at work. Never did I expect the nanny and her family love my baby so much.

I will never forget her help in babysitting my elder daughter in her first 3 tender years. I was thankful as whenever I went picking up my baby, my baby was already slept, fed and dressed up well. She took very good care of April, and April was a happy and active baby. Needless to say, other than herself, her husband and her 4 grown up daughters love April dearly too.

When May was 1 year old, I decided to take April to May's nanny's house, due to the distance from her house to my office was nearer, and May was too young to switch nanny. I remember I felt terribly bad when seeing April's nanny shedding her tear upon hearing my decision.

Each time when I heard May's nanny complaining about April's tantrum and whines, I felt so doubtful on my decision for switching April to her house. She was loved by her own nanny and her family, but she was complained by her new nanny.

I still let April visit her nanny and put up a stay at her nanny's house during her school holiday. 
April sure likes to visit her and stay with her, because she would bring April to the mall, watching movie and dining at April's favourite outlet, Sushi King.
She and her family treated my April like their youngest daughter, albeit she herself has four grown up and beautiful daughters
All pictures that I put here were all taken from April's Cassie Jie Jie (her 4th daughter) and 三姐 (her 3rd daughter) 's FB.

More pictures in the below slide show. If you view the pictures, you will believe that they really love my April so much. Pictures were all taken at  三姐 and Cassie's ROM. They made April  their flower girl. They made April the centre of attraction in all their family functions. April is blessed to have her 奶妈 and her whole family.

1 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■
Photo album cover picture
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If I have a day to myself

If I have an entire day all to myself, I will use 3 hours to bake from a recipe that I have bookmarked long ago. These 3 hours will include the measuring of all ingredients, whipping, mixing, baking, washing all baking gadgets after used and also cleaning up the kitchen.

As I won't have the luxury for an entire free day to myself, I always bake when my girls are occupied with tuitions.

My first attempt of huat kuih that I planned to bake more when Cheng Beng. Recipe was taken from here.
Then, I will like to spend another 3 hours in the gym. These 3 hours include travelling to and from the gym, changing before working out, and bathing after working out. I will run at 7km/h for an hour on treadmill, I will ride 30 minutes on orbitrek , and i like to have another 30 minutes on weight machines and lifting weight.
I also don't  have the luxury of 3 entire hours to spend in working out. The most I have now is only 1.5 to 2 hours. So I need to cut short the time by skipping one or two machines in my fitness routine.
Sweating out in the gym always make me feel happy and good. Exercise can also allow me to indulge in my own baking without feeling guilty of the calories.

If there is still time permitted, I will like to have an hour TV, an hour reading, an hour shopping and an hour beauty nap.

I usually can't do all these in a single day. If I go to gym, I must forego baking, and vice versa.
If I watch TV and go shopping, I have to postpone reading and napping to another day, and vice versa. So, that's my life.  
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Snow fungus (雪耳) sweet soup dessert

I want to chase off most women's biggest enemies Wrinkles and Aging but I am not rich enough to take bird nest everyday. As an alternative, I opt for white fungus (雪耳), which is definitely cheaper than bird nest. To me after reading the benefits of it from various sources I found that it has more benefits than merely containing collagen that also can be found in bird nest.

Some researches have shown that Snow Fungus/White Fungus (雪耳) has qualities that increase body's immune system, fights tumor growth and prevent cancer, reduces harmful cholesterol, safeguards the liver, combats swellings and irritations and the most important one, retards the aging process. If someone consumes snow fungus, wrinkles, freckles and stress marks will vanish. Thus, snow fungus is traditionally popular as an anti-aging food of improving the skin tone.

To get the health benefits of snow fungus, there are many ways to cook it with. A popular dessert soup would involve boiling white fungus with rock sugar, ginkgo nuts, longan and red dates. I call this type of snow fungus sweet soup dessert as Leng Chee Kang.

Please click at the picture to see my bowl of collagen that hopefully can make me look more radiant after taking it.
Soak, wash and strain ingredients like red dates, white fungus, gingko bilobas, lotus seeds and dried longans.

Please click at the picture to view another picture. Special thanks to SK for this special effect .
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Short hair for my princesses

Both my girls had started to  keep their hair long since they were only 2 years old. I never let them cut their hair shorter and above the shoulder level. Everyday, my husband and I would help to wash, brush, blow and tie their hair. It was actually lots of trouble to manage their long hair, especially they have so many activities everyday.

When their Papa was at work, I needed to drive to their school at my lunch break, just to tie their hair again, because I didn't trust their own and also their granny's work.

On weekends, I needed to wash and blow their hair twice, once in the morning after swimming lesson, once in the evening after table tennis training. Each time I would spend 30 minutes just to manage their hair.

Their Papa and me talked to them many times whether they should get their hair cut short. April and May would every time refuse with the excuse that they wanted to join the dance performance at the school year end concert. Long hair can be styled nicer and easier by the professional hair stylist, so to speak.

Last week, we had finally got them to agree and head to the hair saloon for a short haircut. I promise to let them keep their hair long again if they don't like their short hair. I wanted them to try short hair at least once.
April before the hair cut

April after the hair cut

I find her look as cute as she was 2 years old, but her kid sister, May said she looked like wearing a helmet :(

May before the hair cut

May after the hair cut

May also looks like when she was a baby too. She can accept and like her short hair better than her big sister.

After bath, they could do their workbook almost immediately without going through the trouble to blow, brush and tie their hair.
I feel pitiful for them to cut their long hair that they had kept for so many years, but it is also good to have a change in their hair style.
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Hot pot a.k.a steamboat

I have mentioned before that CRC serves very nice steamboat, and my two girls love having hot pot. So, we had this steamboat for most of our family members' birthday celebration.
Prawns, mushroom, and squid.


Green veggies

Fish balls and "Fucuk Goreng"

Cintan Mee and square fish balls

We had half tom yam and half clear soup.

Want to know who paid for these three yummy ladies. Please click at the picture.
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Book addict

Both of my girls indeed love reading, and I actually feel proud of it. However, when their reading habit has started to interfere with their revision, homework, meal and sleep routine, I would definitely make some noise.

This evening, they had just finished their homework/revision and snacks, Papa wanted to trim their finger nails. April said "Wait a minute, Papa.", then she quickly ran to grab an English story book that I borrowed from CRC library.

Trimming finger nails took less than 5 minutes only, but she would seize the opportunity to read a few lines.

May, on the other hand, enjoys reading while sitting on the throne. She always takes forever to finish her big business, she makes me or her sister yell at her when we want to use the bathroom.

When April realized I snapping pictures of her, she used the book to cover up her face. Muahahahaha!
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Fattening supper but never fatten them

My house still has a few tubs of CNY cookies. Since I put on weight in the festive, due to excessive cookies munching T____T, I swear that I can't touch those last few tubs of cookies anymore until I witness a drop at my weighing scale (not sure when this will happen). So, my husband takes over the mission to finish all of them. He has forbidden me to bake before he can finish the CNY goodies.

Mummy no baking, my girls were fed with Pasar Malam or Kopitiam food as their bedtime snacks after tuitions.

We bought them Roti Canai, Chee Cheong Fun, Char Koey Teow, Wan Tan Mee, Wat Tan Hor or Dim Sum.
Last night, the girls finished 1 loh mai kai and 3 fried fish balls. The balance again walloped by their papa.
I dare not took even a single bite of these fattening, oily and high calories food before my bedtime. However, my girls can afford to have it, only if they don't mind to take it every night. My girls go for table tennis training 3 times a week, each time 1.5 hours, and they go for swimming once a week. Needless to say they ride bicycles outside the house on weekends, run here and jump there at school field. I don't think they will easily put on weight with such a busy schedule of activities and sports. Many people told me that it is unhealthy to take supper. If I don't let them take supper, they will be even thinner then what they are now. By the way, they will whine if they don't see supper laying on the dining table before their bedtime.
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Back in full swing

Festive and celebration were over. Time flies, the first quarter of the year is almost completed.  Everyone should back in full swing, be it at work or at school. 
May is chosen by the form teacher to be assistant monitor in the class. I like May to be a monitor. Because she is a bit different from her big sister. She is a quiet and timid girl.  I always worry that she may get bullied by her classmates.  I hope she can be louder and more bold after being a monitor.

First week of ting xie and ejaan from school for my Standard 3 and Standard 1.
Second week of ting xie, spelling and ejaan from tuition and school. My evening time after work is spent training them writing all these words.

We bought all these new workbooks for my two girls. This stack of workbooks consist of all subjects for Standard 3 and Standard 1.I told them, being at the top 5, a trip to Kidzania or Sunway Lagoon in the coming June holiday, fail to do so, stay at home.

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