Handwritten cards

....from my princesses.

This year Mother's day, we didn't celebrate it. Because my princesses were having their exam on the next day. To me, if they are an angel, everyday is a Mother's day. Studying for exam is more important than celebrating Mother's day. ( I am a significant tiger mom)

I told my MIL that we were postponing the celebration to later date. I only gave her an angpow and bought her a cake on that day.

My Mother's Day mood was totally none, but I had only Exam mood on. T___T.

When I started to browse FB after my run in the gym, I saw plenty of my friends receiving gifts, flowers and cards from their children. Silly me started to ask my princesses,  "Where is my card?"

My 8 years old, May said, " Give me a minute, mummy." I saw her busy scribbling on her study desk.

May's handwritten Mother's Day card
"Mummy, sorry for my ugly handwriting. I can't write nicely. I know you will scold me if I take too  long to do this card."
She return to her study desk to continue her revision after presenting the card to me. (Call me a Tiger Mom)

April's handwritten Mother's day card
After April seeing her kid sister getting lots of "LIKE" in FB (I told her so), she presented this card to me in the late afternoon. She proudly said, " Mummy, my handwriting is thousand times better than May, right?" lol!

Melted heart, teary eyes. So sweet of them for praising me sky high.

I don't mind receiving their handwritten Mother's day cards every Mother's day for the next 10, 20 or may be 30 years. 
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Young fashionista 2014

I bought many clothes for them before Chinese New Year, most of them are those very comfy tops and bottoms. My two girls kept all of them and wore only in Chinese New Year. They would ask me to snap picture of them when they changed into their new clothes.

I think they will get entertained by looking at these pictures of themselves when they have grown up into fine young ladies.
CNY eve wore batik pajamas that I bought for them in Kelantan and Day1 wore chiffon dresses
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Studies or sports?

April was chosen to represent Perak for MSSM Ping Pong tournament in March.  Before she got to go to KL for MSSM tournament, she had also gone through district tournament MSSD and also state tournament MSSPK. We are certainly proud of her achievement in sports at such a young age.   
MSSD LMS players who are qualified to MSSM
However, she has to sacrifice her studies time for ping pong. She skipped school for more than a week during the centralized training for MSSM tournament.
April felt upset when missing school.  She told me umpteen times that she did not like to be absent from school for the training.  I could sense her sadness when her coach coming to fetch her to the training in those mornings that she supposed to leave for school. I missed her smiley face during her training weeks. 
Players from all districts in Perak. Only 20 players qualified for MSSM
On the other hand, I was stressed too, as I needed to take her to her classmate’s house after her training. She had to catch up with all the homework that she missed.  She had to complete the school homework, and then she had to go for tuition class in the evening.  I could not afford to see her missing school and skipping tuition classes at the same time.    
April is number 4th under 13 female
She was worn out juggling between studies and ping pong training. I pitied her. I talked to her dad that I wanted her to just focus on studies and forget about ping pong tournament from next year onward.  I feel that study is more important than being good in sports. Her dad did not agree. We argued.  We finally agreed to hear from April. 
MSSM Perak Ping Pong Team
 I shared with her about my concern on her absence from school.  I could sense her pressure too taking care of studies and sports.  All we want is a happy kid but not a champion child.  I also said to her, if she is coping up well in both, I am fine too.  We will work hard together with her and we will help her in her studies.
April and her team mates listened to briefing from coach
 April just said, “I don’t like and I don’t want to miss school, mummy.”
She loves going to school more than the training. She is a good student.  

So far, we were being very supportive in all of her ping pong tournaments; we took leaves to accompany her; we bear with all the expenses during our stay there. Needless to say, the time and money spent in her ping pong lessons. 
LMS (Larut Matang dan Selama) players ready to go to MSSM
April did not say that she wants to quit playing ping pong.  I guess, we have to be more selective in the tournament and its training. I will only agree to enroll her if it won’t affect her schooling time
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Kelantan Trip in November 2013

I found all these pictures that I think are very nice and I would love to share here. We went to Kelantan in November last year. We were there because April took part in the National Ping Pong tournament. She didn't manage to won medal for herself, instead we gained a nice tour in Kelantan, especially her parents and kid sister got themselves a very relaxing holiday. Now, let this picture album do the talk.
We stayed at Crytal Lodge Hotel. Every morning, we took buffet breakfast in the hotel.
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