MiKu (Pink tortoise mantou)

My two daughters love mantou. I love miku (in Hokkien), miku is actually a pink tortoise pau that Chinese would make to pray to ancestors on altar at home, or bring to temples.

I actually made this during the Nine Emperor Celebration (九皇爷诞).

My pink tortoise mantou were in mini size one.

I used raisin to make their eyes. 

They were actually very soft and nice.

Next time, I must try to make yellow tortoise mantou by using pumpkin.

Miku Recipe

1kg plain floor
11g instant yeast
200g sugar
100g corn oil (1/2 cup)
460g water (2 1/2 cups)
4 pandan leaves (screwpine)

1. Boil pandan leaves with sugar in water. Leave to cool.
2. Mix flour and yeast together.
3. Knead flour mixture, water and corn oil together for 15 mins.
3. Scale dough to 100g each and leave to rest for 10 mins.
4. Roll dough with rolling pin and fold in both ends. Roll again and fold in the other 2 ends. Place each dough on a piece of grease proof paper, or you can make your own tortoise shape.
5. Allow dough to rise for 35 min.
6. Brush surface with (diluted) pink colouring.
7. Steam over high heat for 15 mins.

The above quantity makes 18 pieces of "Miku".

Happy New Year 2015, folks! 


  1. mantao and miku should be very similar right?? i bet April and May will also like the miku that Yannie baked.. Uncle SK wonders if Yannie will explore further to bake miku of various shapes like rabbit, piggy, doggy, and if can be more advanced Doraemon and Minions!! muahahaha, then for sure Uncle SK will like them very very very much~~ :D

  2. today is the last day of 2014 and let Uncle SK takes this opportunity to wish JAMY a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!! :)

  3. Gotta try this sometime. Always wanted to make my own steamed pao or mantou. Happy 2015!

  4. I love to eat miku, usually spread with butter and kaya ;)

  5. Oh yes, I love my miku steaming hot with butter!!!

    Let's see if I would make this one day too!

  6. I have a friend whose mom sells kuih in the pasar, including miku around the festival time. Every year we will get a few big miku each and have miku for breakfast for an entire week @.@

  7. 11gram of yeast. If I dont have those digital scale, very hard to get exact 11gram :(

  8. I love this miku like crazy and so hard to find them in KL.

  9. Looks good and cute.. Must be very nice.. Usually I buy frozen packs and then steam it.. And eat with cheese & mayo! Haha..