Honey moon and foodie trip Kuching,Sarawak

Ever since April and May took part in ping pong national tournaments, we have been following them to different places in Malaysia. We went to Perlis in 2011, Kuala Lumpur in 2012, Kelantan in 2013, Melacca in 2014 and Kuching, Sarawak in 2015.

During the tournament at Kuching, April and May needed to follow their coach and stay with their teammates all the time. We actually stayed in a different hotel.

My husband and I stayed at Hotel Padungan. This hotel is located in the center of city. We could easily walk to the nearby restaurants for some of the local delicacies. It was very rare that we could spend time together without the noise of the two chatter boxes. Thus, we truly enjoyed this foodie trip. Just the two of us walked around the town and we tried so many good food. I almost forgot that I could be so sweet, gentle and sexy too, ahem! I also almost forgot that he could be so loving, caring and attentive too, ahem! Since we were so stress-free, I didn't bother to remember the names of the restaurants that we went. It was already not bad that I could still remember to snap the pictures of the food we took. Muahahaha!

Meat porridge and belacan mee hoon. Both are equally tasty! 

Assorted biscuits, such as wife biscuits, husband biscuits, walnut biscuits, mung beans biscuits, sweet potatoes biscuits, egg tarts, rice biscuits, and many many more. We bought a few to try. Some of them are quite delicious.

Wahsei! These are tricolors milk tea and coconut sugar cane drink. Fantastic to quench the thirst on hot days! I like.

Fish balls soup and egg toast. Good too!

Kolo mee. Not bad!

Kompia and port satay. Worth trying!

Fried carrot cake. So so only.

Layered cakes. Cheap and nice!

Popiah. Taste was just normal only.

Sarawak laksa. To me, I still prefer Penang laksa. Sarawak laksa tastes like curry + assam laksa.

Seafood. We tried assam fish and salted egg crabs. Quite good!

I always see these in STP's blog. These are midin and sayur manis. They are indeed yummy. 

I am so happy to find these rattan basket (RM7) and rattan bags (RM15) in Kuching. I want to steam cake or huat kuih with this rattan basket. 

We also bought some instant kampua noodles, rice crackers, green pea crackers and sweet potatoes biscuits. We didn't buy a lot as we were not going home right after the Kuching trip.

When the tournament was over and the coach returned the two chatter boxes to us,  we were back to parenthood. There started our role as the tiger and tigress, yelling at the top of the lungs when battling with the time to sleep, wake, bath, eat,.......... etc.

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Story of the year 2015

Hi, Hi, folks. A few more days that we are going to bid farewell to 2015. Every year this time, many will write about their resolution of the new year. My resolution is forever the same - losing the last stubborn 5 pounds.

I look back this year, though there was something happened to test my willpower, I have resolved the matter and gained an experience. Other than that incident, I consider my year of 2015 is fruitful.

1. I felt happy and proud of myself for being the 3rd in my maiden run at King of Bukit Larut, on 26 April 2015.

2. My department was the champion in our company Talent Show dance performance. This was another happy moment of mine on 16 May 2015.

3. My two princesses represented Perak to take part in the national tournament that hold in Kuching, Sarawak.
4. We went to Golden Sand hotel, Penang for a 3D2N stay in June school break. My best friend, Su In and her family joined us for the getaway.  

5. I took part in the parental singing competition on 13 September 2015. I paired with May, and that was my maiden singing competition. So nervous!

6. April and May were both first in the form of standard 3 and standard 5.  April also won herself the best female student of standard 5 award. I am so proud of my two princesses.

7. I lead a very active lifestyle by doing yoga, zumba, gym, swimming, hiking and sauna throughout the year. These are my zumba classmates. The one in green singlet next to me is my zumba teacher. 

8. We visited Kuching, Sarawak on 26 - 29 November 2015. My two daughters were there for the table tennis tournament, so they were busy at the stadium most of the time. My husband and I had a chance to tour Kuching, Sarawak just the two of us. We were like the newly-wed couple having our honeymoon again. Wakakaka!

9. Finally, our dream came true on 2 - 10 December 2015. We materialized our wish by leaving our foot prints on the land of  the rising sun, Japan. We went to Disneyland, Disneysea, Mt.Fuji and many other places in Tokyo during our tour.

10. I last visited Singapore was in year 2000. After 15 years, I am so excited to see the greatest Christmas Lights displays in the world. The glittering lights on the famous shopping belt of Orchard Road, here we come for our Christmas eve count down and Christmas celebration.

That is all, this is my review of the year 2015.

To all my friends, wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016! 
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