How my children spent their school break

Two weeks school break had just over. My daughters had a busy schedule. They had spent their time on ping pong tournament, colouring competition, a 3D2N stay at Golden Sand Resort, Penang and nail art. Of course, I still prepared timetable for them to do revision and workbooks. Besides, they also practice for their Bahasa Malay story telling and drawing contest that they are going to take part after the school reopens.

April and May took part in a ping pong tournament which was held at Ipoh the very first weekend of school break.
May bagged the first runner-up in category under ten years old.

April bagged 3rd runner-up in category under 13. Both of them are chosen to represent Perak for national game in November, which is going to be held in Sarawak. 

On the second weekend of school break, I let April have her first nail art at the mall. 
Girl being girl, she was so happy to get her nail painted with her own choice of colours.

Next time, she will be my companion when I go for pedicure and manicure. Good!!!?

While April having nail art, May took part in colouring competition which was organised by a charity event.

I am so happy that she won the 3rd prize with her colouring work.

On the last weekend before the school started again, we went to Golden Sand Resort, Penang for a 3D2N stay.
My best friend in Penang, Su In and hubby took their son and daughter to join us on the second day. They stayed there for 4D3N.

The kids had so much fun during the stay. Su In and me, other than catching up, we went for durian and laksa together before we left Penang for home.

Can't wait for the next school break again, and it is going to happen in July, the Hari Raya break. Till then, stay happy and easy, folks. 
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YAM's Belly button challenge

After seeing so many people posted their pictures on FB, YAM (Yan, April and May) also took belly button challenge on one of the evenings during the last school break.

My 11 years old, April attempted the challenge by wrapping her left arm over her waist. She succeeded without much hassle.

Then, April attempted with her right hand. Again, she didn't have much problem.

My 9 years old, May attempted with her left arm. She, always being the thinnest girl at home, surely she could take the challenge like "makan kacang"

May attempted with her right hand. It is an easy job for her to cover her whole belly button. Envy!

Lastly, the fattest woman in the house attempted the belly button challenge too.
She tried with so much effort, left and right. Left hand pulled right hand, right hand pulled left hand. She tried so hard until her shoulders almost have fallen off, her arms almost have twisted, and her belly was pulled, dragged, pinched until swollen. Finally, she still has one inch to go before reaching the belly button. Sigh! Meaning, Yannie still needs to tone up her waistline. 
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Happy Father's Day to J

He is the world's greatest dad for my daughters.

He chauffeurs the girls to school, tuition, art lesson, and ping pong training every day. Whenever there is ping pong tournaments, he will take them there, regardless within the town or out of town. He spends his time in the court watching them playing.

He cares for their studies. He takes the girls' workbooks to his office and marks their workbooks at his free time. He will then review with the girls on the mistakes that they have done on the workbooks. He also helps photocopying and laminating all the girls' school assignment.

He will take us for holiday during school break. He will also plan for movies or some outings on weekends. He initiates all our trips and travels, be it local or oversea.

The most important is he treasures the family that we build together. I am so blessed to have him as my children's dad. I wish my daughters will love and care for their papa forever, just like how his papa loves and cares for them now.

The below slide shows that how silly he could be while taking pictures with his beloved princesses.

1 ■ ■ ■
Happy Father's Day to all best dads out there.

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