Overnight oats for active lifestyle

I am always doing work out in the gym which has no air-conditioner and the fans are always off. Only there are 4 windows for fresh air circulation. That is why I soak in my own sweat after an hour of 8.5km run. I need to change into new apparel after the run, in order for me to continue my subsequent weight lifting exercise. I'm getting about at least 2 hours a day of vigorous athletic activity in the form of cardio vascular exercise. What can I eat that will help me to lose fat, but it is healthy enough for me to continue to support my lifestyle? I'm having trouble finding foods that help healing and rebuilding all the muscle I'm using without having to eat a bunch.

Thank goodness that I never have any crave towards food like cheese cake, ice-cream, soda, chips, burger and chocolate. The only crave I have when I am in hunger and thirst is fruit and juice.

Recently I found a new habit of healthy eating - Overnight oats. What is overnight oats?
This easy, no-cook “ porridge" has make-ahead convenience and is packed with nutrition to get your day off to a healthy start. Make it in individual  air-tight container or jar for a perfect serving size and an easy grab-and-go breakfast straight from the fridge (it's eaten cold). Take it along to work or anywhere. Great to serve on a breakfast or brunch buffet. High in protein, calcium & fiber; low in fat & sugar.

Apparently this kind of cold oatmeal mixture has been around for a while. I don't know where I've been, because I'd never heard of it until I saw a recipe sharing by my friend on her FB wall.  After some googling, I discovered that overnight oats, refrigerator oatmeal, yogurt oats, and summer porridge are all names for the same thing. Whatever you call it, this stuff is delicious!
I played around with some different flavor combos, and created single portion recipes that will fit in a container. I started with HL low fat milk, then I replaced with HomeSoy, because some studies said milk caused cancer and acne, both are too scary to me. I see people putting peanut butter, honey, yogurt, nuts, raisins, banana, strawberry, kiwi, avocado, mango, pineapple and more.  It is fun to soak oats, soy/milk, chia seeds with food that you like, I put in steamed Japanese sweet potatoes here. 
ch-ch-ch-CHIA seeds. I included chia seeds in my overnight oats recipes. It is always a great way to sneak them into your diet. Chia seeds:
  • have more Omega 3 fatty acids than flax seed (important for heart health)
  • are the richest non-marine whole food source of Omega-3 (better than salmon)
  • absorb 10 times their weight in water and transform into a gel-like substance--great for athletes for maintaining hydration and helps with weight loss by making you feel full longer
  • are as high in protein
  • are loaded with calcium, potassium, Vitamin B, and anti-oxidants
  • help balance blood sugar
  • have a neutral taste so they will take on the other flavors in a recipe
  • can be eaten whole (unlike flax seed); they don't have to be ground before adding them to food in order to digest them and benefit from their nutrients
  • have a two year shelf life, stored at room temperature (flax seeds quickly become rancid and lose their nutritional value)
In addition to chia seeds, this overnight oats has protein; calcium-packed dairy and fiber-rich oats. It's hard to find a healthier breakfast than this.During the overnight soak, the oats and chia seeds absorb the liquid and soften. They have a great eating texture by the next day.

I've been pulling overnight oats out of my fridge and eating it for breakfast every day. LOVE the convenience of having it made ahead. It is filling and packed with nutrition, too. 
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Out of all my previous posts on the same topic, I like this overnight oats the most as of now. I didn't know that oats when it is eaten cold, it is tasted better than ice-cream. 


  1. wow, the Hot Mama is indeed maintaining a very healthy lifestyle!! both exercise and dietary.. and great that you have no cravings for food like cheese cake, ice-cream, soda, chips, burger and chocolate but only fruit and juice!! OMG, that's probably what makes you keep up so well.. i am totally the opposite, and that explains why i never succeed in losing weight!! muahahahaha!!

    i love your oats!! it looks so delicious, i do not mind having that for breakfast, or probably they are something good to fill up my stomach, ideal as an after-workout snack too~~ :)

  2. Saw many friends went for this, overnight oats, me still need some time to explore, hehe~

  3. My FB feed is flooded with overnight oats. I prefer to have something hot in the morning. Cold oats I'll eat in the evening :)

  4. Me too haven't got time to explore overnight oats yet.

  5. OMG! Look at you!!! So thin like anorexia victims! Adoi! The wind will blow you off the ground soon!!


  6. This is the first time I heard of overnight oats. I am not sure whether they contain 'angin' for being overnight. It should be okay if you don't have flatulence or tummy wind after eating. I am greedy honestly and gets invited to dinners too often, so no escape la but I worship oats too. I take them not to slim but to bring down the cholesterol levels from border line to 0%.
    Recently my gym had promotions by Biogrow's Oat Brans which has convinced me how oats could drag the cholesterol out of our system with bran added on as explained by the promoters. The feces stuck to my toilet bowls after flushing. I hosed it with water jets and refused to come off!!! I remembered what the promoters mentioned that it would turn slimy fast and become gel inside our tummy and colons before dragging all the fats, cholesterol and dirts off from its walls! So effective lah.

    Hey I like your gym with no air con or fan! My gym is so cold at shopping centres and I could wear my singlets again 3Xs cos no sweat. Muahahahahaha

    1. "....oats when it is eaten cold, it is tasted better than ice-cream...."

      Now I agree!

  7. have seen many raving about this. Maybe I should give it a try

  8. Hi Yannie! Wow! You are so slim and fit! So you do 2 hours of cardio a day and that is amazing. And you eat healthy too. I have seen this overnight oats lately in many blogs but I don't like oats. I only like them in cookies hah..hah...Anyway, you have inspired me to get moving to lose fats!

  9. Bananaz lup chia seed, have not try them like you did, merely soaking chia seed into drinking water. Well why not try them with oats then. tQ

  10. Huh milk can cause cancer? Afraid of too much soy as my uric acid level is at border line.

  11. great that you have the time to workout. Wonder when I will do it again. As for the overnight oats, my mum tried once but she still prefers the warm ones.

  12. My brother is making the overnight oatmeals too. Its Yummy to make own overnight oatsmeal!
    Keep it up!

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  14. I recently made overnight oats too but I can't say it's very yummy hahaha... I can take it for one whole week but have to stop the next week...:p

  15. Overnight soak oats are popular in the running circle