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I would like to thank NoQ Store for the offer of writing a review of the book that I just got recently for my princesses. Besides my blog readers can have a discount of 15% shopping for books at NoQ Store, an the e-commerce arm of Times Publishing, one of the most reputable names in printing, publishing, distribution and retail in the Asia Pacific.

I spent a good time browsing through NoQ Store in order to utilize the sponsored voucher. I intended to get a book that my two princesses would love to read. The navigation of the website is so user friendly, and it is so easy for me to locate books from different category. The price of books is cheap, some books is at 50% discount, and it provides Free Shipping with minimum spend of RM 120. Books will be delivered within 7-14 working days after order is placed.

Guess what I got from NoQ Store? 

Diary of a Wimpy Kid - The Last Straw as I myself enjoy reading Wimpy Kid. The hand-written text makes it so nice to read. Many times, I chuckle to myself while reading through this humorous comic.

I am proud to say that my two princesses love reading books more than playing toys. I am so glad to know http://www.noqstore.asia/ now, and it saves my time of  travelling, searching and queuing up to pay at elsewhere.

Readers' Benefits
All my readers will be entitled to an exclusive 15% discount on all purchases at NoQ Store when using code YAN at checkout. Discount code is valid from 11 August - 31 December 2014.

If you are worrying of payment, it accepts numerous payment modes which include credit cards, paypal and eNets, and the payment is secured. With a database of more than 14 million titles, spanning across genres like Children's, Educational, Parenting, Fiction, Cookbooks and many, many more, you will sure be able to find some fantastic reads for your little ones!


  1. oh how nice, thanks Yannie for the discount!! yes, reading is a good past-time activity and we should encourage people around us to read books.. ooopsss, reminds me of the rack of books still untouched there, muahahaha.. i love this Diary of a Wimpy Kid series of books, they are indeed good read, interesting and make reading more fun (because not just words but they have got nice drawings inside too).. no wonder April looks so happy in the photo.. :)

  2. Wowwww!!! Very popular book. I think they made a movie out of it or something. My girl reads a lot, she may be interested in purchasing books online.

  3. Good review! Thanks for discount code. Glad to know your daughters both love reading so you can now get more books for them easily.

  4. Wow this is good! I must spend some time to explore and buy some books ;)

  5. I've seen this book around too! My better half was the one who told me about it, it seems very Adrian Mole to me, but with illustrations. There's a book that's really good (but it's hard to get here) with illustrations and words too and her writing is brilliant. Her name is Allie Brosh and she used to blog at Hyperbole and a Half (same name as her book, which are her posts printed out).

  6. Hi Yan,
    I have some discount from NOQ too, will be ordering some books soon. And will use your coupon code should I decide to buy anymore books before end of the year! Thank you!
    My kids enjoy reading The Wimpy Kids series too.

  7. Cool! Maybe I can try look see look see the website