2015 Chinese New Year cookies

I have started to bake cookies much earlier this year. I want to attempt many recipes. Most of the time I tried the recipe for one time only. Each recipe I could bake two trays of cookies that  only just nice to keep in one container. Right now, all the containers left only 1/3 of cookies or no more.

A few more days to Chinese New Year, I still have several recipes to try. As of now, I would like to share here, the may types of cookies that I have baked, and also the links to the recipes that I followed. The links that I provided here are only as a reference, I may change the recipes a bit to suit my own preference of taste.

1. Chocolate Chips Cookies
Next time, I am going to mix the chocolate chips with the batter. I think that will be much better taste than arranging them on top of the cookies.

2. Chocolate Butter Cookies
I added in cocoa powder in the original recipe, as I have a packet of cocoa powder which is going to expire soon. This explains why my chocolate butter cookies look so dark in color.

3. German Cookies
It is not looked as good as they supposed to be, but it tastes very good and crispy. I am thinking of baking these cookies again if I have time.

4. Horlicks Doggie Cookies
My two princesses made all the cute expression of the cookies, they are my wonderful helpers. They make my baking job so much easy right now.

5. Thumbprint jam cookies
My younger daughter likes these cookies very much, she has requested to bake these again. So, this is another recipe that I am planning to do on these remaining days before Chinese New Year.

6. Meat Floss and Seaweed Cookies
I used the home made meat floss which my friend gave me to make these cookies. I must make these cookies in thinner slice, as it is kind of hard to bite in the shape that I made here.

7. Peanut Butter Cookies
These peanut butter cookies are my favorite out of all, as I didn't expect it tastes so well like the old-fashion peanut cookies and it is so easy to bake. Every year, I will order two bottles of peanut cookies and green pea cookies. In the coming years, I am going to bake peanut cookies myself by using peanut butter.

8. M&M Cookies
April loves these M&M cookies. We used mini M&M. She has requested me to make these again on the coming Children Day party at her school. She said that her classmates would love these.

9. Cornflakes Honey Joys
First batch, I put in almond flakes, raisins and colourful sugar balls. My two princesses brought some to school as a treat to their classmates.  They all love these cookies. One of May's classmates WeChat me to say thanks and ask for more. So cute and sweet of her. 

Therefore, I made the second batch, this time I put in more raisins and one M&M on top, I omit almond flakes. It is tasted a little sweeter than the first batch.

10 Assorted Biscuits
 These are the cookies that were baked by April in her Art class.

These are the cookies that were baked by May in her Art class.

In my list now, I want to bake thumbprints jam cookies, German cookies, Nestum cookies, cornflake honey joys and cakes. I have so many things to do and I have so little time.

I actually plan to bake something for Valentine's day, but I can't materialize it.
Instead, I bought him Philips water proof 3 blades shaver and we are going for movie "Triumph in the Skies" later.

Folks, Happy Valentine's to all you.


  1. I got to say the one I like the most is no.8 because of the M&M because I love M&M!! =]

  2. You share this, many people wanna visit your house for CNY now! :D

  3. So many!!! Hmmm...if I were to go to Taiping, I will let you know earlier...and you can make some for me, can? Btw, hope you got the CNY card I sent you...or maybe it is still on the way...or lost in space?

  4. wow wow wow!!! so many cookies there Hot Mama has been baking, fuyoh, the baking mojo was back (with a vengeance)??

    the Horlick Doggies Cookies look cute lah, too cute to be eaten, haha!! and i see different arrangement for the eyes of the doggies, i am sure the girls actually helped out Yannie in the kitchen huh?? nice bonding time..

    but SK's favorite has to go to the M&M Cookies, wow, i love thsoe mini M&M and they look so perfectly baked!! the M&M are still so complete and not melted or the color smudged at all, successful huh?? no wonder April loves it so much ans requested Yannie to bake again for her classmates on Children's Day later.. :)

    and lastly, aiyoyo, Uncle SK is very very impressed with the work April and May did in the baking class!! the cookies look so nice, even nicer than their mommy's 手勢 hehehehe!! or maybe it's the photo huh?? the photo looks brighter and color looks more vibrant, hence the cookies also look more delicious.. the way the girls placed them also serupa only, haha.. the one on the right most looks nice, Uncle SK give 5 likes.. :)

  5. You can open stall and sell these cookies already Yan.
    This year I just don't have the mood to bake CNY cookies, not even the simplest peanut cookies, they say preggie better don't stay near to oven too much!

  6. Oh goodness, the cookie monster in me is going nuts looking at all those!

  7. wow... I wonder how much time you have spent on all these cookies ? They looks so good!

  8. the dog shape biscuits so cute la,,,,May and April have so much patience to make so many expression

  9. Wow, so many types of cookies. May and April must be loving the baking process and also the cookies! :D

  10. Gawd, you baked so many types of cookies! I love all your butter chocolate cookies! I could eat all of them la, no joke..

  11. I like your Doggie Cookies..they are so cute..good that you have helping hands from your girls, my girls only helped me out in the beginning.

  12. I love all your cookies so much esp the Puppy Cookies! They don't look fierce like doggies yet! Woof!
    Your next lot can make cats and panda too! Sell them to bloggers and donate to temples. The merits would be unbelievably big for JAMY! I know I sound like a monk sometimes. Muahahahaha