Purple Sweet Potatoes dessert soup

Lately, I love eating sweet potatoes. Every time, I try to look up for sweet potatoes when I go to hypermarket or wet market. I steam sweet potatoes and take them to office as my snack. Though sweet potatoes is high carbs, but I won't feel guilty for having them after knowing their nutrition facts, especially the purple color one. Purple sweet potatoes rank high in nutritional value along with other purple foods.

Purple sweet potatoes are a high source of:
Antioxidants from anthocyanins and polyphenolic compounds

They are also a good source of:
Dietary fiber
Complex carbohydrate

Purple sweet potatoes are also very low in:
I spent around RM20 to RM30 every week on sweet potatoes. 

When I have started to get bored of having steamed sweet potatoes everyday, I will make them into other food. The simplest way of having sweet potatoes is to make sweet potatoes dessert soup.

Ingredients: Purple sweet potatoes, dried longan, lotus seeds, and I only used  2 Taiwanese ginger tea cubes(台湾姜母茶) for taste.

I like sweet potatoes, because it is rich in fiber and it can make you feeling full.
Ingredients:Pumpkin, purple sweet potatoes,red dates and Taiwanese ginger tea cube(台湾姜母茶). 
I put all the ingredients in slow cooker with hot water. Let it cook for 1.5 hours and serve. It is so yummy both of my purple sweet potatoes dessert soups, I tell ya!

I want to thank my SIL for buying me Taiwan Ginger Tea from Taiwan. I find it is too sweet to drink as a tea alone, therefore I put them into my sweet dessert soup, and it makes my sweet dessert soup taste so well. 


  1. I love the purple ones too, more "hiong", but I can only get the yellow ones from the supermarket.. I only know how to boil farn shue tongsui, simple ginger and sweet potatoes only, don't even use pandan leaves, coz malas wana buy from market, hehe..

  2. ooh, RM20-RM30 spent every week on sweet potatoes and you can have it for lunch everyday!! that's actually very economical.. and I think cooking the sweet potatoes is also easy, no oil and no salt somemore, that's pretty healthy.. and yes, I have heard about sweet potatoes diet.. hehe, lucky you still can make variation from the sweet potatoes, at least that won't be boring eating them everyday.. and I like the idea of using the ginger tea to make the tong shui, it looks really appetizing and delicious too.. but Thambee wanna ask, whether Mak Yannie now farts more since she always eat sweet potatoes and even ginger to help 驅風, hehehe!!! but I think with your healthy diet, the farts also won't be smelly lah, LOL!! xD

  3. I like sweet potatoes too. Only the down side is the side effect after eating. My tummy will have a lot of wind.

    hahaha terbalik i like the orange type of sweet potatoes more instead of the purple. Malaysian purple sweet pots have a lot of serat . Japanese ones nicer

  4. I was on a sweet potato eating binge a couple months back too, but I grew out of it. Don't like dealing with the skin hahaha.. too lazy for it!

  5. wow... sweet potato dessert soup ... I like! It's been a long time I didn't have it. When I was a kid and staying with my mom, she used to prepare these type of dessert. Nowadays, I usually eat out with my family.

  6. I love purple sweet potatoes... although I prefer to eat it raw... steamed sweet potatoes are my favorite especially if you dip it in sugar or coconut strips.. yum!

  7. I have this ginger tea packs at home, may be can consider making this tong sui!

  8. Anay says big thank you for sharing about steaming sweet potatoes. I love to eat them steaming hot during the winters in China and Japan. I have been wondering when my brand new electric steel steamer will do its inaugural steaming? It has been sitting in the kitchen unused since CNY. I will hunt for sweet potatoes tomorrow!!!!! Huan Choo Lai Liao!!!

  9. Yes, I love sweet potatoes too..especially the purple and yellow ones... Steam also fine with me! :)

  10. I like purple sweet potatoes too but eating it cold tends to produce air in my stomach..prefer to eat them warm...

  11. My boys love sweet potatoes too. I dont know what Taiwanese Ginger Tea cube is.

  12. I prefer the orange type but I do not mind purple one. Nice dessert. I also made a purple sweet potatoes tong sui last month. The soup turned dark. Lol.

  13. I love to eat this dessert, especially the sweet potatoes - purple or orange - I like both.