April's first sketch art

I want to thank April's art teacher for encouraging her to learn sketch drawing at the age of 10. Many learn that only when entering secondary school. 

April did a good job in her first sketch. April told me that her art teacher did nothing in touching up and correcting her sketch when she has completed her work. 

When I looked at this 素描石膏像 I know, I can't do it as great as her. Her art teacher suggested to send and post it to sketch art contest . We didn't, because we want to keep her master piece as a precious collection. 


  1. April is indeed very talented in arts and drawings.. this sketch is indeed very beautifully done, even her teacher did not need to do any touch-up for her!! great piece of work, well done April!!

    Hot Mama should frame it nicely and hang it on the wall at home.. :)

  2. Very professionally done! Hope April will do more sketch art with mommy as her model.

  3. Wow that looks impressive for a 10 years old and for her first sketch! Very good potential hey! :)

  4. This is masterpiece. Very talented girl.

  5. Waaah! Her sketch drawing is very good for her age. I can see that her hands are very steady and confident now. Must be her ping pong skills that helps her hands too. Just like cake's icing decorators, they need steady hands to pump the icing precisely! Well done April.
    I still send my congratulations to the parents for every successful child. Parents play the most important roles for being great supportive pillars.