Shape a Colourful Community and celebrate PLAY-DOH Month #playdohmonth2015

It is a school holiday now.  If you do not know where to go and what to do, let me share with you this piece of good news here.

Bring your kids to experience the first-ever PLAY-DOH Month celebration from 21 to 27 September at Ground Floor High Street, 1 Utama.  You and your children get the chance to create their own Malaysia-Inspired masterpieces out of PLAY-DOH. It can be anything you choose, be it sculptures or numbers and alphabets.

You can also join the PLAY-DOH day roadshow on September 26, Saturday, 10am at HighStreet New Wing, 1 Utama Shopping Center. This is a chance to participate in the Malaysia Book of Records attempt for the most PLAY-DOH sculptures created in a single day.  Your successful attempt with the most creative sculptures will win exciting PLAY-DOH prizes.  Daddies and mummies, please mark your calendar, and shall not forget to bring your sweet heart there to join the fun. 
My girls are lucky to receive this PLAY-DOH in this school holiday.  Thanks Hasbro!

I told my girls to make something to make their own PLAY-DOH sculpture to reflect what most represents Malaysia, a colourful community.

May created a car. She said, "It is Proton Iswara."

They have so much fun shaping the PLAY-DOH.  It helps spur imagination and creativity during the play.
April said, "This is my favorite Malaysian food, Satay!"

May said, "These are Papa's favourite Karipap!"

 April said, "Mummy, your favourite donut!" "This lovely, but it is so fattening. "

These are all their masterpieces by combining the different colours and mix them well, pressing patterns and making various shapes.

Play-Doh brand, a classic and beloved toy, used widely at home and schools by children of all ages and walks of life. 


  1. Ooooo, Playdoh.. I used to let my boys play Playdoh, but then, they made a mess.. Okok, I know these are supposed to happen, make a mess, but me being OCD (ok, mild OCD), cannot stand the sticky floors/fingers after that, so I kept it away, huhuhuhu..

  2. can't remember since when Uncle SK stopped playing with these color clay, hahaha.. during Uncle's time, we didn't have such good quality playing clay like Play-Doh, those we used were greasy and left stains on our hands, but i think Play-Doh is kind of nicer with enhanced quality and actually non-toxic huh??

    so April and May had fun playing with the clay, and cracking their mind to come out with creative stuffs for the colorful Malaysia theme huh?? hehehe, but where is the Proton Iswara?? all Uncle SK sees now are all food they made, haha.. maybe making food are more interesting huh?? let's see, there is a watch, satay, burger, donut and even sushi!! hehehe, nice~~ :)

  3. You too! There is some kind of promo going on, I see - everyone if blogging about this. I spent a fortune on it when my girl was small - she enjoyed playing with it.

  4. Now you just gave me an idea to suggest buying this to give an orphanage. A safe and good toy to build their creativity.