Holiday at Park Royal, Penang 2014

During last June 2 weeks school break, we went to Penang beach for a 3D2N holiday.

We drove through the Penang second bridge. This bridge has less traffic. Though it took a bit longer to reach the island, it had no traffic jam. Great, right?

After having lunch, we checked in to Park Royal hotel. Our Deluxe room was upgraded to Family suite. The room is fantastic.

My best friend Su In and her family treated us to the nearby the Ferringhi Garden restaurant. We were like having dinner in a garden oasis. We stunned at this paradise, resort kind of atmosphere.

Until now I can still remember this plate of grilled seafood platter. I wish I can go there again in future for its nice food, good service and beautiful ambient.

Park Royal buffet breakfast was good especially it had many types of fresh juices. Why I said fresh? Because it tasted like what I always drink at home. So, I took 4 glasses of fresh juices and 1 glass of fresh milk, salad, yogurt with nuts, Penang white curry, porridge, and American style breakfast.

After taking such a scrumptious dinner and heavy breakfast, I must do something to burn calories. The pool in Park Royal is awesome. Why I said awesome? Because the water temperature is so close to body temperature. I had no problem soaking for 2 hours in the water.

This trip, we spent all our time in the hotel only. We truly enjoyed our stay there. It was so relaxed and comfortable. 


  1. Wowwwwwww!!!! The seafood platter is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Slurpsssss!!!! Must have cost a bomb!

  2. wow, what a nice trip to Penang!! i have not been there for ages until i also cannot remember how many years already, hahaha.. and that room, OMG, super nice and cosy and comfortable.. the Ferringhi Garden Restaurant also looks awesome, of course not to mention how delicious that plate of food was.. soaking in the pool and playing by the beach, ah, how relaxing!! i think Yannie sure had a great time with her family and really wind down for a fresh mind, soul and body.. :)

  3. Have not tried the Pg 2nd bridge yet, yeah traffic practically empty leh. Oh yummy grilled seafood platter and how nice with the upgraded Family suite.

  4. Yes, the second bridge has less traffic!

    Nice room there, very spacious!

  5. wow.....what a beautiful room.

    Nice holiday with family

  6. The seafood platter really does look good!

  7. Looks like you love breakfast buffet at hotels, just like me! :)

    By the way you look so good in bikini! Slimmer than me!!!

  8. After you mentioned in SK's blog about 马甲线, AHA now can see your 马甲线 building up already... jiayou 加油.

  9. What a fun trip to Penang! That hotel is the best value for money one in the island's beach area.

  10. A very relaxing and fun hotel vacation in Penang. The hotel looks grand with good food.