Disneyland, Tokyo

Third day in Tokyo, we went to Disneyland. The most anticipated place to visit of my two princesses. I tell ya! They have the strongest hearts to take all those exciting rides that many adults would not do.

We reached there early, but the crowd was still heavy. While waiting for my husband to buy the tickets. We had some fun taking picture at the entrance.

Yeah, we finally made our entry into Japan's version of  The Magic Kingdom. It was May's first visit to Disneyland, and April's second visit after the Hong Kong Disneyland when she was only 3.

After some terrific rides, we lined to visit Mickey's house. Line was quite long, it was one of the longest waiting queues that we experienced in Disneyland.

After about more than an hour of lining up, we got to see the most precious character in Disneyland.  Awwww! Mickey! This was how all children would react when meeting him.

We didn't take any proper meal as we wanted to save time to enjoy as many rides as possible in single day.  We only bought snacks like pop corns and smoked turkey legs to fill our tummy.

In fact, it was a big challenge to experience all of the top attractions in a single day. It was almost impossible to do so especially Tokyo Disneyland is  one of the most-heavily attended theme parks in the world.

May was a little disappointed when she couldn't try to go into the Buzz Lightyear ride, as we wanted her to join other Japanese fans putting the mats down for parades and shows half an hour in advance. 

We left and went for dinner at Shibuya at about 6pm. We came back to another best Disney castle park in the world, DisneySea on the next day. 


  1. Good morning Yannie. Lovely new header there

    wah...i see the trademark pose there wor. Hahaha.

  2. Yes, I went there when it first opened many many years ago, such a wonderfully delightful place. We spent the whole day there, had a really great time.

  3. Yes, I had the same dilemma last time. To 'waste' some time sitting down waiting for the parade or just to go enjoy as many rides as possible. But I guess everyone will be doing the same - wait for the parade as that is one of the highlight too.

  4. Aha, you did the famous SK pose perfectly! Wow, your girls are so brave to sit those rides that even adults are scared of. Glad to hear that they had a wonderful time there.

  5. Hahaha, ya I was to say the that was SK pose. Great to be there right? I would say Japan's Disneyland is much more better than HK ones

  6. Disneyland got those terrifying and exciting rides one meh? I never been into one, I always thought their rides should be mild and relaxing, like those teacup rides or something hahaha!

    I noticed you attempted the SK signature Thambee super ultra elite travel pose. Seems perfect, but better let the original master to comment on the pose hahaha!

  7. fuyoh JAMY went to Tokyo Disneyland!! that must be the most anticipated moments for the two girls?? did they see the Disney Princesses they like?? aiyerr, Uncle SK also did not go there leh~~

    so you actually spent most of the time lining up for the rides and to take photo with the mascots?? aiyoh even the parade also gotta be there 30 minutes earlier to take good seats?? hmmm, poor thing May couldn't try the Buzz Lightyear ride..

    it didn't look very packed with people in the park leh, Yannie was still able to take photos without people in the background.. and I guess Yannie tried my signature running post only when she saw nobody around, right?? hehe, if got ppl looking then sure Yannie paiseh to do that :p

    one whole day in Disneyland and Uncle SK can say JAMY must be very tired, the next day somemore continued with Disney Sea, fulamak!! nvm lah, got nice nice ramen for dinner to recharge the battery~~ :p

  8. Awesome!!!! That's my dream trip! I hope to go Tokyo and Disneyland some day! HAHAHA..
    wow.. seems you guys have a great time and there and I love the ramens!

  9. Why you scared to take all the rides when you are way younger than Anay? I still went to take all rides in HKG Disney as their crowds were lesser. I believe you stayed to watch their nightly parades and fireworks displays. Mana photos??

    It looked packed with tourists and visitors there. Funny thing was my Japanese friend told me that everyday both the Disney places are packed and weekends are worst. So good business and money to rake in! Our Bolehland tried to get the franchise but mana boleh. I read that Shanghai will open the 6th Disneyland on 16 June 2016! Go see Minnie Mouse wear Qipao! Wakakaka