My Chinese New Year 2015

I know what you think when reading this post title. Yes, it is outdated. Never mind, I just want to share the pictures that I captured during the festive. Let me summarize the 15 days of Chinese New Year in one single post.

1. My CNY home decor, only outside, nothing was done inside the house. Next year, I must remember to cover the inside home decor too. I will improve, ok!
Special thank to Anay, TM  for the diamond shape stickers that he sent together with the CNY greeting card. The one on top was sent last year, and the one at the bottom was sent this year.

2. CNY is the time for feasting. No one will disagree with me. I am feasting on my MIL's home cook, outside food, my own homemade cookies and cakes.
This year my MIL cooked 9 dishes to pray to ancestors on Chinese New Year eve, that 9 dishes was our CNY eve reunion dinner food.

3. My CNY day 1 outfits. I wore this outfit to my PIL's house and also to the temple for praying.
First time wearing Cheongsam. I bought this torquay color batik cheongsam at RM75 from Malacca, Jonker Street. 

4. Group picture was taken with my SIL and her children by using their CASIO selfie camera. 
The top picture was taken at home and the bottom one was taken at the temple.

5. Group picture with my secondary school classmates.
We had bigger group than this actually at the gathering. But only a few were interested in taking picture.

6. Attending my princesses' school CNY concert and dinner.
April had dance performance that night.

7. CNY dinner with colleagues on the evening before Chap Goh Meh.
All the guys are our Japanese advisors.

That's all that I could capture as my CNY 2015. 
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She makes me smile

One morning, when I got myself ready to work, I spotted some wordings on May's small calendar that stick at the wall  on top of her study table.

 I looked closely and tried to understand what the words that she has scribbled. 

She wrote down "司仪" (emcee) next to 30th of March. She also wrote "30 姐姐周会司仪" as a remark at memorandum column. Apparently, her big sister is going to be the school weekly assembly emcee on 30th this month. Hahahaha! Ain't May cute?

They are like most siblings, they fight, they quarrel, they scream and they compete with each other when having conflicts. They laugh at their own silly antics, they chat before their bedtime, they also bath, play, sing, watch TV, eat and have fun together everyday.

However, I don't expect that April being an emcee can be something important for her kid sister to jot down on her calendar. This little thing made me smile when I drove to work that morning.

My 11 years old, April wearing her new pajamas and showing off her very first angpow this year on Chinese New Year eve.
My 9 years old, May wearing Elsa (Frozen) pajamas. Every year, their first angpow is always from their papa.
April with her minion lego, a gift from Auntie Cannie (my best buddy).
May and the Hello Kitty lego.

A little note to April and May, "Please remember, because you have a sister, you always have a friend."

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