24 December 2015 - To Singapore

I am actually sucks in writing food and travel posts. I thought of skipping my Singapore Christmas trip just like I skipped my Taiwan trip in 2013 entirely. Since our Singapore trip was actually a short trip and we had taken so many pictures, it is kind of pity if not sharing here.

This trip is actually our first trip without papa coming along. Only April, May and me going with my SIL, my niece and my nephew.
While waiting to board the plane, we took some drinks at Kaffa Cafe, Penang airport.
Our first meal in Singapore. We had fish head mee hoon soup and stewed mushroom noodles at one of the food court at Geylang.
It was about SGD3.50 per bowl. It is considered cheap if we don't convert it to MYR. lol!
We checked into the hotel that we booked online. It is Hotel 88 Premium, Geylang.
This room is about SGD100 per night, 3 rooms for 6 of us, and we stayed for 3 nights. 
I mentioned in this post that I had a childhood best friend, BL who got married and lived in . Singapore after finishing her secondary school. Upon knowing our arrival, she arranged her driver to pick us up from the hotel and took us to her house. 
This is her handsome car and a small part of her beautiful house. 

BL later invited us to join her family for the Christmas eve dinner at Botonic Garden. Words cannot express my heartfelt thanks I want to send to BL and her family on behalf of myself, my daughters, my SIL and her family.
We were served with delicious food, lovely Christmas cake, and KRUG champagne.
After the dinner, BL's gave the children Christmas' gifts. Before they left for home, she then asked her driver to send us to Gardens By The Bay. We joined the crowd to see the very beautiful Christmas lighting at Gardens By The Bay.
It was Christmas eve, you can imagine the crowd. We were so bless to have the driver chauffeured us there and back to hotel. Thanks, BL. 
We went back to hotel and had a good rest, because we would spend whole long day at Universal Studio on the next day. 
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A year older and so much happier

Tomorrow is my birthday. Another year older, I am not very sure whether I am another wiser, but definitely I am so much happier.

I walk tall, I smile more, I let go easier, I forgive (but not forget) faster, I understand better and all in all, I am bolder in whatever I do and say.

My buddies in the gym suggested a pot luck party to celebrate my birthday. I politely turned down as I do not want to make anyone busy, and I am on strict diet after the Chinese New Year is over. I sincerely appreciate their kind thoughts.

I live my life to its fullest every day. I run, I swim, I go hiking, I do yoga and Zumba. My exercise regime is never bored me down. I surround myself with friends who love exercise as much as I do. I feel like I am the happiest person when I sweat in my exercise, so as everyone doing the same exercise with me.

I am very blessed to have friends who always care for me. I do not want to name them here, their kindness is kept in the bottom of my heart forever.

I love my two wonderful children. They never fail to make me feel proud. 

I love my husband too. He is still cutting fruits and leaving them next to me as my bedtime snack. He knows me well, I only love snacking on fruits when I enjoy Me time on bed catching up friends' update on social media. 

I wish myself Happy Birthday, I wish myself stay happy, stay healthy, stay slim and stay active forever. 

I don't want worries and stress. I don't want rich and famous. I only want happiness and health. 

Happiness is shopping, working out, sleeping, being kind, spending time with friends and family. 
Health is staying fit, staying slim and staying active. 
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The last 5 days and the first 5 days

Let me summary the last five days in the year of the Goat and the first five days in the year of Monkey in one post. Beware of the many pictures that may slow down the loading of this page.

This year, I was very last minute in baking CNY cookies. I didn't have time to bake, but I must bake. I didn't want to buy cookies because CNY cookies were getting expensive these days.

I bookmarked a few simple CNY cookies recipes. One of them is cornflakes chocolate chip cookies.
They didn't look good but they tasted not bad.
First time baking coffee bean cookies. They turned out good actually.
I mixed 3 in 1 Nescafe with Milo. 
I baked Nestum cookies two times. Therefore I still have many left over today.
Nestum cookies tasted too sweet for my liking.
Due to praying purpose, I steamed 鸡蛋糕(Ji Dan Gao) with the basket that I bought from Sarawak.
I plan to steam this cake again this coming praying to Jade Emperor on Monday night.
April took part in 挥春比赛(Fai Chun Competitions)  that held outside and inside the school. She won herself consolation prize in the competitions. 
These are April's masterpiece and I saved $$$ in buying 春联(Spring Festival Couplet). 
Just a couple of days before CNY, I received gifts from ah boy.
Thank you, SK for these wonderful gifts.
My best friend in Penang, Su In  sent me some goodies from Mark&Spencer, pineapple tarts, Monkey coin bank and Pooh bear chocolates. Ah Hua gave me a diamond shape mandarin oranges holder, which I placed next to the Monkey coin bank.
Thank you ladies for your kind gesture and thoughts. Friends forever. 
A few days before CNY, I came back home from office and found the long list of movie tickets that my husband went and bought ahead of the movie date. They went and watched another one when I went to work yesterday.
12 tickets in a row for 3 movies. I recommended you watching Ola Bola. 
We are blessed to have my MIL. She cooked 8 dishes every year on Chinese New Year's eve.
These are the dishes we had on CNY's eve as our dinner at my PIL's house. 
We had these dishes as our lunch on CNY's eve too. 
MIL prepared these dishes to pray to ancestor on altar table at our house.

One family portrait before leaving home to PIL's house on CNY day 1.
We were using our CASIO selfie camera that we bought from Japan.
At my PIL's house.
They are all my in-law family members, aunties and uncles in law. 
April and May's CNY costumes.
They seldom carry bags, but they sure remember to carry one on CNY, You know why?
Gathering with my colleagues. 
Eat and drink, talk and laugh.
Gathering with my secondary schoolmates. 

Catch up once a year. I actually wish to catch up more with them.
Dinner with my siblings and their families.
After so long since both my parents went to a better place, we were re-united that evening.
April went for a dance performance at a CNY dinner at a club. 
Hairdo was done by hair studio (school appointed) and makeup was done Mak Yannie.
I started working already on day 4 CNY. I actually wish to stay in CNY mood longer, but the realistic world is not allowed me to do so.
My breakfast in the office was a cup of Nescafe with "not so laku" Nestum cookies.
One more week to end the CNY celebration. Folks, keep up your good mood. Just be happy, wokay! 
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Shopping loots in Tokyo, Japan

Every time after coming back from a trip, I love to blog about my shopping loots more than the places that I have visited. This time, I tried to withstand my eagerness to write about my loots. I can finally write about them now. Next time, I must write about my loots instead of those tourist spots, because I find myself have almost lost all my interest on writing about my happy purchase now.
Actually, before we left for Japan, we spent two days in KL. We went to Sunway Pyramid for shopping. We never intended to buy anything, but we saw these very cute beanies an gloves. Though these were not Japan shopping loots, but they were bought because of our Japan trip.
April wanted the brown one, May got the white one and I had the black one.
I had no intention to buy any bag during my trip to Japan, but my husband asked me to get one when we saw many kawaii Japanese ladies sashaying on the streets and carrying Samantha Thavasa on their hands.

I choose this dark blue Samantha Thavasa. It can be carried on the shoulder or as a backpack.
This is cute Line character, Brown iPhone 6 Plus case was bought at Harajuku Line Store.
I bought the left hand side one for my brother as his souvenir.
These two gadgets were bought by my husband. He bought himself a very sporty and cool G-Shock watch and a Casio selfie camera. 
Both items were bought in cheaper price than what they were priced here.
This Casio selfie camera is our new toy now, we will sure have chance to use it more often on this Chinese New Year celebration. 
This selfie camera can take beautiful pictures and it is very convenient to use.
I saw an eye drop advertisement when I was on the train in Tokyo. Then I went to get it from one of the drug stores. I like this eye drop very much, but I have problem how to get it when I have finished it.

I am using it every night and my eye sight is improving.
My SIL and her daughter WeChat me a list of the skin care and cosmetic products. I located almost all the items as in the picture below for them. All these products were bought in drug stores and they were taxed free.
I got myself a few items according to the list that they gave me.
These were all the Japanese snacks that I bought for my family, friends and colleagues. They were bought from Donki stores, drug stores, Seven Eleven and 100JPY shops.

We kept some for ourselves, the rest were given away as a souvenir.
This 1 DAY Tattoo mascara is my proudest purchase, I got it at JPY500 only. So it is less than RM20. But, when I saw it SaSa store at AEON, fulamak! It is priced at RM50++, and the sales girl told me that this is a discounted price already. Faint!
I regret for not buying more of this mascara and the effect of this mascara is really good.
Other than the above, I actually bought myself a shirt and a pants from H&M store in Harajuku too. I love all the items that I bought in Japan, I just regret for not getting more of what I have bought from the big drug stores in Japan.

Folks, I don't think I have another post before Chinese New Year. So here I take the opportunity to wish every one GONG XI FA CAI and HAPPY HOLIDAY.

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Shibuya,Tokyo Japan

This was our last day at Tokyo city. We choose to go to the popular shopping and entertainment area found around Shibuya Station. Shibuya is one of Tokyo's most colourful and busy districts, packed with shopping, dining and nightclubs serving swarms of visitors that come to the district everyday.

I like this picture of us at Hachiko Statue. A statue of a loyal dog name Hachiko.  According to a famous story, the dog waited for his master every day in front of Shibuya Station, and continue to do so for years even after he master had passed away. It is one of Tokyo's most popular meeting points.

We grabbed a bread and baguette at Brasserie VIRON.  Brasserie VIRON is one of the best places in Shibuya if you are a huge "baguette" lover. It's most reasonable to go there for breakfast. The price is reasonable and it's range from JPY 600 to JPY1000.

My friend recommended me to visit Don Quijote, commonly known as Donki, is a discount chain in Japan with incredibly wide array of products. If you are looking for a gift, may be snacks, or simply want to explore new products, Donki definitely is worthy of a visit. The stores are usually more than 3 floors big, and the selection of products you can find is overwhelming. From snacks to clothes to cosmetic, you can pretty much find whatever you are looking for. Yannie could spend hours in here.
We had 桂花ラーメン (ramen again!). They were indeed delicious that I couldn't find this kind of tasty ramen when we are back to our homeland.

We took hundreds over of photos, silly poses with happy expressions at the prominent landmark of Shibuya, the large intersection in front of the station's Hachiko Exit. The intersection is heavily decorated by neon advertisement and giant video screens and gets flooded by pedestrians each time  the crossing light turns green, making it a popular photo and movie filming spot. I so love watching the scene LIVE.
April and May too never got tired of taking hundreds pictures with the Christmas decors that they found in Shibuya.

Coming up next.....my last post of my Tokyo visit, finally my shopping loots. Please stay tuned.
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