Four happy kids

I find these pictures in my collection and I think it is worth to share here. Because these happy kids will laugh at themselves when they look at these picture in future.

Adeline and Jefferson are my best friend Su In's kids. Adeline is ten, same age as April and Jefferson is six. I love seeing all these pictures as they tell me the children have a good time playing together.
This picture was taken at the lobby of Park Royal Hotel, Penang. The kids hadn't really warmed up yet.

They got closer after having fun in the water.

So good to be kids, they laughed so happy at the slide.

Due to raining, they stopped playing for a while.

Su In treated the kids with some pizza.

I love this shot at the beach side so much.

This picture will be even nicer if Jefferson was able to jump together. He was playing at the back.

Kids were happy if they had good company to play together.

Su In's family were visiting us in Taiping early this year too.  This picture was taken at Sentosa Villa, Taiping.

This picture was taken at Matang Mangrove Forest, Taiping.

Same place but different pose.

April and Adeline were not ready for camera, but Jefferson looked so cute here.

My children and Su In's children are not meeting each other often, because Su In is staying in Penang, and we are staying in Taiping. Each time the children met, they were having lots of fun. They just didn't realize they were making memories in each other growing up years.

Apparently, tomorrow 17 August is Adeline's 10 years old birthday. Auntie Yan wishing you a wonderful birthday celebration. Happy Birthday, Adeline. 


  1. So nice to be young and carefree. The best years of one's life.

  2. oh, what a nice EMPAT SEKAWAN group!! i also enjoyed looking at these photos, they are indeed sweet and i hope their friendships will remain forever.. definitely will be great if you keep the photos and then show them perhaps 10 years later.. well well well, these are definitely very precious memories!!

    i will pick my favorite: photo #1 and photo #9..

  3. When read your title was thinking since when you've got the extra two? haha

  4. Jefferson must be a happy boy, surrounded by 3 pretty girls =)

  5. Hahaha...they sure have loads of fun.

    Happy birthday to Adeline

  6. Eh the last picture, Jefferson too cute! Geram :D

  7. Good way of preserving memories through photos. They would be able to look through your post and remember their friends.

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    Waoo it's looks happy kids lucky to have such a nice dad and mom that publish their kids with world .