Fairy Bread as Children's Day Treats

 I have been agar-agar or jelly in sauce plates for children's day since April in primary 1. This year, April and May's classes has too many people planned to make jelly on that day. Therefore, April and May requested me to prepare some other snacks as the children's day party food.

I googled a lot of fancy and easy to do snacks. I finally settled  my mind on the idea of making fairy bread, after getting approval from my two young lady bosses.
I used cookies cutter to cut the bread into heart and star shapes. I spread some with nutella, and some with butter. Then, I sprinkled some colourful balls on top. Tada......
To my surprise, the children like them, and their boxes of fairy bread finished in just a few minutes after the Children's day party has started.

April and May asked me to make them again on the following day as their school break snacks.

I guess, I have to start thinking of what to make for next year children's day . Any suggestion, folks? 
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School Year End Concert 2014

Last Friday, I took a day off, because I wanted to get April and May ready for their school year end concert.
The school was off that day, I still needed to send them there for hairdo and makeup .  April said that her hair lookalikes the Japanese strong girl, Oshin. What do you think?

May's hairdo is so unique. I have to praise the hair stylist for her creativity.

These are their performance costumes.

I am so happy that both my girls are first in the whole form. To be honest, May is just 0.5 point more than the second position. Luck is on my sweetie pie.

As for April, I needed to praise her for her constant focus on her studies. She is still managed to retain her 1st position in Standard Four.

Other than the number 1 in the form trophy, April got prize money for being the Ping Pong state champion of under 10 female category. Besides, she was also voted by teachers and students of Standard Four as the best female student of the form. I am truly proud of her. It isn't easy to be the best student, one has to be all rounded; outstanding in studies, as well as sports. This best student award only eligible for students from primary four to primary six. This was the first time April won this prize.

I hope that April and May can keep up the good work. At the mean time, school is off, everyone can slow down and relax a bit until the new year is here. 
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I am gymaholic

Since April, I have started my run at 8km/h for an hour. Then, I slowly increased to 8.5km/h for an hour, and now, I am running at 9km/h for an hour, and decreasing the speed gradually for another half an hour. Altogether I will run 12km in 85 minutes and burn a total of 900 calories. I exercise every day, in the evening on weekdays and in the morning on weekends.

I am very persistent and discipline in my exercise. Even after an hour of Zumba, I still hit the gym for my routine run. I run until I totally drench in sweat, regardless of fatigue or illness. I experience anxiety if I am unable to go to gym for more than 2 days.

I love selfie whenever I am gym alone. I find that the selfie is a motivation for me. You don't want to view all the self-obsession me in front of the gym mirror, please go straight to comment box and skip all pictures below.

21 June 2014, I had yet to start my run.

19 July 2014, I had completed my run.

29 August 2014, I was ready for some weight lifting exercise after my run.

08 September 2014, I like wearing lively colour attire to the gym, and hoping that will lift up my mood.

01 November 2014, I was not intended to start my run before my regular gym buddies arrived.

When the gym is closed, I will go swimming or cycling to let my feet rest and my muscle recover from soreness.

If I could have any addiction, I would not mind to be the gym addict.
Nonetheless, I have to thank my husband for all his support and help, so that I can spend at least 2 hours in the gym every day. 
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Mariners Buffet (Star Cruise Libra International Buffet - Port and Lard Free)

I would forever remember this cool night. My husband bought himself and me tickets of a mid-night show. Olala! We put the children to sleep. MIL felt a bit dizzy and uncomfortable that night. PIL went back to rest in their own cabin.
Before the show started, we went to Mariners Buffet for supper. You hear me right, SUPPER. A meal that all on-diet should avoid, but we went.

Assorted curry fish balls. Oh boy! These were too heavy as supper.

Lok lok (fish cake) .

Salad bar.
Congee condiments.

Two types of porridge, sweet potato congee and chicken congee. It was not a good idea to have congee at night too. It contained high carbs.

Assorted cakes. These were too hard to resist. I like them.

 Indian vegetarian corner.

Eggless cake but they still tasted good.

White sauce pasta and stir-fried mix veggies.

Curry chicken and sweet sour fish.

Fried rice and fried noodles. I have to remind everyone again, these were all served as supper on our last night on cruise. Perhaps, they wanted to empty the stock in their kitchen. Instead of keeping those food in their fridge, they stored those food in the passengers' tummy. 

This was my choice of sinfully delicious supper on my last night on Star Cruises Libra. Guilty!

I was too shy to join the crowd and the crew for dance. Otherwise I would be able to burn off my supper easier.

I tell you what! I didn't dare to step on to my bathroom scale until I had run for a week when I was back home. 
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Four Seasons (Star Cruises Libra Western Cuisine)

I remembered this Western restaurant, Four Seasons on Star Cruises Libra for the well-spread of cakes, pies, buns, pastries and many more dessert.

There was one evening that we had just finished the very heavy Chinese food dinner at Ocean Palace, we walked over to Four Seasons for after meal delights. To my utmost surprise, I saw so many types of cakes, pies and pastry. Oh boy! I love dessert more than the main course actually. I really couldn't resist and I took one piece of every type.

Pandan  and chocolate plain butter cakes.

Cakes with cream on top.

Cheese cakes with wafer.

Lemon icing cake and strawberry pies.

Buns and breads.

Salad bar. 

My choice of after meal delights.

When I was done, I was thinking of standing to sleep to help burning off calories of all the sweet, carbs and fat that I had taken. 
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