On April's 11 years old Birthday

Just at the beginning in the month of April, May had marked her big sister's birthday on her calendar. She is really a very sweet kid sister to April.
It was 2nd of April, when I took this picture of May's calendar. Look at the slash at 1st April, the post it marker on 10th April and the note on the memorandum column. 
Yesterday, April and her classmates left tuition class 15 minutes earlier. Her papa fetched and her 10 of her classmates to KFC in Giant hypermarket.
It is the first time we invited so many friends to celebrate April's birthday.
I ordered a Frozen birthday cake for her.
Time files, my princess April is already 11 years old. 
The party started at 9:30pm and this KFC outlet closed at 11pm. Therefore, we let April cut the cake at around 10:15pm.
As they had a tuition class yesterday, the food and cake were the supper for the kids.
April received so many gifts from her friends.
It isn't the gifts that make you happy, it is the get together with friends that make you happy. I told her after the party.
May too, presented a gift to her big sister when reaching home, and it was exactly an hour before April's birthday over.
May chose Billionaire game set for April, clever her! She can get to play that with April. Muahaha!
As usual, papa and mummy bought her the birthday cake and  KFC for her and her classmates. Oh yes! The hair band on her hair is also one of the gifts from mummy.

Happy Birthday must be happy right? We have made April a very happy girl on her birthday. I wish that my Princess April is always happy and healthy. 


  1. Happy Birthday to your Princess!

  2. Happy birthday, April! Wowwww!!!! She is a big girl now. Time flies, kids really grow up fast!

  3. Happy birthday to April. Lovely party.

  4. Happy birthday, April! She is such a sweet and pretty girl. May she continue to grow up to be a healthy, happy, intelligent and good girl! It's nice to get to celebrate with her friends.

  5. Happy birthday, April! She surely had a great time.

  6. Happy birthday April! May your year be full of surprises and your days filled with lots of joys and laughter. Congrats to mummy too to brought up such a wonderful daughters =)

  7. we can really see April and May are very close to each other, and I guess both the sisters must be very 相親相愛 all the time, this is something good, and Uncle SK must give them each a LIKE..

    so April is 11 already, wow!! let Uncle SK wishes April a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may April has all her dreams come true, and most importantly, stay happy all the time!! look at the happy kids, they surely had a very happy and enjoyable birthday party at KFC, how nice of JJ and Yannie to get this party up and invited all April's best friends!! oooh, Uncle SK has never had birthday party at KFC or McD before leh..

    so many presents there!!! April must have been so excited and at the same time tired to unwrap all the presents huh?? hehe.. so which present does she love the most?? anyone from her friends, or the monopoly from her dearest sister, or the beautiful hairband from her beautiful mommy?? :)

  8. Happy birthday to your sweet princess. Both your gals are so beautiful and lovely.

  9. May have very nice hand writing

    Happy Birthday April :)

  10. Happy sweet birthday to April, she has grown into a pretty sweet lady already.

  11. Happy Belated birthday to April!

  12. She must be very happy and so were the kids.... what a joyous gathering for them!

  13. Hi Yannie,
    This is my first time here. You have a warm and lovely blog.
    Your princesses are so sweet and lovely.

  14. Happy Birthday April! And... good job, May, nice handwriting! XD

  15. Thank you all of your birthday wishes to April.

  16. Happy birthday to your sweetie princess.. Kfc at 9.30pm, yummzz, supper like you said, oooo and cake too.. The kids must be happy..

  17. This is certainly a lovely happy birthday party! The kids looked so happy. What a very-very good mama and papa for organizing this bash which she will treasure until old age!

    I just flipped through the photos of my own birthday parties when I was 10 years old. My mama baked me her own cakes with icing and invited my neighbours to our house. It was so sweet and memorable. I cannot thank my mama enough till today.

  18. I like May's choice of present for April. haha! Smart girl!