DisneySea, Tokyo

We went to DisneySea, Tokyo on Day 4. We took Disney Resort Line to Japan's second gate to Tokyo Disneyland.

We had bought tickets the day before at Disneyland, therefore we could enter DisneySea sooner. DisneySea is incredibly unique, and unlike any park that we have ever experienced. 

Upon entering the entrance, we were welcomed with the musical show and dance performance by many Disney characters on ship and stage. They sang Christmas songs in English and Japanese.

DisneySea has a lot of attractions that it is impossible to have time to experience all in one single day. We took as many pictures as possible for memory .

The Christmas decors in both Disneyland and DisneySea were equally awesome.

Since there were heavily attended crowds and lines for most of the top attractions, we slowed down our paces by taking pictures with those characters that roamed freely in the park.

Again, we were so stingy to buy proper lunch or dinner inside the park, we just fed the girls with snacks and ice-creams.

After leaving the park, we went for dinner at Ebisu. I miss Japanese food so much when looking at these pictures. 


  1. I also miss Japan and their food so much on seeing your photos! You guys definitely had lots of fun and good memories to last a lifetime. It is always worth the trouble to go to Disneyland & Disney Sea. I had limited time and had to pick Disney Sea only as I had not seen a sea version. It was really fun to walk in the cold weather as our mood will be cool & happy!

    Next time, when you guys head to Osaka, try to visit Universal Studios as it is even more interesting and fun. Better and bigger than the one in Los Angeles!

    I have been waiting for this post so that my post later will have different photos. Ladies first mah and thank you for sharing... LOL

  2. Did you go on Space Mountain? My first...and last roller coaster ride. :(

  3. so envy JAMY lah, Uncle SK may not want to go y Disneyland but then Disney Sea is so unique that he also wished he could go there one day.. JAMY just went to both in two days!! wow, so happy leh.. I wonder if there is combo tickets for both park and you get discounts??

  4. so JAMY went to take photo more in Disney Sea than hopping onto rides?? characters roaming freely for the public to catch?? haha.. there wasn't crowd following them and they were forever occupied with photo taking sessions ke??

  5. very beautiful inside and look at how JAMY enjoyed their great time in there.. I like the ship and I like the sea, the sea looks so beautiful from there.. somemore it was Christmas time and I am sure the decorations were made even nicer for the festive.. great timing for JAMYA huh?? :)

  6. just simple lunch but you had nice dinner, true also huh, food must be very expensive inside the park I supposed?? I see kare katsu don, I love that very much.. and Yannie had been having lots of ramen when she was in Tokyo, hehe!! :)

  7. I am drooling at the food la!! Especially that curry rice!!

  8. hi yan! it has been quite sometime i last dropped by here and looking at the picstures, you still look as gorgeous as before!

  9. Good that all of you get to see the beautiful Christmas decorations for both Disneyland and Disneysea.

  10. Japanese food is my favourite too..it would be best to taste the authentic ones in Japan. Disneysea is the must go for the children.

  11. So, Disney Sea is a part of Disneyland, right? hahaha.. I am so jakun, never been to any Disneyland before but Japan is on my travel list, as well as Disneyland.
    Your princesses are pretty! :)
    wow...ramen again!!