Smile, we have done good

Throwback 13 September, Sunday. The day that we had our parent-child singing competition.

Waking up early as I was excited. Thank Goodness that I didn't insomnia on the previous night.

After having breakfast, I took May to hair saloon as I had book a makeover session for May and myself.

Back at home, we practiced our song again. I skipped my Sunday routine to the gym and stayed at home waiting...

When time came, May and me were all dressed up and ready for the show.
We were group number 2

After the first group of father and son were done, I grabbed May's hand and walked tall to the stage.

We had done our best.
There was a TV screen in the middle, therefore we had less worry of making any mistake.

We are Consolation winners. 
Other than top 3 winners, all participated groups would get consolation prize of RM50 Red-Box KTV voucher and a certificate.
A picture of us with 2 artists (judges) and my colleague, Cherry and her daughter who came to support us.

We are blessed. When May and Yannie were on stage, Jin Jin and April were busy taking pictures and video. Besides, my brother, my sister in law and my colleague (Cherry and daughter) came to give me support too. Thank you!

Before washing off my makeover, I asked April and May take many pictures of mummy. 
Finally, it was over. We don't need to bore our neighbours with the same song that we sang over and over again for the pass few weeks. I think that I have given May and myself a memory that will last for a lifetime. I want to thank May too for allowing me to have the chance to sing on stage with her. We both learned something from this competition.

I have shared about our singing competition here and here too. 


  1. That must have been a wonderful experience. I always enjoy singing with my girl too, karaoke outside...or at home even. So did you get into the Top 3. Never mind if you two didn't - like you said, this will be a really sweet memory to cherish a lifetime! I wish I had that kind of chance to do that with my girl too.

  2. You and your girl were so pretty and elegant on the stage. I would not dare to go up to the stage to sing as I am not good with singing. My girl loves to sing and she is good. Takes after her dad. ^^

    Well done to you both. A wonderful memory made.

  3. Bravo, both of you did it! It was indeed a nice experience. Love it..

  4. Both of you look so confident on stage.

    Well done!

    Ya with TV screen in front better

  5. By the way, love the new look in your blog, nice fonts

  6. Yes, this is an experience to last for a lifetime, Yan!! I wouldn't mind going up with my girl if she invited me.. hahahaha.. I doubt she would cos she doesn't like to sing at all... unlike me! Thumbs Up for both of you... *can I watch the video?* :)

  7. we can see how serious Yannie and May were towards the singing competition, this is the spirit!! weeks of trainings and practices, and also real makeover on the day of the competition itself.. pat on the shoulders!!

    I guess there may be a little stage fright but as soon as you started singing, it will be gone naturally and you will be enjoying yourself.. that's what I realize from many talents shows I watched in YouTube, hehe!!

    congratulations to Yannie and May!! though you did not get into the Top 3 but you have given your best to the audience and most importantly yourself.. you had JJ and April giving you support there too, that is indeed one very loving family.. like Yannie has always been telling herself, 平常心 and just enjoy the moment wearing nicely and singing on stage, and receive applause!! and oh, not forgetting the next session in RedBox using the free voucher!! :)

  8. wow...well done and congratulations!!

  9. I heard Penny Tai used to be consolation winner in her school's singing contest as a kid too. Maybe May will become a famous singer in the future. ;)

  10. Well done to both you and May. This is certainly a memory to treasure. You look so gorgeous and confident up on stage. Bravo again :)

  11. Fuiyoh, you look so pretty, modern mom! Wah, purposely go to the saloon to set up hair also.. Well done to May and yourself..

  12. It was a good experience. Both of you look very nice :)

  13. New bright templete wor. Nice.

    Yes you did good :)

    a very good experience for the both of you too

  14. You look great Yan, is it because of RL products? Heheh :p

    I can see you are a supportive mummy, I hope I can be like you next time ;)

  15. Well done Mama Yannie and May. A big clap and applause.
    You really look like a Japanese or Korean star after dolled up in a nice dress & make up.