Merdeka drawing 2014

It is Merdeka day. My girls' school has Merdeka drawing and colouring event every year . They will be given a  paper with pre-printed drawing. Then, they have to add in more things before colouring it.
Every standard will have different drawing pre-printed paper. The students are encouraged to draw some famous landmarks of Malaysia in the background.

This is standard 4 drawing paper.

April drew Hornbill, Twin Towers, KL Tower, monorail, Penang Bridge, Wau, Penang Ferry, Hibiscus, Rafflesia and Jabatan Perdana Menteri , Malaysia map and National Flag. 

This standard 2 drawing paper.

May drew Merdeka Ke-57, One-Malaysia, National Flag, KL tower, Twin Towers, Proton, Rafflesia, Hibiscus, Hornbill, Mosque and Malaysia map. 

Folks, Happy Merdeka.

Here are the links of their previous drawing and colouring for Merdeka theme.
Merdeka drawing 2013
Merdeka drawing 2011
Merdeka drawing 2010


  1. Very nice the drawings, I like the first one

  2. I don't think I am able to draw these

  3. So very nice - your girls are gifted. Been impressive since much younger - sure has that special touch still. You're truly blessed.

  4. wow!! very nice drawings!! Uncle SK is very indeed impressed by the girls!! from a very plain looking standard pre-printed paper, April and May turned it into a very beautiful drawing.. put the colors aside, how they have planned what to add in and also where the place them already showed how well they are doing.. i especially like how April place the map beneath the car, and how May blends everything yet look so in synch.. that is very clever of them!! Uncle SK gives two thumbs up for the girls~~ :)

    did they win any prize for that??

  5. Very nice drawings!! They are improving I can tell ;)

    And happy national day to you!

  6. Both your daughters can draw and use colours very skillfully. Very nice!

  7. happy Merdeka. Both very nice coloring la.

  8. I am impressed by their drawings! I could not even colour tonings so well at that age! Mama must be so proud of them! Next time they will both do own face make ups every well as adults and could help powder mama into a birthday cake too! Muahahahaha

    My blog has been updated with the glimpses of the cruise trip which would be just 2-3 posts. You will love the trip and it's worth every $$ spent.

  9. Your girls are very talented in art! They paint very well. Do they still attend art class?

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