Durian buffet at Bao Sheng

Last June school holiday, we spent a good time for 3D2N at Penang.

The best thing was my husband had made my wish came true. He took me to Bao Sheng Durian Farm located at Balik Pulau for durian buffet. Yeah! I love durian. He knows it, but he never bought me any before. Only his father bought me durian during its season. My husband said that he is sucks in choosing durian. That is why he took me to durian buffet to fulfill my umpteen times complains on him for not buying me any so far.
May loves durian, but April doesn't. April loves mangosteenLuckily, there were some mangosteen available in the durian farm, April and May had a feast on those FOC mangosteen.

We bought RM55 per pax that excludes Red Prawn and Hor Lor. Children could eat for free.

My husband, May and me took 6 to 7 durian that day. All were DURIAN CONNOISSEUR (Level 2). 

These durian were from durian trees 40 years or older

I had totally forgotten about my weight that day. All in my mind was the thick and wrinkle flesh durian. I really couldn't resist my favorite, the king of fruit.

Wow! When will be my next durian buffet? I must ask my husband again tonight.On our way back to Taiping, I bought 4 durian kuih and 1 Hor Lor for my father in law. The total damage was (RM55 per pax * 2) + RM45 (Hor Lor)  + RM8 * 4 (Durian Kuih) = RM187.
• Durian trees 40 years or older
• Thick and wrinkled flesh
RM55/pax - Excludes Red Prawn and Hor Lor
RM65/pax - Excludes Red Prawn
RM75/pax - All Kinds of Variety
150 Mukim 2, Sungai Pinang, 11010 Balik Pulau
Penang, Malaysia
Tel: 012-411 0600 / 012-401 0800
Business Hours: Only available during the durian season, call to check the schedule. They are usually awake around 8.00am.


  1. wah, durian season is it?? it's like I'm reading bloggers blog about durians almost everywhere lately.. but comes to durian, I must borrow the famous quote from the Sibu Food Mayor - "No, thank you"!! muahaha~~ :D

  2. seems like you really like durians!! first, you ate willing to pay RM55 per pax (good enough for a proper buffet dinner).. second, you ignore all the calories and your hardwork on the treadmill.. but then okay lah, for once in a blue moon right?? too strict to ourselves also no good, must relax a bit sometimes and pamper ourselves :)

  3. Total damage not only RM187 cud be more.. + Penang bridge toll RM7 + Petrol RM40 + Tyre wear & tear RM + brake pad wear & tear + ????? hahaha.

  4. Children eat for free? They could eat more than adults.

  5. Oh, I love to eat durian too. So jealous now. I must plan when to go to Penang to eat this durian buffet. I can't eat much at one go but RM55 is a good price to eat at least 1.5 durians.

  6. My friend told me about this place. I wanna go but william is not a durian kaki :(

  7. No matter how expensive, or how good it is, also won't tempt me, haha xD
    Anyway, glad that you had an enjoyable day!

  8. I love durians too..yummy..

  9. now you are talking my language....kempunan like gila....I love durian