Tomato rice

I am a lazy busy mom. So when I saw everyone cooking tomato rice and sharing tomato rice recipes on FB. I also tried cooking tomato rice.

Luckily my two girls can accept tomato rice. It is so easy to prepare and it tastes good as well. Needless to say tomato provides many health benefits.

First attempt is tomato and prawns.
I put in prawns, tomato, rice, oil, salt, pepper and water.
When cooked, tomato rice looks like that.
I stirred and mixed everything together. I actually removed tomato skin before mixing.

Second attempt is tomato, prawns and sausages.
I used 2 sausages here.

After cooked, I peeled off the tomato skin.

Then, I mixed everything together and served.

Third attempt is tomato and corns.
After cooked, I put in 10 teaspoons of vinegar, as I was going to make onigiri.

My girls enjoyed these tomato rice balls. They had it with Japanese sweet sauce and soy sauce.

I have to try cooking tomato rice with different ingredients, so that they won't get bored of eating tomato rice so soon.

I love this type of recipes. I can put everything inside the rice cooker at one go, and I just need 10 minutes of preparation time. So convenient and no hassle at all. 


  1. Ahhhh!!! You too. Seen so many people blogging about it and sharing theirs on Facebook. I wonder whether it's nicer than the Malay nasi tomato...

  2. Thanks Yannie. So far I have not thought of making this coz am not really fond of tomato. but i see you have so many variety of recipe. Maybe will try once and see. I like the shrimp . I wonder if dont put oil but put butter can or not....like chicken rice

  3. You also tried this, very popular trend, everyone also cooked tomato rice and shared on FB.

  4. ah.. tomato rice!! is this the in-thing lately?? like i've seen quite a number of bloggers blog about this and also some friends post about this in FB.. it does look very simple and convenient, just need to dump everything into the rice cooker and tah-dah, done!! most importantly, it's something nice and i guess the tomato makes the rice even more refreshing and appetising huh?? glad that JAM like that and Yannie can cook this more often, and of course with more variations :)

  5. I like onigiri version of tomato rice.

  6. Oohhh ....love it ! Didn't know onigiri can have so many flavours !

  7. so simple..I must try it one day..

  8. Hmmm... Looks like I have to start trying this too soon! Yours look really good!

  9. Actually you don't need to put tomato also okay lah, it is just an ingredient. You can substitute with pumpkin or even sweet potato ;)

  10. The other day I saw this post tru my phone and thought it was a dessert with cherry in the first photo! Muahahahaha
    It looks easy and I wanna throw in tomatoes and mixed vegetables ready-mix into my rice cooker to lure my wife to eat. You know she is a vegan and anti- carbo eater, so that saves me $$$$!

  11. I like this kind of one pot rice too. Love tomatoes as they give the rice a bit of sour taste, very appetising.

  12. Haha...indeed is so versatile but my girls don't like it. So I cook for myself and my better half..ahaha

  13. I like the last one where you made them into onigiri!