Sweet dessert soup (糖水)

I love sweet dessert soup very much. When I cook sweet dessert soup, I will scoop out my portion with less sugar, then I will add in extra sugar for my husband and my girls. I just need to have a little taste of sweetness. Too sweet is very fattening.
However, my husband and my girls won't eat if it is not sweet enough. They will complain my sweet dessert soup tasteless.

Almost every weekend, I will boil sweet dessert soup.

1. Pumpkin, white fungus, red dates, lotus seeds and rock sugar.

2. Sweet potatoes, barley, green beans and rock sugar.
3. Purple and yellow sweet potatoes. Rock sugar and a slice of ginger for better taste.

4. Sweet potatoes, red beans and gula malaka.

5. Barley, green beans, red beans and rock sugar.

6. Purple sweet potatoes glutinous rice balls, orange sweet potatoes, and brown sugar.

7. Red beans, lotus seeds, pumpkin and rock sugar.

8. Orange sweet potatoes, dried longan, white fungus and rock sugar.

9. Barley, green beans, lotus seeds and rock sugar.

10. Sweet potatoes glutinous rice balls, dried longan, red beans and gula malaka.

11. Red beans, peanuts, pumpkin glutinous rice balls, and rock sugar. 

Please remember to boil sweet dessert soup with a few screwpine (pandan) leaves tied together. I will put in screwpine leaves only when the soup is starting to boil. Let it continue to boil for another an hour, then  I will off the fire.

April and May like only certain sweet dessert soup and dislike certain types. Unlike me, I like almost all types of sweet dessert soup. What about you? 


  1. so lovely thong sui. I like to drink too but lazy to boil sometimes.

  2. tong shui!!! Uncle SK sure likes, and he is actually quite okay with the level of sweetness but of course cannot be too sweet like eating sugar, haha!! and Uncle SK must praise Hot Mama Yannie for the combination of ingredients and the variety she has got, all the mix and match looks delicious, because when we have tong shui outside, it would just be basically one ingredient for the whole thing, or the most two only and definitely won't have that many "jaar" inside.. i like 1,2,3,8,10 and 11, aiyoyo, so nourishing and wholesome.. no wonder Hot Mama Yannie always "shui shui" because she always eat "tong shui"~~ :)

  3. I like all sweet soups that do not have white/black fungus in it. Don't like those fungus at all!

  4. What a lovely dessert menu and my mouth is drooling now. Your photography is so good now and gone were the days of the same plastic orchid in the background. Muahahahaha!

    You should open a Yannie's Sweet Dessert Shop in KL and all bloggers will give you business plus give free blog-media coverage!
    As for me, I will join Jin-Jin & your daughters for the sweeter taste. My tagline is "Lagi Manis lagi Bagus!"

    1. I like Number 1 the most and copied your recipe because I will cook it for my aged parents this weekend. They like soft and sweet dessert nowadays like kids. Thank you! Thank you!

  5. I love dessert 1, 8 and 10! Yummy!

  6. Good! Good! Cooling! Now, I'm inspired...must cook some when my girl comes home this weekend. Mine simple lah, green bean soup only. Dunno how to cook all these.

  7. I like to eat all kinds of tong sui provided they are not too sweet and their liao (ingredients inside) is more than the sweet water and boiled until very soft. All your tong sui look really tasty!

  8. I only put one ingredient only, like red bean only, or barley only, or sweet potatoes+ginger only.. Hmm, after seeing your post, I think I want to mix too, looks good, bet it taste nice.. I love red bean, I love sweet potatoes, so I guess I can mix both together, just like you :)

  9. My girls don't quite like dessert, so I hardly cook these at home. Normally I will eat from outside or go to my mom's house to eat.hehe