Smile, we have done good

Throwback 13 September, Sunday. The day that we had our parent-child singing competition.

Waking up early as I was excited. Thank Goodness that I didn't insomnia on the previous night.

After having breakfast, I took May to hair saloon as I had book a makeover session for May and myself.

Back at home, we practiced our song again. I skipped my Sunday routine to the gym and stayed at home waiting...

When time came, May and me were all dressed up and ready for the show.
We were group number 2

After the first group of father and son were done, I grabbed May's hand and walked tall to the stage.

We had done our best.
There was a TV screen in the middle, therefore we had less worry of making any mistake.

We are Consolation winners. 
Other than top 3 winners, all participated groups would get consolation prize of RM50 Red-Box KTV voucher and a certificate.
A picture of us with 2 artists (judges) and my colleague, Cherry and her daughter who came to support us.

We are blessed. When May and Yannie were on stage, Jin Jin and April were busy taking pictures and video. Besides, my brother, my sister in law and my colleague (Cherry and daughter) came to give me support too. Thank you!

Before washing off my makeover, I asked April and May take many pictures of mummy. 
Finally, it was over. We don't need to bore our neighbours with the same song that we sang over and over again for the pass few weeks. I think that I have given May and myself a memory that will last for a lifetime. I want to thank May too for allowing me to have the chance to sing on stage with her. We both learned something from this competition.

I have shared about our singing competition here and here too. 
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Shape a Colourful Community and celebrate PLAY-DOH Month #playdohmonth2015

It is a school holiday now.  If you do not know where to go and what to do, let me share with you this piece of good news here.

Bring your kids to experience the first-ever PLAY-DOH Month celebration from 21 to 27 September at Ground Floor High Street, 1 Utama.  You and your children get the chance to create their own Malaysia-Inspired masterpieces out of PLAY-DOH. It can be anything you choose, be it sculptures or numbers and alphabets.

You can also join the PLAY-DOH day roadshow on September 26, Saturday, 10am at HighStreet New Wing, 1 Utama Shopping Center. This is a chance to participate in the Malaysia Book of Records attempt for the most PLAY-DOH sculptures created in a single day.  Your successful attempt with the most creative sculptures will win exciting PLAY-DOH prizes.  Daddies and mummies, please mark your calendar, and shall not forget to bring your sweet heart there to join the fun. 
My girls are lucky to receive this PLAY-DOH in this school holiday.  Thanks Hasbro!

I told my girls to make something to make their own PLAY-DOH sculpture to reflect what most represents Malaysia, a colourful community.

May created a car. She said, "It is Proton Iswara."

They have so much fun shaping the PLAY-DOH.  It helps spur imagination and creativity during the play.
April said, "This is my favorite Malaysian food, Satay!"

May said, "These are Papa's favourite Karipap!"

 April said, "Mummy, your favourite donut!" "This lovely, but it is so fattening. "

These are all their masterpieces by combining the different colours and mix them well, pressing patterns and making various shapes.

Play-Doh brand, a classic and beloved toy, used widely at home and schools by children of all ages and walks of life. 
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Creative drawing on pancakes

Throwback National Day 31 August 2015.

I saw a friend sharing a video on how to pipe creative drawings on pancakes. I showed it to my two girls. They were thrilled to try making some. We bought a piping bottle from Daiso, and we used one bowl of flour, one bowl of sugar, 2 eggs, one cup of milk and 1 table spoon of corn oil as the ingredients.

After mixing everything well, pour the batter into the plastic piping bottle and screw the cap tight.

May started by drawing the outline of a house. Wait for 30 seconds.

Then, filling up the rest of the empty space within the outline.

Leave for another 30 seconds and flip over.

April piped some alphabets, she had to do it in opposite direction and order.

So that when flipping over, the word is meaningful. lol!

May was ready to taste her own made pancakes. She had successfully made car and house shape pancakes.

April proudly showed off her own made big pancake.

I personally amazed by their creativity. It is totally different from the drawings that they saw in the video.

My two girls and me had a good bonding time that Merdeka Day's evening. They had fun making their own pancakes as their bedtime snack. 
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Our maiden singing competition

Thanks everyone for giving us encouragement and support  in the comment of my post on our singing competition. The date is here finally. Tomorrow, 2pm May and me shall step on to the stage to sing our competition song, 老人与小孩. Apparently, there is another teacher and student group singing this song too. T___T

There are only 11 groups. 3 teacher-student groups and 8 parent-child groups. By the way, we are the number 2 to sing. May didn't get to pick the number herself. She was informed by the teacher that she is the number 2. Fair?

Number 1 is a group of father and son. I am not happy with that number, because it is pathetic that number 1 and number 2 always don't get good marks from the judges. Sigh! However, my husband is so optimistic. He said, "Great! You don't need to suffer from anxiety for that long. After finishing the song, you can enjoy watching others and  have a good laugh."  What say you?

The red shirt guy is the 2nd runner-up of the previous year Astro Hua Hee Lai Kala singing competition. Their group is a potential champion the time. 

Anyway, I met other participants two days ago for some group photos taking by the media. Our competitors are all very strong. A mother and son group will sing this fantastic song,  "jiu gan tang bue bo(酒矸倘賣無)". A mother and daughter group will sing this cute song in Chinese version, "Lemon Tree" . Another mother and daughter group will sing Fish Leong's song, "大手拉小手". These 3 groups are very good, I reckon. 

I have tried to look up for ways to overcome stage fright. I have also browsed for tips to sing well in competition. I pray that I can stay focus, relax and calm. I must also have fun, enjoy and be myself. The most important is smile to fake the confidence. lol! 
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A working mother's complex emotion

 When I am at home,
1. I yell at them. 
2. I nag them. 
3. I reprimand them. 
4. I mad at them. 
5. I want them to keep quiet and give me a peace of mind. 

When I at office,
1. I miss them. 
2. I call them just to listen to their voice. 
3. I wish that I am with them. 
4. I want to tell them that I love them. 
5. I constantly feel guilty for all the 5 items that I wrote in BLUE above. 

April has recently outgrown all her clothes, and thus her maturity always made me want to be a better mom to her.

May is always my sweet girl and thus making feel so bad for not being able to talk to her in calm and patient way. 
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