10 days before my birthday

Don't get me wrong, I am not here to remind you of my birthday. Actually it was my daughter,who reminded me to blog again. She knows that I have stopped blogging for a while. I don't like to blog about  the back dated though I have lots of pictures to share. And also, I may not be able to blog on my birthday, so why not I blog about everything about myself today?

I am blessed to have my parents in law, they help me to chauffeur my two daughters when both my husband an myself are at work. Not only that, they both can cook up a storm.
These were the CNY reunion dishes that were prepared by my PIL. I counted, there were 10 dishes. 
I am proud to have April and May to be my daughters. They are very different in character and personality, but they never fail to impress me everyday.
We were wearing same outfits and  same house clothes on the first day of CNY 2014.
I am lucky to have a bunch of good friends. There are two in US, two in Singapore, two in Japan and those in Malaysia are a few in Penang, many in KL and also some in Taiping.
The nearest one is this group of colleagues. They know me the best when I will be a monster and when I will be an angel.
I am occupied my time with hobbies like baking and working out in the gym.
These were the bakes during this CNY,  they are Marble Butter Cake, banana cupcakes ad spongy orange cupcakes.
I am happy that I have finally make my wish come true on the day every Chinese celebrated their birthday, Day 7 of CNY, I did LASIK on both of my eyes. Oops! I need to go without eye makeup for 1 month.
Left picture was taken on first day post surgery, right picture was taken on second day post surgery. 
I am loved by my white knight. He has given me all the attention that I need and there is nothing else that I still can demand, except our lifetime togetherness. 
So many years and I still want to say this "Thanks for making me your wife. "


  1. Nice photos there!

    And glad to meeting you ladies the other day, you made me wanna go LASIK too! But I am scared at the same time, haha xD

  2. So much to catch up and everything goes well! Great and wish you all the best. Happy birthday to you in advance.

  3. long time no see, and now that it's your daughters who are reminding you to blog huh?? so you have already lost interest in blogging?? hahaha..

    nice and sweet post today!! you are such a blessed woman to have nice parents, in-laws, daughters, friends, colleagues and most significantly your loved one..

    oh, you did LASIK!! i always wanted to do that, but then still like not taking real action.. how does it feel to wake up seeing the world in such a clear sight, while all these years you didn't bother to appreciate because they are blur.. must be a nice feeling!!

    happy birthday to Yannie in advance, just in case she didn't publish a post that day :)

  4. Lasik! I won't dare to try it because I am someone who is very scare of operation and pain...

    Yan, you are a blessed woman, like what SK said, to have nice parents, in laws, daughters, friends, colleagues and your hubby

    Happy advance birthday Yan

  5. Aww.. so nice to see you as you are blessed with a loving hubby and daughters. You also have great friends surrounding you. Most of all, you have great PIL. Happy birthday Yan and many more great ones to come

  6. Welcome back, long time no see!!! =]

  7. Happy Birthday Yan! You're simply the best friend I ever had. Vivia Forever!

  8. Happy Birthday Yannie!

    Hmm....must blog more la. Later blog grow spiderweb jor .

    How was it? Great to see the world with new eye?

  9. Awwwww... What a sweeeeet post. All the ang hia crawling from KL to Taiping now!

    Smart mothers make great daughters. So your wonderful daughters are growing up very well, thanks to their mama and papa. Happy Birthday to you and enjoy your life!

  10. Awwww such a sweet post!

    And I must thank your daughter too for reminding you to blog cos I'm missing reading your blog!!! :)

  11. awww...what a lovely post. I can feel the love :)

  12. this post is so, so wonderful (((': love when people remember to count their blessings! remembering the love in your life is so important. i need to remember to do that more/better. thank you for sharing <3