Attending colleague's wedding dinner

23 August, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got married in France. I was invited to attend my colleague's wedding too. Wedding dinner was held at Hotel Flemington.

Before the dinner was served, we must take many pictures together.

These are all the ladies in IT department. Hayley had resigned and she is now a Tao Keh Soh of her beauty products online store.

I took April with me that evening as she was the only person left at home. My husband was at work and May went to tuition.

In case you miss Ah Hua a.k.a Yvonne. She is doing good and getting prettier everyday. I don't know when she will get back her blogging mojo and reveal her secrets of staying so well-preserved and slim.

Ever since moving to new office, I miss all Angeline's bakes. I am envy those who is still in the same office with her. She is the most generous person that she would bring all her baking and cooking to the office after trying out new recipes. What a great loss for not able to taste all those yummy bakes  of Angeline.

Hayley is the most convincing lady boss of  her beauty products online store. By looking at her, you will place order automatically from what she is using on her head to her toes. So far, I have bought eye masks and Miracle Aloe Vera gel from her. After reading her review posts, more to buy!

Lastly, a portrait of yours truly in yellow jumpsuit. Picture was taken by April. Till then, you have a nice day. 


  1. all so well dressed up for the wedding dinner, and a great event to meet up with one another..

    yeah, I can see some familiar faces in the photos.. the Taiping Four Blogging Heavenly Queen (太平四大博客天后), muahaha!! but now only left one who is still actively blogging, yourself occasionally, one on hiatus, and one totally gave up.. :p

  2. Wedding banquets are always good for friends to catch up on each other after not seeing each other for some time. Everyone looks really good here. All the photos look like studio portraits. April is also looking good in her pretty dress.

  3. Everyone looks so gorgeous! Must be the air up north is good :)

  4. Thanks for the compliments and supports dear Yannie!
    You look good as always la, seeing your photos in bikinis made me envious!!

  5. and you are lovely as always :)

    Congratulations to the new couple

  6. Ahhhh!!! Missed this post. Saw Hayley's post on this wedding. Wahhhh....you stole the show lah, so cantik, so classy, sure the bride pun kalah. ;) Hello to Angeline and Ah Hua!

  7. Wow! The Taiping's 4 Heavenly Blog Queens!

  8. I had chicken skewers, potato ravioli, and a brucetta in appetizers, followed by mushroom stuffed raviolis. Don't know if that's cause of the wedding or just how they do it.
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