Handwritten cards

....from my princesses.

This year Mother's day, we didn't celebrate it. Because my princesses were having their exam on the next day. To me, if they are an angel, everyday is a Mother's day. Studying for exam is more important than celebrating Mother's day. ( I am a significant tiger mom)

I told my MIL that we were postponing the celebration to later date. I only gave her an angpow and bought her a cake on that day.

My Mother's Day mood was totally none, but I had only Exam mood on. T___T.

When I started to browse FB after my run in the gym, I saw plenty of my friends receiving gifts, flowers and cards from their children. Silly me started to ask my princesses,  "Where is my card?"

My 8 years old, May said, " Give me a minute, mummy." I saw her busy scribbling on her study desk.

May's handwritten Mother's Day card
"Mummy, sorry for my ugly handwriting. I can't write nicely. I know you will scold me if I take too  long to do this card."
She return to her study desk to continue her revision after presenting the card to me. (Call me a Tiger Mom)

April's handwritten Mother's day card
After April seeing her kid sister getting lots of "LIKE" in FB (I told her so), she presented this card to me in the late afternoon. She proudly said, " Mummy, my handwriting is thousand times better than May, right?" lol!

Melted heart, teary eyes. So sweet of them for praising me sky high.

I don't mind receiving their handwritten Mother's day cards every Mother's day for the next 10, 20 or may be 30 years. 


  1. If only my kid(s) will be as sweet, smart and clever like yours next time! :)

  2. In the old days, handwritten cards were considered more polite than typed ones. These days, all e-greetings via email or Facebook. Lost its personal touch already. Not so meaningful at all.

  3. Very sweet and touching words, the words makes good Chinese composition piece as well, both your daughters can write so well

  4. April's handwriting is so nice!

  5. that is indeed very sweet of the girls, and i think a note written with 100% heart beats everything materialistic huh?? all the touching words and all the sweet sentences, ah, surely Yannie melted in her heart and that must be the best Mother's Day present she has received.. a few words to tell tons of love the girls have for you!! awesome~~ :)

  6. So sweet!
    I wonder will Aden write me any 'love letters' when he grow up? :p

  7. sweet.

    but celebrating and enjoying life a bit amidst a busy sutdying session is ok too.

    Happy belated mother's day.

    Happy father's day for your hubby~ :)

  8. These very own DIY card is the best gift from kids.

  9. Very nice handwriting. wish J handwriting is half as good

  10. kudos to you for self-confessing your Tiger Mom status! hahaha. you lot are very adorable: your daughters & you!! :D Happy Belated Mother's Day, Tiger Mom! i love it— has a nice ring. perhaps a rename to the blog? hehe, kidding! can't really tell what's "nice" handwriting or not.. they both definitely look better than MY chinese characters. lol!

  11. wow :) love this kid so much ...happy mother day to you too even already passed more than a month ...