YAM's Belly button challenge

After seeing so many people posted their pictures on FB, YAM (Yan, April and May) also took belly button challenge on one of the evenings during the last school break.

My 11 years old, April attempted the challenge by wrapping her left arm over her waist. She succeeded without much hassle.

Then, April attempted with her right hand. Again, she didn't have much problem.

My 9 years old, May attempted with her left arm. She, always being the thinnest girl at home, surely she could take the challenge like "makan kacang"

May attempted with her right hand. It is an easy job for her to cover her whole belly button. Envy!

Lastly, the fattest woman in the house attempted the belly button challenge too.
She tried with so much effort, left and right. Left hand pulled right hand, right hand pulled left hand. She tried so hard until her shoulders almost have fallen off, her arms almost have twisted, and her belly was pulled, dragged, pinched until swollen. Finally, she still has one inch to go before reaching the belly button. Sigh! Meaning, Yannie still needs to tone up her waistline. 


  1. wow, that's an interesting challenge!

  2. Hah? I definitely cannot do that. Lol

  3. OMG! I think my hands will only touch my belly button in my next life!

  4. Yep, I saw the same thing in FB last week, went viral.. I tried. Guess what, reached my waist only, huhuhu...

  5. have not been logging in to FB lately, in fact I have become so inactive in FB nowadays, haha!!

    aiyoyo, this belly button challenge is indeed an impossible thing to me la, no need to even try and I know my fingers won't even reach my belly button this way.. it's just like licking the nose or elbow with the tongue.. have YAM tried this challenge before??

    not only this belly button challenge requires a slim waist but also an "acrobatic" hand too, with all the twist and turn and pull and grab, ah, but is this the new standard of the new waistline?? guess many ppl failed huh?? I for sure failed face down!!!

    the two girls can do it easily, Yannie also did that!! kids sure have little problem with that, but Yannie, wow, you are amazing!! and I noticed April has got polish on her nails, err, is that allowed in her school??

  6. Is this a new gimmick created by those gym and fitness studios owners?? Very hard lah wei!!

  7. I think the length of the arms also play a part. Some of my friends have really long arms which are not in proportion to their height so they could do this even though their waist is not that slim.

  8. Haiyah, you are not fat at all! I believe it has to do with the flexibility of your arm. Your two girls are still young and they are more flexible hence they can reach their bellybutton.

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