DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, Odaiba and Shibuya

DiverCity Tokyo Plaza is at the heart of one of Japan's leading sightseeing spots - Perfect for tourists! It is a five minute walk from Daiba Station on the New Transit Yurikamome Line. We went there on our Day 7 in Tokyo.

This life-size Gundam statue is a symbol of DiverCity Tokyo Plaza. At different times of day, the head of the statue moves and shoot steam. We were there very early in the morning. Because of not many visitors, we took many silly photos in front of the Gundam statue.

We tried a small cup of deep fried fun fries at Calbee satellite shop. It is tasty and worth trying.

I took a picture with the sexy Marilyn Monroe at the entrance of Madame Tussauds Tokyo at the Decks Tokyo Beach mall in Odaiba. 

We felt like in New York, when we saw a replica of America's famous statue, Statue of Liberty in Odaiba. It is a great place for some fantastic photos for your travel album if the weather is good like when we were there.

After leaving Odaiba, we went to have raw milk ice cream in tall spindles, in small cone cups at Shiroichi, Shibuya. This dinky ice cream parlour serves soft, almost sorbet-like concoctions are a treat to savour.

April and May were busy playing when they were at DisneyLand and DisneySea. Luckily, there is Disney Store in Shibuya, where April and May purchased some Disney merchandise as their souvenir in Japan.

That evening, our secondary classmates whom have been working in Japan for more than 20 years, were back from Malaysia and treated us to a very good Japanese style steamboat, Shabu-shabu. We had a good catch up and we truly enjoyed the dinner so much.

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KidZania Kuala Lumpur Chinese New Year 2016 - Double the Ong

Dear folks,

I would love to let you know that you can Double the Ong at Kidzania Kuala Lumpur this Chinese New Year. Please read the below Chinese New Year activities that you can take part to usher the year of Monkey at KidZania Kuala Lumpur.
Chinese New Year 2016: DOUBLE THE ONG
Special Chinese New Year Activities
Tangyuan Lessons
Description: Learn how to make delicious tangyuan glutinous balls that are absolutely yummy!
Date: 22 January – 29 January 2016
Time: 12.00pm – 4.00pm
Location: In front of the Metropolitan Theatre
Martial Arts Workshop
Description: Be a kung-fu kid by learning martial arts and showing off your skills!
Date: 29 January – 4 February 2016
Time: 2.00pm
Location: In front of the Metropolitan Theatre
Lantern Making Contest
Description: Take part in our lantern-making contest to win awesome prizes!
Date: 30 January – 31 January 2016
           6 February – 7 February 2016
           8 February – 9 February 2016
Time: Session 1 @ 12.00pm – 12.30pm
           Session 2 @ 12.30pm – 1.00pm
           (Only 4 pairs of 1 Parent and 1 Kid per session)
Location: Event space
Chinese Musical Instrument Workshop
Description: Play kool Chinese New Year musical instruments that maybe you have never played before!
Date: 30 January – 31 January 2016
Time: 2.00pm
Location: In front of the Metropolitan Theatre
Traditional Games
Description: Play fun traditional Chinese games together with your friends!
Date: 1 February – 21 February 2016
Time: 12.00pm – 4.00pm
Location: In front of the National Store
Magic Show & Chinese Face-Changing Mask Performance
Description: Be wowed by a marvellous magic show and a super kool face-changing mask performance!
Date: 23 January – 24 January 2016
Time: Session 1 @ 1.00pm
           Session 2 @ 3.30pm
Location: In front of the Metropolitan Theatre

Attention to all my readers!
All of you can win a free double pass (1 Adult + 1 Kid).
Mechanics as below:
·      share the KidZania Kuala Lumpur Double the Ong poster (as the above) on your social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) before February 7. Please remember to set privacy settings to PUBLIC.
·        hashtag #KidZaniaKL; #KZKLDoubleTheOng and put the link in the Comment Box of this post of mine
·         The first five readers to share the poster will win a pair of passes to KidZania Kuala Lumpur (1 Adult + 1 Child). Please do not forget to provide your email address in the comment box too.

Easy right? Please submit do now and wait no more. GONG XI FA CAI.
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Mitsui Outlet Park and Shinjuku

We went to Mitsui Outlet Park, Tokyo, it was about 45 minutes trip with train from Shibuya. Mitsui Outlet Park is the same as all other outlets in the world. It has many branded outlets but Yannie came out empty handed.

After leaving Mitsui Outlet Park, we went to Shinjuku, there started Yannie's most anticipated moment.  Yeah! Shopping time for Yannie.

Being tourists in a country that rarely has anyone to know us, we could act silly and  pose for pictures anywhere on the street.

It was as shame not to take picture at the pedestrian crossing when you see one. When the lights turn red at this busy junction, they all turn red at the same time in every direction. Traffic stops completely and pedestrians surge into the intersection from all sides, like marbles spilling out of a box. I stopped and watched every time the traffic lights turned red. 

We could easily find and see these vending machines lining up on almost all the junctions and streets in Japan. We let April and May buy drinks from the vending machine in Shinjuku. At this place, we saw more than 10 vending machines placing together next to each other, and all of them selling different kind of drinks.

We went to Hakata Tenshin for some delicious and affordable. This outlet is located approximately 50m from the entrance of Kabukicho, the red-light district in Shinjuku, on the left row of shops, watch out for the eatery's catchy huge pig mascot displayed outside the shop.

Hakata Tenshin’s thin noodles were cooked perfectly served in those piping-hot pork broth which was gloriously rich, milky and tasty. A standard bowl also comes with a large piece of nori. Add to that nice spicy mustard greens, a dash of sesame seeds, crisp and sweet pickled ginger, and a dab of garlic, and you'll get a perfect bowl of pork ramen. We finished two bowls and ordered again another two bowls again. 

After dinner, we went to the mega fruit stall,  Hyakkaen is next to the studio ALTA, in front of Shinjuku station east exit. Hyakkaen fruit stall sells many fruits from Japan and also from other countries. Skewered fruits are their popular products. Cut fruits skewered by disposable chopsitck. Each stick costs just 100 to 200 JPY. April and May ate strawberries, and I ate pineapple. All of them are very sweet and delicious. The store is on a busy street. We ate it outside the store immediately we paid, as we were told not to obstruct traffics .
Hyakkaen fruit stall is a must-stop shop at Shinjuku for its sweet and juicy fruits. 
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1-Day Mt. Fuji and Hakone Tour (Return by Shinkansen)

We went for 1-Day Mt.Fuji and Hakone tour package (with lunch and return by bullet train) on day 5 at Tokyo.
My husband booked the tour package online. We were picked up from Westin Hotel at Ebisu, a meeting point that were confirmed with the bus.

We reached the Mt. Fuji 5th Station for taking some pictures with Japan's most iconic mountain. We couldn't help to agree with this breathtaking views from above the clouds. Mt.Fuji is indeed beautiful.

Lunch is included in this section of the tour. We really enjoyed the Japanese style lunch at the Ninja restaurant.

See! JAMY had lots of fun posing with Ninja after lunch at the entrance of the restaurant.

After lunch, we continued our sightseeing trip by Lake Ashi Cruise. The ship took us from Kojiri to Hokone.  We also went up to to the peak of Mt.Komagatake Ropeway by cable car.

After daparting from Hakone by buy to Odawara Station. We took Shinkansen (bullet train) to Tokyo Station.  We took our dinner before heading back to our room.

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DisneySea, Tokyo

We went to DisneySea, Tokyo on Day 4. We took Disney Resort Line to Japan's second gate to Tokyo Disneyland.

We had bought tickets the day before at Disneyland, therefore we could enter DisneySea sooner. DisneySea is incredibly unique, and unlike any park that we have ever experienced. 

Upon entering the entrance, we were welcomed with the musical show and dance performance by many Disney characters on ship and stage. They sang Christmas songs in English and Japanese.

DisneySea has a lot of attractions that it is impossible to have time to experience all in one single day. We took as many pictures as possible for memory .

The Christmas decors in both Disneyland and DisneySea were equally awesome.

Since there were heavily attended crowds and lines for most of the top attractions, we slowed down our paces by taking pictures with those characters that roamed freely in the park.

Again, we were so stingy to buy proper lunch or dinner inside the park, we just fed the girls with snacks and ice-creams.

After leaving the park, we went for dinner at Ebisu. I miss Japanese food so much when looking at these pictures. 
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Disneyland, Tokyo

Third day in Tokyo, we went to Disneyland. The most anticipated place to visit of my two princesses. I tell ya! They have the strongest hearts to take all those exciting rides that many adults would not do.

We reached there early, but the crowd was still heavy. While waiting for my husband to buy the tickets. We had some fun taking picture at the entrance.

Yeah, we finally made our entry into Japan's version of  The Magic Kingdom. It was May's first visit to Disneyland, and April's second visit after the Hong Kong Disneyland when she was only 3.

After some terrific rides, we lined to visit Mickey's house. Line was quite long, it was one of the longest waiting queues that we experienced in Disneyland.

After about more than an hour of lining up, we got to see the most precious character in Disneyland.  Awwww! Mickey! This was how all children would react when meeting him.

We didn't take any proper meal as we wanted to save time to enjoy as many rides as possible in single day.  We only bought snacks like pop corns and smoked turkey legs to fill our tummy.

In fact, it was a big challenge to experience all of the top attractions in a single day. It was almost impossible to do so especially Tokyo Disneyland is  one of the most-heavily attended theme parks in the world.

May was a little disappointed when she couldn't try to go into the Buzz Lightyear ride, as we wanted her to join other Japanese fans putting the mats down for parades and shows half an hour in advance. 

We left and went for dinner at Shibuya at about 6pm. We came back to another best Disney castle park in the world, DisneySea on the next day. 
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The second 24 hours in Tokyo, Japan

We covered Asakusa (Sensoji Temple), Skytree, and Harajuku on our second 24 hours in Tokyo.  In fact, this was our first time going on free and easy tour without signing any package.  We had to thank Hiro San, the Japanese owner of our rented room. He loaned us a portable WiFi without extra charges. We used the portable WiFi, so that we could use Google map and GPS to help us finding places that we wanted to go.

When approaching Sensoji Temple, we first entered through the Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate), the outer gate of Sensoji Temple and the symbol of Asakusa and the entire city of Tokyo.  A shopping street of over 200 meters, called Nakamise,leads from the outer gate the temple second gate, The Hozomon. Alongside typical Japanese souvenirs such as yukata and folding fans, various traditional local snacks from the Asakusa area are sold along the Nakamise. The shopping street has a history of several centuries. 

April and May enjoyed the fresh and hot from oven Ninyoyaki (It is actually tasted very much like our cake Bahulu that filled with red bean paste)

Before we entered the Sensoji Temple, we saw many people using a ladle to pour water to wash their hands, face and mouth. We followed to do so, but April and May were actually drinking the water from the pool. Wakakaka!

Again, we went into a ramen shop to fill up our hungry stomachs.  Why ramen? Because my princesses love ramen and we always wanted some hot soup to keep us warm. I remember this noodle shop the most, as it was our first time using vending machine to get a ticket. The vending machine is written only in Japanese and it doesn’t have any picture. When we were still struggling on which button to press, I turned back. To my utter amazement, I saw a long but quiet queue lining behind us.  We quickly let the queue make their orders, and we just stood aside to observe what they pressed.  Never mind, we learned.

Then we proceeded to visit Skytree. The girls took pictures at the backdrop.  Skytree is celebrating its 3rd Anniversary.

Tokyo Skytree was opened in 2012. It reached its final height of 634meters becoming the world’s
tallest tower. Though it was just the beginning of December, we could easily see big tall Christmas tree and Christmas decors in Tokyo city.  

Before we called it our second day in Tokyo, we went to Harajuku to see the shopping streets and the LINE Friends store. Of course, I went into H&M, Forever 21, Zara, Adidas and many more stores  too, but I didn't buy any because they were mostly winter items. 

We visited this store, because my brother is a fan of LINE Friends. He asked me to buy him a phone case of Brown.

 I managed to buy him one at JPY3300. I chose the one on the left hand side for him.

It was a compact and tiring day for all of us. We walked a lot and we took train from one station to another station. He was the most tiring people. He needed to carry a backpack that filled with water tumblers, camera, selfie stick, travel guide, map, portable Wifi and umbrellas.  He had to bear with our grumbles when we were tired and hungry. To my poor jin jin, 老公,你辛苦了 .
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The first 24 hours in Tokyo, Japan

We were not returning home after leaving Kuching, as we were going to our holiday trip in Japan. We put up 2 nights at Holiday Villa, Kuala Lumpur. My friends in Japan who promised to pick us up from Haneda airport had a family emergency and they needed to fly back immediately to Malaysia.
My friends arranged their friend, Lina to pick us up instead.
We took a picture in the hotel room and sent to Lina. 
We touched down around 11pm, Lina found us easily as the airport was not that busy at that time. It was so kind of her to pick us up and send us to my friends' house. It was cold outside, and we were hungry. With the help of the owner of the house through the chatting on phone, we located something in the house to fill our tummy. How nice was the hot water in the electric thermo pot available to keep us warm. We made some hot drinks and noodles. We stayed at my friends' house for one night.
Our first meal in Japan was NISSIN cup noodles. So yummy, and we're loving it. 

Our first morning in Japan. We went to most nearby tourist attraction, Yebisu Garden Place.
Yebisu Garden Place is home to the Sapporo Beer Station, Westin Hotel Tokyo, Ebisu Garden Cinema, Mitsukoshi Department Store, Glass Square, Beer Museum Yebisu, Tokyo Photography Museum and Chateau Restaurant Taillvent-Robuchon.
We had ramen at 武骨家@恵比寿(Bukostsuya@Ebisu) as our lunch. I really love its special pork broth soup and spinach.
We chose this place as the ramen is priced reasonable, it is round 750JPY per bowl, beside plain water and rice had no extra charge. 
We actually had booked a room at Ebisu through Airbnb . The owner of the house, Hiro san wanted us to meet him at Freshness Burger, so that he could lead us to his room near to the burger store.
Appointed meet up spot by the room owner. 
While waiting for Hiro san, we had burgers inside this burger store.
The burgers were delicious. It was about 350JPY each. 

We finally checked in to our room. We stayed here for the next 7 nights in Tokyo 
The room was rather small, but it was good enough for four of us. I like it as I could experienced the traditional Japanese style. 
Japan is so safe that we let the girls stay in the room to watch their favorite reality show, Running Man through iPad, whilst two of us took a stroll to the nearby ramen shop.
My first time having ramen in a standing room. Because of my height, I needed to hunch my back to eat the ramen. lol!

Only first day and I have fallen in love with Japan. 
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