Happy Father's Day to J

He is the world's greatest dad for my daughters.

He chauffeurs the girls to school, tuition, art lesson, and ping pong training every day. Whenever there is ping pong tournaments, he will take them there, regardless within the town or out of town. He spends his time in the court watching them playing.

He cares for their studies. He takes the girls' workbooks to his office and marks their workbooks at his free time. He will then review with the girls on the mistakes that they have done on the workbooks. He also helps photocopying and laminating all the girls' school assignment.

He will take us for holiday during school break. He will also plan for movies or some outings on weekends. He initiates all our trips and travels, be it local or oversea.

The most important is he treasures the family that we build together. I am so blessed to have him as my children's dad. I wish my daughters will love and care for their papa forever, just like how his papa loves and cares for them now.

The below slide shows that how silly he could be while taking pictures with his beloved princesses.

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Happy Father's Day to all best dads out there.


  1. Thanks. Happy Father's Day to your hubby from me too!!! Cheers!

  2. JJ is surely one great husband and also one great daddy to YAM.. he is the precious of the family and no one can ever substitute him!! look at all the things he has done and is doing for the family, everyone is taken care of, but of course I am sure he is proud of his YAM as the YAM is proud of him too!!

    wait a second, it's like he is doing all the things, the YAM just sit there shaking their legs like three lady bosses only, muahahaha!!! but I guess he is willing to be the men behind three gorgeous ladies, look at him behind the girls, hehe, finally we are seeing the mischievous side of this great family man!!!

    Happy Father's Day to JJ and all the dads out there!! :)

  3. Happy Father's Day to the Macho Man of Taiping.
    He is such a wonderful gentleman to his wife and father to the 2 Princesses.
    You ladies must saying him a lot and pamper him back now as his wrinkles is appearing already for such a young age.
    Wishing your family many more years of happiness, good health and fun!

  4. Happy father's day to yr hubby. Sounds like what I always did for my kids.

  5. Happy Father's day to your hubby 😊

  6. Happy Father's Day to your hubby.. Yep, he is indeed the sweetest dad on earth.. Take the girls' homework to work and mark it there, wow, very good..

  7. Happy Father's Day to Jin Jin.

    Kakaka ...they cheeky ah :p

  8. Happy Father's Day to your hubby. Wow, he is indeed a very good father. A rare gem indeed :)

  9. Happy belated Father's Day. He is the best!! :)

  10. What a great father he is.