I am gymaholic

Since April, I have started my run at 8km/h for an hour. Then, I slowly increased to 8.5km/h for an hour, and now, I am running at 9km/h for an hour, and decreasing the speed gradually for another half an hour. Altogether I will run 12km in 85 minutes and burn a total of 900 calories. I exercise every day, in the evening on weekdays and in the morning on weekends.

I am very persistent and discipline in my exercise. Even after an hour of Zumba, I still hit the gym for my routine run. I run until I totally drench in sweat, regardless of fatigue or illness. I experience anxiety if I am unable to go to gym for more than 2 days.

I love selfie whenever I am gym alone. I find that the selfie is a motivation for me. You don't want to view all the self-obsession me in front of the gym mirror, please go straight to comment box and skip all pictures below.

21 June 2014, I had yet to start my run.

19 July 2014, I had completed my run.

29 August 2014, I was ready for some weight lifting exercise after my run.

08 September 2014, I like wearing lively colour attire to the gym, and hoping that will lift up my mood.

01 November 2014, I was not intended to start my run before my regular gym buddies arrived.

When the gym is closed, I will go swimming or cycling to let my feet rest and my muscle recover from soreness.

If I could have any addiction, I would not mind to be the gym addict.
Nonetheless, I have to thank my husband for all his support and help, so that I can spend at least 2 hours in the gym every day. 


  1. Phewitt!! Hot Mama.

    Good that you are a gym addict. A good one.

  2. Well done! Health is Wealth! You sure look as good as you feel.
    I go to the gym and God knows what I do there! Muahahaha

  3. I really salute you la Yan. I tried running 5km on treadmill and I already feel myself pengsan.. You can do 8km every week, that's indeed very very geng already!

  4. Hot Mama Yannie is really very disciplined and motivated to workout in the gym!! i heard she rush home after work everyday, pack her gym gear and head to run in the gym!! and i supposed she has got a loving husband to help her do housework and take care of the two princesses so that she can enjoy herself in the gym to the brim.. ah, so sweet of JAM and so sweat of Yannie!! hahahaha~~

  5. good that you are consistently working it out, and it really feel good sweating it all out in the gym huh?? haha, and you run in the gym for an hour everyday, i guess you also spend like 20 minutes everytime to take your selfie?? hmmm, SK can never run that long and that far lah.. he only walks on the treadmill for about 20-25 minutes.. no wonder Hot Mama Yannie is so fit and Uncle SK is so fat~~ muahahaha!! :D

  6. Good to see you enjoying your exercises in the gym and you have the result to show for it - a very fit body!

  7. Keep it up! Always good to keep fit!

  8. All girls will look perfect if everyone is so discipline like you!

    Good job!!! :)

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  10. If only I have that determination and persistence like you! Uses to go to gym, aerobic and jogging before I were married. Now the only exercise I have is doing housechore and carrying my baby around up and down stair cases. Lol.

    Keep it up, Yan. You are looking great.