Wish me luck to be King of Bukit Larut

I missed the Taiping Run on 21 December 2014 due to my Archilles tendonitis.  I swear to myself that I must sign up another run once my ankle is fully recovered. Desperately, I signed up the 10 KM, Women Open King of Bukit Larut on 26 April 2015.

When I told my husband and a few friends about my decision, no one supported me. They said running up Bukit Larut is no joke, it is way too different from running on flat surface like treadmill. Even my husband asked me to consider withdrawing from the event, but I insisted.

I went to run at Bukit Larut last Saturday. I could only run up to 4KM, and I started to walked up to 5KM. I made U turn and ran downhill. Altogether 10KM, I took about 1.5 hours. I felt so worn out and my whole body was over strained. I still think that I have done a good job, since it was my first training at Bukit Larut.

Tomorrow is the date. I am kind of nervous. I know that it is going to be very tough for me, as I only run on treadmill.

lina said that there are plenty of good food waiting for all finishers after the run. She asked me to enjoy the food and forget about the diet. I am looking forwards to feast on Cendol, Nasi Lemak and etc after my dreadful 10KM run.

Morning, I must take something nutritious, energy-packed and healthy. So, I have decided to take overnight oats and bananas as my breakie before the run. Then, I shall not refrain myself from eating those high calories or high carbs food that served at the foothill to treat myself for completing the run.

My husband has bought tomorrow movie tickets of Fast and Furious 7. The girls want  to go to McD for lunch before the movie. If I can successfully conquer the 10KM at King of Bukit Larut, I shall allow myself to take all those fattening fast food which I have resisted for so long. 
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Going for low carb diet

If you are following me long enough, you should know how conscious I am on health, diet and fitness. Well, I put on weight during Chinese New Year. For your information, I didn't stop my exercise routine even during festive season. I still went to run on treadmill for at least an hour on Chinese New Year eve, day 1, day 2,....... just like any other day. Surprisingly, I still put on weight. It was because of too much carbs that I consumed and it contributed to high calories intake.  I didn't burn the calories as much as I consumed.

Therefore, I go for low carbs diet and I continue my active lifestyle. Thanks Goodness, I have successfully shed those weight off in no time. To be honest, I am a big eater. I enjoy food a lot. Just that I am very watchful on what I eat. I try to have very minimal carbs in my diet. I go without rice for lunch and dinner. I only eat fish, lean meat, vegetables and fruits. I also cut down on biscuits, cakes and breads.

On weekends, I boiled my favorite desserts such as green beans, barley and lotus seeds with rock sugar. I could take 2 to 3 bowls at one go, and that was my protein packed lunch.

I also boiled papaya, white fungus with rock sugar soup. It was so tasty and nutritious. It could replenish all the water that I lost during my workout.

My husband who knows me well, would cut all the fruits in the fridge to be my best snacks in the evening.

I see fruit as food from heaven. I eat all types of fruits and I spend a lot on fruit alone. I take them as the post workout recovery needs.

A diet would not be complete if it was without vegetable. I make all my favorite vegetables into salad, and I sprinkle with lots of nuts, raisins and seeds. Fruit and vegetable are vitamins packed; nuts and seeds are protein packed, both categories help boost up my  body immune system.

I hit the gym at least 5 times a week, each time 1.5 hours. I combine both cardios and strength training in my exercise regime. I find myself look the best each time after my workout. 
I feel so good in zero make up, tank top and jogging pants because I have burst all my daily tension and stress together with the fat. Regular exercise has increase my self-confidence, improve my sleep and lift up my mood. Thanks to the effect of endorphins.

I am actually looking for more protein-based recipes. DailyBurn has provided me lots of best protein-packed ideas and tips. Besides DailyBurn Facebook community too has shared knowledge about the benefits of protein for fitness, especially on Fuel-6. the vegan protein powder.

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I am an impulsive buyer

I talked to my gym buddies that every year I have Chinese New Year clothes which can last me till Chap Goh Meh, and some may be last until next Chinese New Year. I was not exaggerating. It was true that I wore a dress on 2nd day of Chinese New Year this year, which I actually bought it for Chinese New Year last year . Most of my clothes, I wore only one time just to tell myself that I have worn it already. After the "opening ceremony" of all my new clothes, then I have no chance to wear them for the second time because  I again buying some new one.

Instead of claiming myself as a shopaholic, I think I am more like an impulsive buyer. 
I keep telling myself that I need to cut down on buying unnecessary things after 1st April because of GST. The good thing is I don't need to stock up for my closet before GST. It is because I stock up all the time. @_@

Alright, I think everyone is impacted by GST. Now, I have to be wiser in my spending, be it on food or clothes. I hope that I can beat the urge of buying the thing by checking on how much I need the thing. 

Another method is planning what you buy by comparing the price. It is a must to compare the price of the goods in the mall and the price stated online. 

We can't really do without buying, as retail therapy really does make us happy. tsk...

I have good website here that you can always refer to as a guideline on your purchase. Check it out at http://iprice.my​​, the one stop online shopping destination in South East Asia. You can make wiser and better choice with a peace of mind knowing that everything you need is under one site. It provide product information about different brands as well as offer coupon codes and discounts up to 70% on Zalora, Lazada, Groupon, Banana Republic, Romwe and many more.
Shop: http://iprice.my/shop/
Coupon: http://iprice.my/coupons/

I find this one stop online shop  a good source to help us make wiser decision on what we buy. The key is spending wisely. 

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On April's 11 years old Birthday

Just at the beginning in the month of April, May had marked her big sister's birthday on her calendar. She is really a very sweet kid sister to April.
It was 2nd of April, when I took this picture of May's calendar. Look at the slash at 1st April, the post it marker on 10th April and the note on the memorandum column. 
Yesterday, April and her classmates left tuition class 15 minutes earlier. Her papa fetched and her 10 of her classmates to KFC in Giant hypermarket.
It is the first time we invited so many friends to celebrate April's birthday.
I ordered a Frozen birthday cake for her.
Time files, my princess April is already 11 years old. 
The party started at 9:30pm and this KFC outlet closed at 11pm. Therefore, we let April cut the cake at around 10:15pm.
As they had a tuition class yesterday, the food and cake were the supper for the kids.
April received so many gifts from her friends.
It isn't the gifts that make you happy, it is the get together with friends that make you happy. I told her after the party.
May too, presented a gift to her big sister when reaching home, and it was exactly an hour before April's birthday over.
May chose Billionaire game set for April, clever her! She can get to play that with April. Muahaha!
As usual, papa and mummy bought her the birthday cake and  KFC for her and her classmates. Oh yes! The hair band on her hair is also one of the gifts from mummy.

Happy Birthday must be happy right? We have made April a very happy girl on her birthday. I wish that my Princess April is always happy and healthy. 
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