Starcruises Libra 2014 - Part 1

On September school break, we went for my long awaiting cruises trips from Penang to Phuket and Krabi. We had actually thought of going on cruises a few years ago. Finally, we materialized a travel wish this year. Happy!
We drove to Penang Port at noon. Other than our small family of 4, this time we took my parents in law along for the cruises.
Once boarding Starcruises Libra, a trio group band consists of a singer and 2 guitarists welcomed us with many lovely English songs at lobby. Sometimes, there was a pianist playing us nice and soothing music that would make us forget about the nausea when seasick.
We checked in to our cabins at desk 7. 3 cabins for 6 of us. April and May didn't find their room small but rather cute. lol!
We had some light refreshment and a quick shower before heading to the emergency drill at desk 6.
The cruises Entertainment and Event manager gave us information on the subsequent programs, that would happen on next two days, it covered Phuket and Krabi tours .
There was a welcome BBQ party for all of us at the pool side. Oh boy! It was just day 1 and we were served with lots of food that as tasty as it was from heaven. I like fruit and dessert the most. Slurp!
Later in the evening, it was show time. The show includes magic shows, acrobatic displays and fascinating dances and songs. April and May liked the magic show very much, We later signed them up for the magic class. The magic class was taught by the magician (in the picture above) . He and his wife are from California, USA. They were here with the cruises since January this year. 

Tell you what, every night there was also supper served to us before we wanted to call it a day.
Therefore, I woke up the next day, the first place I visited was the gym. I still ran my 9km for an hour there because I wanted to bring back only the beautiful memory and not the fat. Though I had the whole gym to myself, I didn't really like it as the room temperature was too cold for me to sweat all out ( I had actually set the air-con temperature to the highest).

Please stay tuned for the part 2, you would think that I had boarded my private ship. 


  1. the JAMY went for a holiday on cruise from Penang to Phuket and Krabi!! hey, that was exactly what Twilight Anay did probably a couple of weeks before you, i still remember that musician band welcoming the guests and also the rooms (nope, i've not been to a cruise before, just saw them on TM's blog).. everyone seems to be so happy especially AM playing around in the room, JY during the drill, JAMY with the magicians..

    and i also noticed something, JAMY seems to be a little tense with the big boobs magician but more relax with the guy!! muahahahaha~~ she was making you all breathless was it?? :D

  2. You look good in the first photo with your sunglasses! May and April must be so excited and happy to have their own cabin. You are so diligent - on vacation but still go for a workout every morning. Who was your photographer when you were running in the gym?

  3. Wow! At last you posted them up. I am glad you all had a Marvellous time on board. I am sure your parents in law also enjoyed themselves to relax and experience the cruise across deep oceans! I wish to go again someday from other nearby countries. They will send you newsletter email later and you will have a better picture of other cruises.

    We slept on Level 8 which was convenient to walk to the top open air deck. Those early birds will get highest floor and downwards. No difference actually except those who got the Level 2-3 which seem isolated. We missed a number of shows as we were all over the places doing our own errands and fun. My wife and aunt were inside the saloon doing their full hair treatment and manicure! Uncle asleep while I was dreaming on the deck chair.

    You were so funny not to bring home the fats!! Until today my weight never dropped back to the original. So sad!

  4. I am eagerly looking forward to Part 2 of the JAMY's happy trip.

  5. Always wanted to go on one, never did. Sighhhhh!!!!!!! Walao eh! That's a HUGE plate of pasta in front of one of your girls! :D :D :D The serimuka looks so good...now I'm craving for that! :(

  6. You are so disciplined that even on a holiday you maintained your run. Bravo!

  7. We took this same cruise in 2009. Loved it to the max! :) Ours was a longer route from Klang to Phuket then down south to Singapore and back to Port Klang. 6D5N, I think. I just ate and slept only....not as rajin as you in doing workout haha :p

  8. Good for the mind to 'relief' for a while and relax plus great togetherness with elders & young ones. Wow all alone in the gym. Once the momentum is set you will not wanna miss it.

  9. ...Knock!... Knock!.... Hello??

    Anyone here?....

    What happened to Part 2? The ship sailed into the ocean and lost in Bermuda Triangle!!!


  10. You din't forget about gym even though you went on holiday!