My weekly red beans soup

I have been cooking red beans soup religiously on every weekend. Red beans soup is the easiest dessert that I can cook for myself on busy weekends. Yes, my weekends are always busy and packed with activities. I will tell you how busy my weekends will be in another post.

I usually soak red beans overnight in water before I cook. I threw the red beans with some other ingredients into the slow cooker. I will leave home for my workout. When I return from gym, everything is boiled and ready to serve, I will then add in 3 small pieces of rock sugars for better taste.
Red beans with "kuih bakul" 年糕
I put in "kuih bakul" just 5 minutes before I off the slow cooker, otherwise the "kuih bakul" would melt and dissolve inside the soup. 

Red beans wish orange flesh sweet potatoes
Cut sweet potatoes into cubes, throw into the soup when the soup is boiled. It is reader to serve after boiling for another 10 minutes.

Red beans, black glutinous rice and dried longan
Soak red beans and black glutinous rice a night before cooking. Put in dried "longan" into the slow cooker 10 minutes before serving.

Red beans with barley
I read from internet, red beans and barley are good in reducing water retention and weight management.

Red beans with Japanese sweet potatoes.
Instead of putting in sweet potatoes, I plan to put in pumpkins into my red beans soup this coming weekend.

Red beans soup is my lunch on weekend. I can take a few bowls at one go after my morning work out. In fact, red bean has lots of health benefits, it is especially beneficial to women, because red bean is high fiber, source of antioxidants and protein and rich in iron.

I get the following information on red beans health benefits from here.

Red beans - the most important health benefits:

1. Red Beans - wonderful source of antioxidants: red beans is one of the richest foods in antioxidants, even richer than blueberries or cherries, according to a study by researchers from the United States Department of Agriculture on 100 fruits, vegetables and nuts. Thus, Frequently consumption of red beans help your body fight free radicals and reduces the risk of cancer or other serious diseases, keeping your youth longer!

2. Red Beans - essential source of fiber: a cup of red beans provides half your daily requirement of fiber, which not only keeps the digestive system health, ease digestion and prevent constipation, but shrinks the cholesterol levels, lowering the risk associated with cardiovascular disease and regulate blood sugar levels.

3. Red Beans - a healthy alternative to meat: when you want a lighter meal or are in post, replacing the consumption of meat with red beans. Excellent source of protein, red beans will help to strengthen your body and muscles, to prevent cardiovascular disease and live a life full of energy! A cup of red beans is over 15 mg of healthy protein for your body
4. Red Beans - source of iron: let's do a little test - keep your palm facing you and pull the fingers back. How pink are the lines of your palm ? If they are white, you may suffer from iron deficiency and red beans is a wonderful source of iron, low in calories and fat (as opposed to red meat). Pregnant women, children and teenagers need especially high intakes of iron, and a cup cover of red beans have 30% of the RDA.

5. Red Beans - for a great memory: source of thiamine (vitamin B1), red bean consumption stimulates attention and memory, is particularly beneficial during periods of intellectual overloaded, eliminate insomnia, combat depression, fatigue and anxiety and lowers Alzheimer's risks .

Red Beans - for a long and healthy life

Besides all the benefits mentioned above, regular consumption of red beans strengthens teeth and bones, can help you lose weight Lower the risk of heart attack and energize your whole body!


  1. I love red beans on their own, not even with cendol. I would love sweet potatoes with them, I'm sure...but not a fan of kuih bakul. Wahhhhhh!!!! So many health benefits! Gotta eat more often now then. :D

  2. This sounds so easy to cook and sweet potatoes are my real favourite.
    I am amazed with the many benefits of red beans. It is like a very healthy food that should be eaten daily.

  3. I love to eat red beans soup. You are so creative to put so many different combinations of ingredients in the soup. Really tasty!

  4. wow, that's a religious routine for Yannie to drink red bean soup every weekend, and she is so creative to add in different ingredients to make the red bean soup more interesting.. I can imagine if we were to have just the plain red bean soup every week, we will get bored very soon.. but adding in different ingredients makes it a totally different thing and it's not considered a repetition, agree?? so smart dei~~

  5. I would like to try the one with kuih bakul, it looks very yummy, like a type of Japanese desserts too, hehe.. so, the amount of sugar has to be reduced since the kuih bakul is also sweet?? but I think the soup can just be desserts for me and not main dish, anyhow still won't feel they are enough and could last for me, i actually a big water, haha!! I wonder if JAM also join Yannie for this red bean soup meal?? hehe~~ :p

  6. Wah I never seen people cook red bean soup with kuih bakul. Interesting!

  7. I seldom cook red beans soup at home. I never heard of anyone add kuih bakul in a dessert!! Must be delicious and sweet.

  8. yummy ...it's been a long while I never had hong tau sar !