How my children spent their school break

Two weeks school break had just over. My daughters had a busy schedule. They had spent their time on ping pong tournament, colouring competition, a 3D2N stay at Golden Sand Resort, Penang and nail art. Of course, I still prepared timetable for them to do revision and workbooks. Besides, they also practice for their Bahasa Malay story telling and drawing contest that they are going to take part after the school reopens.

April and May took part in a ping pong tournament which was held at Ipoh the very first weekend of school break.
May bagged the first runner-up in category under ten years old.

April bagged 3rd runner-up in category under 13. Both of them are chosen to represent Perak for national game in November, which is going to be held in Sarawak. 

On the second weekend of school break, I let April have her first nail art at the mall. 
Girl being girl, she was so happy to get her nail painted with her own choice of colours.

Next time, she will be my companion when I go for pedicure and manicure. Good!!!?

While April having nail art, May took part in colouring competition which was organised by a charity event.

I am so happy that she won the 3rd prize with her colouring work.

On the last weekend before the school started again, we went to Golden Sand Resort, Penang for a 3D2N stay.
My best friend in Penang, Su In and hubby took their son and daughter to join us on the second day. They stayed there for 4D3N.

The kids had so much fun during the stay. Su In and me, other than catching up, we went for durian and laksa together before we left Penang for home.

Can't wait for the next school break again, and it is going to happen in July, the Hari Raya break. Till then, stay happy and easy, folks. 


  1. Sarawak? I wonder where! Hope it's Sibu and then we can get to meet!!! Welcome! Welcome! Hehehehehe!!!! Wahhhhh!!!! You will soon need new cabinets for all the trophies - keep it up, girls! Congratulations!

  2. indeed AM had a very eventful as well as a enriched holidays with all these activities!! tournaments, competitions, pampering session as well as vacation, that is nice!!! Uncle SK remembers he used to just stay at home all the time during school holidays last time.. err, don't understand how I survived and what I did to pass time, hahaha!!

    wow!! congratulations to AM to win trophies in the table tennis tournament, and also selected to represent the state in the coming national tournament!!! very hebat lah.. it's like when they 出手 in any kinds of competitions, they will never 落空 leh!! I think they can easily defeat any uncle and auntie here on the ping pong table.. :)

    hehe!! April also start to 扮靚 like her mother already, girls will be girls of course.. ah, so it's school holidays and Yannie allowed her to have her nails polished and painted!! blue and red, haha, that's nice.. :)

    wow a 3D2N family vacation in Penang to wrap up the school holidays!! Uncle SK can see the kids were having so much fun!! they played in the pool and they played on the beach, so happy dei~~ :)

  3. Well done to April and May.

    So nice to have daughters to accompany you during your beauty indulgence. My boys can't be bothered..

    1. If your boys are interested then you should be worried!

  4. Wah your daughters also multi talented wa... so nice!

  5. Well done to the girls, April & May.. School break well spent, with so many activities.. We just spent mostly at home, to the hypermarket for grocery shopping and to the in laws house only..

  6. What a great post. Your photos are lovely. :)

  7. Your girls are so good in their studies and sports. Good job!

  8. Every second of your time during the school break was fully utilised! Congrats to May and April for winning so many competitions. May there be many more to come.

  9. What a fun and fruitful school holidays. Your girls are excellent achievers. Well done to mummy for bringing up such wonderful girls. Any secret to share?? ;)

  10. Well done to your kids! And it indeed a great holiday for you guys!

  11. Hi Yan,

    You must be proud of your girls being so gorgeous! Their school holidays are so fruitful and fun.


  12. Congratulations to Yannie and Jin Jin for bringing up your 2 Princesses so well until they always brought trophies and medals home. I can imagine all the happiness you felt that words cannot express. That is why Anay congratulate the parents instead for all your priceless love, time, sweat and tears.
    Well done April and May. We are all proud of you both.