On my birthday

Coincidentally on my birthday, my company gave all February babies a small birthday party at the canteen.   Since it fell on my actual birthday, I was given the change to blow candle and cut the cake after they sang Happy Birthday song. Happy!

Husband booked a KTV room to celebrate my birthday. We had thought of  going to sing in KTV for quite sometime. We had finally made it on my birthday. My husband brought MIL home cook fish congee (鱼生粥) for me as my dinner. MIL cooks fish congee on every Chinese New Year day 7th.

My two princesses asked their papa to buy me Good  Morning Nutritious Drink 18 Grains as my birthday gift. You can see the tin on the table.

My white knight had finally opened up his "gold mouth" to sing a few songs that night. We had actually not visited KTV for quite a long time. We truly enjoyed singing together in KTV.

My beloved colleagues bought me a SasSa pink clutch, eye liners and a recipe book. Thank you, girls.

My company too, gave all February babies a towel and a recycle bag.

My two princesses made me cards. I am glad that they drew me so slim. Kekekeke!

My best friend in KL bought me La Senza sleep wear. I had unwrapped and put on it, but I forgot to snap a picture. It is pretty similar to the pink pajamas below, only mine is in red. Thanks babe!
Thanks to all your greetings on WhatApps, SMS and my blog. I really appreciate your kind thoughts.

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Happy Birthday

Today is the first day I am back to work after the long Chinese New Year holiday.

Today is Day 7th of Chinese New Year. (人日 - According to Chinese customs, renri was the day human beings were created. ) It is everyone birthday. Here I wish everyone Happy Birthday. 

Apparently, today is also my Birthday.
I am blessed. I am contented. I am feeling good and positive all the time. I just wish that I am happy, I am loved, and I am healthy. Am I greedy?

Today when I woke up and I weighed myself, I am not that happy, because I have put on weight. T___T. I have put on weight that I am too shy to share here. Huhuuuuuuuuwaaaaa, Yannie cries buckets. All blame to the amount of cookies that Yannie baked.

I tell everyone here, my birthday wish is "Staying slim and fit" and I will continue to make JAMY a happy family. 
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Steamed Wheat Cream Cracker

I bought a tin Julie's Wheat Crackers from one hypermarket. It was sold so much cheaper than it usual price. I was so happy and I thought that I was so lucky to spot it. After reaching home, my 11 years old daughter, April reminded me to check at the biscuit's expiry date.  I was surprised to learn that it could last for less than 10 days. OMG! How am I supposed to finish these crackers in 10 days. I may need to eat these crackers as breakfast, lunch and tea time in order to finish them in 10 days. If I could really finish 700g crackers in 10 days, I would sure put on 7kg by then. Is no joke!

Luckily, I converted the wheat crackers into something else that could be shared easily with friends. I blended wheat crackers into crumbs to use it as one important ingredient in my bake.
I steamed wheat crackers layered cake.

I made cream crackers layered cake a few times previously

However, this is my first time using wheat crackers.

Overall, it tastes better, just that the texture is a bit harder.

I packed some to office to share with my colleagues. I also gave some to my gym buddy. It still tasted good after keeping for a few days, but it needed to be steamed again before eating. 

Steamed Cream Crackers Cake
Original recipe from Peng's Kistchen
6 eggs
200gm unsalted butter
150gm sugar
300gm wholemeal wheat crackers, processed till fine
20gm cocoa powder
1 tsp chocolate emulco
  1. Grease and lined a 7" square pan. Preheat steamer.
  2. Using a electric whisk, cream butter and sugar until light & fluffy.
  3. Beat in eggs, one at a time, until well blended.
  4. Fold in wheat crackers.
  5. Divide mixture into 3 equal portions. Add in cocoa powder and chocolate emulco into 1 portion.
  6. Pour in a layer of plain batter into prepared pan and steam on high heat for 10mins.
  7. Pour in chocolate layer and spread evenly over steamed plain layer, steam on high heat for another 10mins.
  8. Pour in the final plain batter over the chocolate layer and steam on high heat for 25-30mins until thoroughly steamed through.
  9. Remove pan from steamer. Unmould cake and cool completely on wire rack before slicing.

If you are clicking at the below links to see my earlier versions of cream crackers layered cakes, you should be able to tell that my wheat crackers layered cake is so much better looking now. Happy! I have improved. 

(31 May 2012)

Folks, Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Chinese New Year. 
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2015 Chinese New Year cookies

I have started to bake cookies much earlier this year. I want to attempt many recipes. Most of the time I tried the recipe for one time only. Each recipe I could bake two trays of cookies that  only just nice to keep in one container. Right now, all the containers left only 1/3 of cookies or no more.

A few more days to Chinese New Year, I still have several recipes to try. As of now, I would like to share here, the may types of cookies that I have baked, and also the links to the recipes that I followed. The links that I provided here are only as a reference, I may change the recipes a bit to suit my own preference of taste.

1. Chocolate Chips Cookies
Next time, I am going to mix the chocolate chips with the batter. I think that will be much better taste than arranging them on top of the cookies.

2. Chocolate Butter Cookies
I added in cocoa powder in the original recipe, as I have a packet of cocoa powder which is going to expire soon. This explains why my chocolate butter cookies look so dark in color.

3. German Cookies
It is not looked as good as they supposed to be, but it tastes very good and crispy. I am thinking of baking these cookies again if I have time.

4. Horlicks Doggie Cookies
My two princesses made all the cute expression of the cookies, they are my wonderful helpers. They make my baking job so much easy right now.

5. Thumbprint jam cookies
My younger daughter likes these cookies very much, she has requested to bake these again. So, this is another recipe that I am planning to do on these remaining days before Chinese New Year.

6. Meat Floss and Seaweed Cookies
I used the home made meat floss which my friend gave me to make these cookies. I must make these cookies in thinner slice, as it is kind of hard to bite in the shape that I made here.

7. Peanut Butter Cookies
These peanut butter cookies are my favorite out of all, as I didn't expect it tastes so well like the old-fashion peanut cookies and it is so easy to bake. Every year, I will order two bottles of peanut cookies and green pea cookies. In the coming years, I am going to bake peanut cookies myself by using peanut butter.

8. M&M Cookies
April loves these M&M cookies. We used mini M&M. She has requested me to make these again on the coming Children Day party at her school. She said that her classmates would love these.

9. Cornflakes Honey Joys
First batch, I put in almond flakes, raisins and colourful sugar balls. My two princesses brought some to school as a treat to their classmates.  They all love these cookies. One of May's classmates WeChat me to say thanks and ask for more. So cute and sweet of her. 

Therefore, I made the second batch, this time I put in more raisins and one M&M on top, I omit almond flakes. It is tasted a little sweeter than the first batch.

10 Assorted Biscuits
 These are the cookies that were baked by April in her Art class.

These are the cookies that were baked by May in her Art class.

In my list now, I want to bake thumbprints jam cookies, German cookies, Nestum cookies, cornflake honey joys and cakes. I have so many things to do and I have so little time.

I actually plan to bake something for Valentine's day, but I can't materialize it.
Instead, I bought him Philips water proof 3 blades shaver and we are going for movie "Triumph in the Skies" later.

Folks, Happy Valentine's to all you.

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Misua soup

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. I would like to know, what you normally eat on CNY day 1 as breakfast? 

Many years, I would go to my PIL's house for breakfast, my MIL would cook us sweet dessert soup and we would eat with some other CNY cookies, snacks and cakes. 

I am thinking of cooking Misua soup on CNY day 1 as breakfast this year for my family. 

These were the misua soup that I served to my family on my husband's birthday last  year.  
I put chicken drumsticks in bak kut teh soup that I boiled with some pork ribs, dry mushrooms and garlic.
Some people believe that eating misua on birthday and CNY symbolizes longevity. 

I never forget to serve some green vegetables as the side dish on every meal.

This year on CNY day 1, I am thinking of boiling 8 treasures herb soup (八珍烫) and put in misua, hard boiled eggs and green vegetables as the breakfast.

Please share with me, if you have other ideas that is good to eat as breakfast on CNY day 1. 
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Are you ready?

I am a very "kan cheong" (nervous) person. I always get my things ready and  I plan everything ahead. Therefore, I have bought  my daughters, my husband and myself Chinese New Year clothes, pajamas, inner wear, and socks months ago. Besides, I have got my hair colored and trimmed. I have also started to practice baking Chinese New Year cookies and cakes. Since I baked so early, all my cookies shall be finished before the Chinese New Year starts. lol!

I have also planned to DIY some red packet lanterns as Chinese New Year decoration. Thanks to my husband for helping me to do all the spring cleaning, so that I have more time to prepare for other stuffs. Kekekeke!

By the way, I have got my hair colored and trimmed on boxing day (26 December 2014). I wish that the color and the hair style can stay till the Chinese New Year over. My hair actually grows fast. I am just afraid that I may need a last minute touch up this time.

I always visit the same hair saloon that I support since 10 + years ago.

The hair stylist knows my hair texture very well.  I always leave to her to decide the color to be used on my hair, and I value her advices on my hair style.

Oh! This is the first time I let my hair grow so long and it can finally cover my whole ears. Before that, you can sure see my ears flip out from my hair.

When I got my hair color done, I took April along to the hair saloon to do rebonding. I have fed up in blowing her natural curly hair  each time after the hair wash. She looks neater now. Her hair is very straight and smooth without needing to blow after the hair wash. The hair rebonding worth the money spent, as it saves lots of my time.

So, are you ready for Chinese New Year? Mind sharing your things to do before Chinese New Year?
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