Creative drawing on pancakes

Throwback National Day 31 August 2015.

I saw a friend sharing a video on how to pipe creative drawings on pancakes. I showed it to my two girls. They were thrilled to try making some. We bought a piping bottle from Daiso, and we used one bowl of flour, one bowl of sugar, 2 eggs, one cup of milk and 1 table spoon of corn oil as the ingredients.

After mixing everything well, pour the batter into the plastic piping bottle and screw the cap tight.

May started by drawing the outline of a house. Wait for 30 seconds.

Then, filling up the rest of the empty space within the outline.

Leave for another 30 seconds and flip over.

April piped some alphabets, she had to do it in opposite direction and order.

So that when flipping over, the word is meaningful. lol!

May was ready to taste her own made pancakes. She had successfully made car and house shape pancakes.

April proudly showed off her own made big pancake.

I personally amazed by their creativity. It is totally different from the drawings that they saw in the video.

My two girls and me had a good bonding time that Merdeka Day's evening. They had fun making their own pancakes as their bedtime snack. 


  1. This is fun!! Oh, you also have flip pan at home! I used mine quite frequently to grill meat. ;)

  2. oh that's cool... I saw a lot of pancake designs on the net and I am really eager to try it at home... Cheers!

  3. oooh this is interesting and fun!! really lots of fun activities shared by creative people on Facelook and MeTube huh??

    at first Uncle SK was quite skeptical on that frame only.. awww, so it has to stay there a little longer for a little more browned, and then you fill the rest of the area with new mixture.. now come to think of it, it's actually very brilliant!! why hasn't Mak Yannie thought of this before?? haha.. :)

    May is very good in those drawings!! I must say using pencil on paper is definitely easier than using a pipe on the pan!! she did great with the house, car and what's the other two pieces there on her plate??

    and April oh April, so unexpected, hahaha!! maybe she heard too much about her creation from Mak Yannie?? hehe.. but good to see, then makan it like devouring the clean spirit woh.. should have draw chicken and hippo and 2.6 billion and diamond rings, then crush them and eat then and finally shit them with a vengeance in heart!!! wakakakaka~~

    Uncle SK likes this activity, it is a very good bonding for the parents and children.. thumbs up!! :)

  4. LOL!!! Old people always say, never play with your food. Eat! Muahahahaha!!!

  5. Very creative writing the words, start educating them from young age.hahaaa..my girls love pancakes wrap with sausage and cheese.

  6. Looks fun leh! I usually just make plain pancakes, then use the cookie cutter to chop the shapes on the pancake.. Yours looks so nice and delicious, bet very sedap, especially eaten with honey and butter, oooooo yummzzz...

  7. hahahah...... the drawing was so cute! Well done ... teaching your lovely princess on how to bake and design the shape!

  8. The words... err... Bravo, April. Bravo! :D

  9. I am impressed with this easy but good idea to send greetings to to the eater.
    SK suggested that we should sell something if there is a next BERSIH 5.0 in KL.
    I will suggest making this pancake. I am sure it will be laku.