The second 24 hours in Tokyo, Japan

We covered Asakusa (Sensoji Temple), Skytree, and Harajuku on our second 24 hours in Tokyo.  In fact, this was our first time going on free and easy tour without signing any package.  We had to thank Hiro San, the Japanese owner of our rented room. He loaned us a portable WiFi without extra charges. We used the portable WiFi, so that we could use Google map and GPS to help us finding places that we wanted to go.

When approaching Sensoji Temple, we first entered through the Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate), the outer gate of Sensoji Temple and the symbol of Asakusa and the entire city of Tokyo.  A shopping street of over 200 meters, called Nakamise,leads from the outer gate the temple second gate, The Hozomon. Alongside typical Japanese souvenirs such as yukata and folding fans, various traditional local snacks from the Asakusa area are sold along the Nakamise. The shopping street has a history of several centuries. 

April and May enjoyed the fresh and hot from oven Ninyoyaki (It is actually tasted very much like our cake Bahulu that filled with red bean paste)

Before we entered the Sensoji Temple, we saw many people using a ladle to pour water to wash their hands, face and mouth. We followed to do so, but April and May were actually drinking the water from the pool. Wakakaka!

Again, we went into a ramen shop to fill up our hungry stomachs.  Why ramen? Because my princesses love ramen and we always wanted some hot soup to keep us warm. I remember this noodle shop the most, as it was our first time using vending machine to get a ticket. The vending machine is written only in Japanese and it doesn’t have any picture. When we were still struggling on which button to press, I turned back. To my utter amazement, I saw a long but quiet queue lining behind us.  We quickly let the queue make their orders, and we just stood aside to observe what they pressed.  Never mind, we learned.

Then we proceeded to visit Skytree. The girls took pictures at the backdrop.  Skytree is celebrating its 3rd Anniversary.

Tokyo Skytree was opened in 2012. It reached its final height of 634meters becoming the world’s
tallest tower. Though it was just the beginning of December, we could easily see big tall Christmas tree and Christmas decors in Tokyo city.  

Before we called it our second day in Tokyo, we went to Harajuku to see the shopping streets and the LINE Friends store. Of course, I went into H&M, Forever 21, Zara, Adidas and many more stores  too, but I didn't buy any because they were mostly winter items. 

We visited this store, because my brother is a fan of LINE Friends. He asked me to buy him a phone case of Brown.

 I managed to buy him one at JPY3300. I chose the one on the left hand side for him.

It was a compact and tiring day for all of us. We walked a lot and we took train from one station to another station. He was the most tiring people. He needed to carry a backpack that filled with water tumblers, camera, selfie stick, travel guide, map, portable Wifi and umbrellas.  He had to bear with our grumbles when we were tired and hungry. To my poor jin jin, 老公,你辛苦了 .


  1. Yoohoo! Your second 24 HOURS of trails is up. I am excited to see where you guys visited as I seem to have gone to different places as Tokyo is too big. Next trip, I will follow your happy trails if I ever visit Tokyo again (????)

    The Japanese are always helpful and polite besides being friendly. Look at how nice that Hiro-San was. I was stingy and didn;t rent the portable wifi as my Japanese friend taught me to hang outside Starbucks for free wifi. Many places in Tokyo and Japan can log in free internet for like 15 minutes! I ended up drinking many cups of Starbucks instead! Adoi..

    That Brown case is very cute and I like it but it's not cheap! Oh well, this is Japan and not China. Sadly, I didn't shop much this trip as unexpected money drained to replace my torn shoe, SK-II and bought a new winter jacket because I left mine at home in a hurry when taxi came. Age catching up.

    Your photos are all very nice and so happy with smiling faces. Good angle shots! I also drank many cups of free water from the ladle!!! I didn;t lau sai but got more blessings! Wakakakakaka

  2. wow, the second 24 hours seemed to be very interesting as you officially started off with your sightseeing.. and kudos to your JJ for planning the itinerary.. i see Sensoji and SkyTree, so meaning you will have another post for Harajuku that you mentioned in the very first sentence of this post :)

    oh yeah, that Kaminarimon is surely one of the most popular landmark of Tokyo, everyone must take a photo there huh?? hahaha.. when i was there, there were so many tourists and it was almost impossible to take a solo photo.. i am shocked to see April actually drank the water from the senduk, OMG!! she should not be doing it..

    hehe, so JAMY actually ate more ramen than sushi and sashimi during your trip in Tokyo.. it was cold huh?? hmm, true also, a piping hot bowl of ramen would be nice to keep you warm.. maybe when JAMY is going to Japan next time during summer then you can have more cold food, hehehe..

    Uncle SK did not go to SkyTree but just see it from far.. we walked from Sensoji for like 15 minutes to the bank of the river, and then just see the tower from there.. i guess going too near we would not be able to capture the whole structure huh?? and Uncle SK very stingy lah, gotta pay to go up, so he didn't bother, hahaha~~

    ooh, that Brown phone case is cute, haha!! and you bought the one on the left which is a lot bigger, hehe, i wonder if your brother really dares to use?? i saw them in Petaling Street before, almost wanted to buy but then aiyah, actually also quite paiseh to use, especially if going to work, hahaha!! :p

  3. I think I have that brown bear, dunno where it came from. Hey, the dry ramen looks like Sibu kampua. Come, plan a trip here the next time you want to go on a holiday!

  4. Thanks for sharing about your days in Tokyo in detail. It felt like I was going to Tokyo again. So nice of the landlord to lend his portable wifi to all of you at no extra charge. Can't wait to read the rest.

  5. Hi Yannie,

    Your Jap trip looks fun! We went to the same temple before during Oct 2014. It is a great place to visit.


  6. I also wanted to visit the Skytree! That Roppongi area really intrigues me a lot!

  7. The LINE characters are cute! And I am surprised that your brother loves LINE characters, hehehe, the phone case will be too cute for him or not? :p

    I miss all Japanese food and snacks! I think it's hard to find a shop there that sell awful food, if you know what I mean, haha! xD

  8. Have never been to Japan but have seen many photos from the blogger friends having holiday there..it is definitely a nice place to visit..

  9. The season you choose to go Japan is good. Great weather for sightseeing even if is crowded. My memory towards our Japan trip is almost faded. Thanks Yannie...will wait for your next post of your Japan trip

  10. That was a long day fill with lots of itineraries ! The temple seems sold lots of tidbits and food which everybody will love it !!
    Wow .. Ramen for a cold day, I love it !!
    Hahha.. Nice of you to get him the line teddy ! Ok la, go overseas must let them get something as souvenir !

  11. If I go Japan, I will follow package tour, cos I am afraid I might lost my way as I am not familiar with the place