Mitsui Outlet Park and Shinjuku

We went to Mitsui Outlet Park, Tokyo, it was about 45 minutes trip with train from Shibuya. Mitsui Outlet Park is the same as all other outlets in the world. It has many branded outlets but Yannie came out empty handed.

After leaving Mitsui Outlet Park, we went to Shinjuku, there started Yannie's most anticipated moment.  Yeah! Shopping time for Yannie.

Being tourists in a country that rarely has anyone to know us, we could act silly and  pose for pictures anywhere on the street.

It was as shame not to take picture at the pedestrian crossing when you see one. When the lights turn red at this busy junction, they all turn red at the same time in every direction. Traffic stops completely and pedestrians surge into the intersection from all sides, like marbles spilling out of a box. I stopped and watched every time the traffic lights turned red. 

We could easily find and see these vending machines lining up on almost all the junctions and streets in Japan. We let April and May buy drinks from the vending machine in Shinjuku. At this place, we saw more than 10 vending machines placing together next to each other, and all of them selling different kind of drinks.

We went to Hakata Tenshin for some delicious and affordable. This outlet is located approximately 50m from the entrance of Kabukicho, the red-light district in Shinjuku, on the left row of shops, watch out for the eatery's catchy huge pig mascot displayed outside the shop.

Hakata Tenshin’s thin noodles were cooked perfectly served in those piping-hot pork broth which was gloriously rich, milky and tasty. A standard bowl also comes with a large piece of nori. Add to that nice spicy mustard greens, a dash of sesame seeds, crisp and sweet pickled ginger, and a dab of garlic, and you'll get a perfect bowl of pork ramen. We finished two bowls and ordered again another two bowls again. 

After dinner, we went to the mega fruit stall,  Hyakkaen is next to the studio ALTA, in front of Shinjuku station east exit. Hyakkaen fruit stall sells many fruits from Japan and also from other countries. Skewered fruits are their popular products. Cut fruits skewered by disposable chopsitck. Each stick costs just 100 to 200 JPY. April and May ate strawberries, and I ate pineapple. All of them are very sweet and delicious. The store is on a busy street. We ate it outside the store immediately we paid, as we were told not to obstruct traffics .
Hyakkaen fruit stall is a must-stop shop at Shinjuku for its sweet and juicy fruits. 


  1. We have a place here named Mitsui...or is it Mitsu? Shabu shabu...and dim sum and everything else.

  2. hahaha.. same same here, i went to the Mitsui Outlet Park in Sepang but then left empty handed.. really nothing "ngum" to buy.. so Yannie was rather disappointed having taken a 45min train trip to the place and then another 45min back..

    hehehe.. Shinjuku!! and what have Yannie bought there?? i went there at night too after dinner but probably too late and most of the shops were closing.. just managed to get some toiletry products from a big pharmacy at the junction..

  3. hehehe, when i was in Japan, i love getting drinks from the vending machines.. there are really so many choices, even a whole stretch of vending machines side by side, they don't have anything repeating!! spent days there and yet there are so many to try, too many choices too little time, haha!!

    i remember this Hakka Tenshin, passed by but did not go in.. i think JAMY chose to go in because of that character who is missing in Malaysia's version of the "Journey To The West" poster?? hehehe..

    oooh, cannot recall that fruit stall at all.. so Yannie only had pineapple and shared strawberries with April huh?? i wonder what other fruits-on-skewer they are selling?? anything that is only available in Japan and seasonal that time you visit the place??

  4. I am impressed with all the places you visited in Tokyo as they seem new to me. I didn't go to Mitsui as I know my wife doesn't shop and I have been telling the world that I shop online for all her dresses and panties. Muahahahaha

    Your family photos liven the happy holiday mood. Anay super like the faces and clowning. I enjoyed eating everything from Ramen, fruits and vending machines! You guys had even more fun eating and posing.

  5. Love your family shots. Very candid.

    Yes. We, ladies always anticipating shopping moment. Our therapy.

  6. Ah, you have a photo of the famous Shinjuku intersection with you crossing it for remembrance. How nice!